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  1. Happy Birthday Jocksuper7!

  2. well i used to own a Is200 which i bought my self as see you later gift to my self after splitting with an ex, I had wanted one since i was at the launch in Lexus Glasgow, I sold it as it was sitting on the base most of the time as I was In Iraq or Afghanistan, and after playing with beemers mercs and a lot of VW's I was up in southwest scotland last weekend and an 2002 is 300 sportscross came up on gumtree for banger money I went had a look and took it a test drive... sold low miles full service history 1 spot of tin worm, and a years ticket i would be a fool not to! I drove it back to hampshire and I love it, i forgot how silky smooth the drive was, my 200 was a manual but the 300 is an auto which suits my busted knees a treat Its mint looks like the back has never been sat in, everything works, (well apart from the courtesy light) so just back having a mooch see who is still around! And see if I can get the light working,
  3. i used to be based in Telford lad, on a monday night there is ladies night in durty nellies in shifnal, there is a really good mongolian bbq there aswell, in telford there is a club called athena which used to do 15 quid and drink all you can on a thursday night but i dont know if that still goes on, or there is the Barking frog which was good for tottie on a thursday aswell, and wolves is a wee peg in the train away, the cobra club has some intresting live entertainment giggidy giggidy alllllriggght!!!
  4. i ran my IS on them and run the ovlov on them now i love falkens tyres performance at a low price, and great in the wet, not every ones cup of tee but i love em, i had them bought from a freind up north and fitted at micheldever staion tyres
  5. yup looks like a standard digimod back ground, and i think it looks pap, ok for a max power astra crap fro a refined luxury car
  6. was never a fan of the black bottle, i do like stewarts cream of the barley though for a blend
  7. here you go bazza a couple of ideas for you middle priced nicest on a budget another nice one another really nice one
  8. how much you want to spend? I like ballentines too but the best stuff they do is for export only, My personal fav is Highland park, or jura they come in at around 16-20 quid a bottle
  9. H and S in the RAF has gone mad, we proved a few weeks back that working on the Chinook with all the equipment that they say you have to have is almost impossiable, we have A fall resraint harness and arrestor system, a skull cap because of the arrestor system being at head leve when activated, a fire proof head torch with a belt battery pack like the old 1970s miners lamps snd the ussuals like steely boots and day glo vests but they are the norm and ok, at any point in the chinny you are no more than 8m up and on work platforms, and when in the field we have a rifle slung round amongst all the harnesses and straps and they want the cabs quicker and safer. its mostly desk jockeys covering arse that have no idea of the work involved with all this kit on, mix that up with saving money and you get a half arsed solution. I have seen risk assesments pinned up on the line tent in afgan for mines, small arms fire, mortars, carring a rifle, Americans (yep i know blue on blue), Rhd landys on the lhd side of teh rd, and some one had to sit and write all these out and fill in screeds of paper work for what in the end of the day is common sense, a sign says mines? dont walk in there, someone shoots at you? its an f***king war zone (or policing action,) live with it or not as it may turn out there is heehaw you can do if your numbers up. they wont let you not do the job cause the bad men or women are sniping at you thats why you are there. how about saving the massive amounts of cash spent, on getting the troops boots that dont fall apart and body armor that they dont have to share and actually was devloped in the last 30 yrs! Sorry rant over, but H and S has gone daft,
  10. I would stay in Glasgow go to the science musem on the quay and then go to the west end and get drunk mate (jinty mcquintys used to be my door and has live music on a thursday and is a great pint). the best thing in edinburgh is the train to Glasgow. But if you insist, Then the Royal mile which you will have to walk to to get to the castle any ways, the camera obsucra is worth a visit to see the whole city,( its on the royal mile aswell,) The bars on rose st, (st behind princess st) are nice and cosy. Then there is the ussuall corny stuff like greyfiars bobby and the dungeons. But there are tourist maps etc like london in the train station, oh and dont drive there unless you have no will to live as its a complete night mare. The train is fron queen st station in glasgow and is cheaper than the fuel, parkin and stress of driving in edinburgh. And like the old tale goes, if you want to be served quick at the bar in glasgow wink at the barmaid, if you want to be served quick in edinburgh learn Polish :-)
  11. seen this for sale on ebay and thought i would watch it, some one has got a bargin and a real head turning car there Low red sold
  12. I went to an S40 T4 and took it to be rica'd,and tickled now she kin goes, its a bit of a handfull. it aint got no wood onthe dash and its clippin 235 at the wheels, . and the look on a beemer drivers face when you smoke them in a yellow volvo is pricless, perfect sleeper cars. But if i had the cash an imported IS350 all day everyday,
  13. thats a bargin, what you replacing it with owen?
  14. Happy birthday ole boy hope you have a good one!!
  15. one makes a comparison and the other does not? one is a lopt longer than the other? there is more pictures in one than the other, i know what your getting at though mate i wouldnt really like to see this can of worms opened again, Its been quite peacefull with out the aggrivated tension between traders as far as i can tell there is a history and thats the way it should remain IMHO cause they are both nice chaps