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  1. Happy Birthday 88b!

  2. Hi can anyone let me know how long the warranty last for on wheels. Mine are starting to pit. Does mileage come in to it Thanks My 97 GS had three sets of wheels under warrenty, and I've had them refurbed too. A friends just had the wheels on his new L200 pick up replaced due to corrsion. I think it's a problem with most Jap cars, although the 01 Mercedes I was working on yesterday had most of the laquer missing
  3. My experience with products like radseal is they might stop a small leak, but they do a good job of clogging up the heater.
  4. Now that you've done this isn't much help BUT I had the same problem, foreman in the local Lexus dealers is a friend and lent me the tool. It bolts to the front pully, and rests on top of the inner wing on the drivers side, to hold the crank. I then sat on the floor and pushed my Snap on knuckle bar with my feet. BIG BANG and I undid it the rest of the way with my fingers. i was warned DO NOT torque it up, just tighten it by hand. I've got pictures and dimensions of the tools if anyone needs them.
  5. I decided about six weeks ago I'm getting a new one, now I've finally got my GS back I need to sell it hopefully before I get the new one. Dealer doesn't really want it due to the age. It's an Oct. 97 R reg. GS 300 Legato with a genuine documented 26,000 miles. Leather interior and boot spoiler. New cam belt last year. I've no idea where the best place to advertise it is ,e bay doesn't seem the place, possibly auto trader. Any advise would be apreciated, as I'd rather it go to a good home than the dealer steal it and trade it out.
  6. The compressor won't work if the pressure is below a certain level, you can "hot wire" the compressor to make it work, but it's not a good idea. When you get it regassed if they do the job properly they should let it sit for about 15 / 20 minutes with a vacuum to ensure there are no leaks. Some places will put a dye in so if it does leak you know where. It could be some of the O rings dried out if the AC wasn't used, AC should be run for a minimum of ten minutes a week to lubricate everything.
  7. Well they just brought it back again and took it away. Primer overspray all over the rear door shut
  8. An MOT and some road tax I'm thinking about a new one, trouble is my R reg GS has a genuine 26,000 miles on it and I won't get FA trading it for a new one.
  9. Strangely the wife's hidden the keys to my gun cabinet. When I get it back and it's 100% as they promised, I'm going to write a letter to them and the insurance company that are paying for it all. If nothing else it should cause them to have to explain to the insurance company why they had to rent a car for over two months for me.
  10. I was only a month out They wanted to return the car Monday of last week, so I asked what they have done in the three weeks it's been in the body shop, painted the side of the car and refurbished the wheel.I explained it was to have a new wheel and tyre acording to the assesor. At this point lookers start getting agressive and tell me there is nothing wrong wirth the wheel, that's because it's not the wheel that was on the car. I finally get the car back this afternon, new wheel and tyre ( tyre fitted incorrectly ) a scuff on the front wing and paint sagging on both doors on the near side, and the damaged wheel centre back on the new wheel. Yes it has gone back. :tsktsk:
  11. Tony if it's normal on that model , obviously the Lexus dealer can demonstrate it on another car. I'm assuming the pump is electric so as you turn on the ignition before starting the engine does it make the noise as it purges the system ?
  12. I'd say Gord is spot on, I'd also change all the brake fluid too.
  13. The car was finally taken away this morning by Lookers for a geometry check. The Lexus aproved body shop don't have a truck big enough so they drove it away on trade plates ( I've SORN'd it ). Why do I have a bad feeling about it ? I refused to sign authority to start work imediately, because I want to know exactly what they are going to do. Five weeks so far, I wonder how much the are paying for the POS Passat rental car I've put 2000 miles on ?
  14. I know this is a long shot but just before the battery died on my Mk1 the alarm kept going off, wonder if it thinks someone is trying to disconect the battery ?