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  1. UPDATE: Rather than taking out the unit and sending to auto electrician, I did something just as “cheap”. I got a replacement head unit online (eBay car dismantler) as a donor unit for £150. Had guarantee that was in working order so took a chance. Took off front panel and fitted to connectors on my head unit and all works correctly. Just swapped out circuit board (although I could have simply swapped front panels but they are different colour, mine is black whereas donor has a brown hint to it) and fitted. All working now so result! I will eBay (it’s a 2006 ML unit) the donor head unit (non working Audio button of course!) to see if I recuperate some cost. note I did not take photos of the process but if anyone wants more detail as to how I did this, I am happy to advise.
  2. That would be great! I am about half hour SW from EG. Happy to PM to discuss further?
  3. Cheers all. Not much on the market at the mo. Only 1 or 2 suitable (if a little pricey) but too far away up north! I am in Sussex!
  4. Thanks! i appreciate they are rare! Waiting game for now.... but
  5. Thanks. So the presence of the bottom blue on the steering wheel is the only visible indicator? Are there any others? When in 2010 did the update come? I.e. would an early 2010 not have the changes? But, I guess, the steering wheel would not have blue bottom? also, any common issues to look out for? Thanks!
  6. Looking at getting an ISF! I am after a post “facelift” in that it has the LSD and other improvements. Now I know these changes came about around 2010? How do I tell if it’s an updated model? i.e. I don’t want to end up with an early 2010 mode and pre-dates the changes etc. Other than LSD, what are the other updates? Suspension changes too? I recall some updates that improved the ride? Also, I understand audio updates such that i can play music from phone via Bluetooth? On my GS (2007) the Bluetooth is phone calls only, not music. i also see that (in 2013) there were binnacle updates? (i.e.) large rev counter etc. Anything else updated? Thanks in advance.
  7. No joy on this, Lexus mechanics not trained/authorised to take stereo apart to fix so can only replace whole unit £2k+!! i may get a car stereo electrician to take a look. Anyone recommend anyone? Sussex area if possible. Or should any auto electrician be able to handle this sort of thing?
  8. Took apart and button itself OK but pressing button on the underlying circuit board does nothing. So, either a circuit board problem or something?! Lexus have car for service next week so have asked them to investigate. If a cheap fix the. I'll get them to do it. If something ridiculous like a new stereo then I'll see if I can get a circuit board from a scrappy/eBay/etc. as I doubt this is sold individually.
  9. Anyone advise on this? May pull head unit out and see if the front panel comes off to see if any loose connections?
  10. All audio etc. works OK as do all the other buttons but the Audio button no longer does anything, annoying! anyone any ideas on cause/fix? GS300 2007 model with ML.
  11. Thanks all. Got battery from Toyota (no Lexus dealers nearby and Toyota 5m from work) at lunchtime and fitted tonight, windows/park-assist all sorted. Thankfully car worked through day to get me to/fro work/nursery-run/home. battery indicator hard to read but I think battery is original so getting on for 9/10 years old so due replacement anyway. toyota didn't offer battery fitment but I also did not read this forum in time to know they did this, not bothered about doing myself anyway.
  12. Thanks, that one I am aware of but never remember how to reset. As I recall just open full then close a free times?
  13. Hi need a new battery and fortunately Toyota have one in stock. is changing the battery the same as most cars? i.e. take out old and put in new (which I have done on all my prev cars) OR is there some "syncing/pairing" that needs doing that I've heard BMWs need?
  14. I've got a Bluetooth cassette adapter (ION brand I recall). Just sync it to phone, slot it in to cassette player and away you go. Works surprisingly well. I charge it once a eeek or so. About £30 as I recall.
  15. Done pads/discs many times on variuos cars, however not had callipers siezing before. if I can free the slider pin, does one grease with copper grease or normal?