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  1. How do! More of a reader than a writer but wanted to share this one to help the fellow GS crowd :D I've changed from the OEM Yoko's onto Goodyear F1 assymetric 2's and what a transformation to the big Lex! The steering has more feedback, and car does not tram line like it did and in damp/wet conditions they are so much better than the Yoko's. I liked them so much, I've got a set on my WR1 as well :) Matty
  2. Some strange tyre pressures, I'd have thought 33psi way too low for the Lex. I run 36 psi all around and it seems ok, with the Yoko's which will be swapped out for some Contis soon. can't stand the Yoko's when they are part worn MPG is a strange one - my misses will run 33-37mpg constantly through the spring/summer, down to 30-33 in the winter due to extras being used on the car. when we go down to Newquay I get about 36-38mpg on each trip, taking a steady 70-80 and no more.. but when i use it for a few weeks, then i only see around 28-32 tops, but i'm a lead foot lol and i soooooooo love sport on the gearbox and suspension :) :) the big old girl can certainly fly lol!!!
  3. We have this center armrest jack plug for the ipod on our '58 and it does my head in lol!! Each time you turn off the ignition and then turn it back on it automatically plays 'last selected', so you can spend days just listening to the same music! I wouldn't be without it of course, but it still annoys the pants off me ;)
  4. LOL! I reckon I'd be familiar with the hedges ;) I'll see if our ski transfer bus driver knows the 'flick' lol!!!
  5. No, but I'm off to Sweden next month so maybe I should take the Scoob lol!! ;) Surely you need to develop your Scandinavian flick with any Scoob :D they do like to understeer!! I'd love to see the faces of people watching the Lexus lol!!
  6. Mate if you're talking performance, then a 530 will not see what way the 450H has gone lol!!! We compared the E class 3.5D, 530D and XF Jag and surprisingly there MPG was not that different. The E class I drove had managed an average of 39mpg over it's 9000 mile life, poor! the 530 was not much better and the XF was awful!!! I hated that motor..... I love the stealth attached to the GS, and the real world running costs for a 350bhp V6 are very very good imo! Just wish it had more room in the boot, but you can fit 2 sets of clubs in ;) When driving on sport settings on both gearbox and suspension etc, there's not a lot like it!!! Just need to get the Yoko's changed for something a little better...... Ours is a '58 SEL which was a smidge under 30K last January, a real bargain for the performance imo. Going into London is free and the tax bill is funny for such a big motor!! I took 4 of us to the Haye vs Harrision fight in Manchester last month, 4 fat lads ;) no complaints and no fuss at all... Good luck shopping :D :D PS - Just don't tell to many people about how good they are eh, I don't like to see to many on the roads lol ;) matty
  7. awesome stuff!!! reckon i'd defo have some if i lived where you are mate..... you can take the EVO though!!! scoob power all the way ;)
  8. Ok real world mpg - Me driving normally in sport and sport - average 31mpg, on a run down south and back 38+mpg My misses, normal and very good driver - average 35mpg, on a run she can get over 40mpg regularly Need to add - around town under 30mph, it generally runs on battery and the MPG is much better, that's what it's good at!!! This is current winter driving, the MPG increases through the summer. Car currently has 36K miles, so a good bench above :) Ref Battery question - you can replace individual cells if failing, this shouldn't be a very big expense :) £100 a cell from memory..... hope that helps.
  9. LOL! Yes mate, you know it!!! Reckon it will be Conti's next time around... Or the F1 Assymetrics like I have on the Scoob.... The A10's are awful imo!
  10. Great video - really impressive..... the 450H on Yoko A10's is awful this time of year.... Scooby power all the way for me at the mo......
  11. What a difference!!! It's only when you see a motor that you own and have got stuck that you really take it in!!! If I didn't have the Scoob, then they'd be on my shopping list for the Lex.. Thanks for the vid :) :)
  12. LOL! Mate you're lucky that didn't run away from you ;) Might just have to take the lexus out tomorrow, not moved it for a few weeks now lol!!
  13. It's got classic written all over it this one!!! She so thought it was FWD lol!!!