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  1. Hi All, Well she,s finally gone but will still get the chance to drive her as Indidnthe deal with my son. I did not go for the CT200 as the wife did not like the ride quality and opted for a BMW X1 with all the extras .Well what a balls up BMW made of the spec and the fight I have been in trying to sort out .to cut a long story short I am handing the car back today and have a loaner until the next correct spec X1 is delivered (4weeks) Will be returning to the brand next year as the 520 is due to be replaced ,so GS250 or if the new IS is launched happy days . Cheers Bonny
  2. Well we had the CT on extended test drive and to cut a long story the wife did not like the ride quality and found the mouse control difficult to use plus the difference in power between the IS 250 and the CT is big .We also had a BMW X1 on extended test and she likes it so we have ordered the new update X1 that should be with early September . So junior will have to wait to get his grubby hands on her IS until then . When I was in the Lexus showroom Indinhave a quick look at the new GS and it's not a bad looking car ,will have to have a test drive in the New Year when the 520 is due to handed back . Cheers Swagger
  3. Hi Mass, Totally agree with your thoughts and comments on the CT200 , it suits the wife as mainly town driving ,see likes the Lexus customer care and the fact that when you walk into our Lexus dealership they in my opinion generally think about you as a customer ,even though we have not replaced our 5 year old IS250 we still get treated the same . I could get a great deal on a BMW as we have several BMW on lease but as it’s the wife’s car she will not entertain the 1 or 3 series. Although given the chance she would like an Aston Martin Vantage. Each to their own when it comes to what car floats your boat .
  4. Hi Guys, Just popped a quick post up on the IS250 forum page and commented on the fact that I was thinking about getting my hands on a new CT200 – wow I got some negative views back . We had a loaner for the day when my IS was in for service and to be honest it a very good car but totally different to the IS although the ride was not as good as I though it would be . What’s more important the wife liked it and said how smooth and easy it was to drive. Perhaps you guys can visit the IS page and comment! Cheers Swager
  5. Hi Exiled It goes back a few years with me moaning about when you compare with say BMW . My IS needs new front pads and possibly disc every 20k plus it can burn oil between services . I think the front end is under engineered as my 520d auto as show on the I drive the fronts will not need changing until 56k and I do not need to look at the oil level between services 20k average . But as I have mentioned in the past I will always grap the Lexus Keys before the BMW. Cheers Swager
  6. Hi Duke, Low miles ,only 40k really in good nick - full Lexus service history - really surprised that my 20 year old son wants it - street cred at last . Like the look of the 250c hope you enjoy . Last time I was in the Lexus showroom a sales guy said they were not taking any new orders for the IS as new model due out ? Cheers Swager
  7. Hi All, Wells its time to move on as the IS is getting on a little bit !! as in previous posts I have had a few ups and downs with it but it never missed a beat and still drives like new . It’s the wife’s car and she still love’s it as I have been trying to persuade her to change it for the last few years . I still have the gripe that it was sold under false pretences as the cost of ownership in my mind is still very high . As we us my BMW 520 d auto most weekends (don’t buy one ) I think we will go for the CT200 as we had one when the IS was in for MOT and service . I still think that Lexus customer service /care is second to none having experienced BMW over the last 4 years they are head and shoulders over the competition. Well the good news is that the Lexus is staying in the family as my 20 year old son loves it and wants to buy it ,it should be good fun trying to trade in his Hyundai coupe for the CT200 !!!! cant wait to see the sales guy face . cheers swager
  8. Hi Guys, Long time no post but thought I would give you a heads up on life with the IS250 SE-L AUTO after nearly 5 years of ownership. To put it in a nutshell 10 out of 10 after just having the brake safety recall done at Bristol Lexus and half a tank of gas and a bottle of very expensive looking booze and a super wash and brush up I can not find a lot wrong with it . The car still drives like new and everything still works . The wife drives it day in day out and will not pert with the keys ,not even to replace it with a new IS or maybe the new CT200 . 27 mpg average in town driving conditions 35 mpg A road/motorway 0 oil consumption over a year 8-10k ,this is a major improvement as the mileage has increased Lexus Bristol customer care and service – 100% Enjoy your cars guys even if it costs us £6 a gallon *!~#!!x Swager
  9. interesting thoughts on BMW and Merc's - had the IS for nearly 4 years now and its cost me a packet in service charges compared to my 320d M sport auto over 3 years plus all the 220 d owners could not have voted in the JD survey . as for Lexus not advertising I think they are suffering from lack of sales as their product range is so small and some what dated . I even think that many Lexus centres will merge with toyota centres because of lack off new car sales as I was suprised that a very good lexus sales guy has moved to the compertition . swager
  10. Set the correct seat and mirror positions, and then with the car on Park, hold down the Set button and press the number 1, 2 or 3 (which ever number you would like) and you should hear a beep to confirm that it has stored to memory and then set your key fob memory to auto set your set position when you open door !!!
  11. rock and roll - what a tool- hmm P11d bet the tax man loves you -what type of business are you in - i bet its not manufacturing . enjoy the car Swager
  12. Hi, its the same old story with lexus and the design of the IS 250 -the disc's are under engineered for the size of the car ,I had a right rant at lexus customer care when my 55 plate hit 18k some 3 years ago .in the end I was refunded the cost of the disc . had the rear disc's and pads replaced under a recall but they do tend to replace when thay see a lip on the disc but dont state what the min thickness is before the disc should be replaced. Just got to compare my BMW 320 M sport auto - 41k on the clock after 34 months of trouble free driving service costs to date £500 plus 4 tyres and the on board info tells me the front disc still have 7k and rear 14k to go before replacing . IS still running well and still great to drive - its just the cost of ownership is a right pain but its going so well (thats until I wheel it in for its next service ££££££) will keep it for another year as the wife loves it . cheers swager
  13. had this out with Lexus customer some time ago and had a standard manufacture reply - the IS 250 can burn (use ) up to a litre of oil per 600 miles ,I was shocked as like most of the cars I have owned do not need topping up between services .learnt to live with it over thr last few years but always worry that the engine will not last .
  14. Hi Join the club - have had 2 sets of front disc and pads fitted with just over 38k on the clock - had a big moan to lexus customer care on the first set and after a long rant had a refund for the cost of the front disc - the rears were changed under a recall and that was lucky as they told me that they would need changing after the last service .I have given up on the quality of the disc and pads that lexus use and they must know that they are undersize for a heavy 2500 cc auto ,like you I have a BMW 320d M sport auto and the on board comp tells me that after some 37k from new all I have had done is 2 oil changes and a brake fluid change - the front pads have another 13k before changing and rear 9k .and 4 new tyres last service on the lexus cost me £2200 included 4 new tyres -front worn on inner and Lexus launch the IS in 2005 stating cost of ownership was down on the IS 200. blah blah cheers swager
  15. dont know about you thoughts on BMW high maintenance had the 320d auto sport from new some 2 years and have covered 36k and total service costs to date is some £395 - had the IS250 auto se-l for 3 years with 35k on the clock and between it must have cost me some £1000 plus having said that I always grab the IS keys if I get the chance .