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  1. Hi all, thanks for the replies, glad to see you're all still about! I changed jobs about 8 months ago (hence the new Civic as it's a company car) and am now working between home, the office in Milton Keynes and customer sites over the UK. Definitely all change! Would still love to come back to the brand - really do miss the GS, but practically it's not possible. Fuel costs on an average 750 miles a week would be steep and we also moved to a bigger house a few months ago which also means practicality needs to come high up the list. Very boring!! Kids (and Mr Grove) are well. Kieran is just about recovered from me getting rid of the Lex. He wasn't impressed by the subsequent numbers of Astras I went through until the Civic came through! He'll be 5 end of Feb and Katie will be 2 early next year. Time is flying by madly. All the best, sure I'll lurk by every now and then! Fidgits, meant to ask - what are you driving now?
  2. Hi all, thought I would pop my head around the door and say hello to anyone that might remember me. Just been chatting to Maneesh on IM and seen some photos of my old GS. Wouldn't believe that my previous mods were 2 kiddy seats!!! I'm now driving a Honda Civic SE - 2.2 CTdi. Not quite the same as the Lex it has to be said, but a lovely car none-the-less! Seeing as I've done over 7000 miles in 9 weeks, I'm really welcoming the 45-55mpg I've been getting! Anyway, hope you are all well and might get to see some of you if I'm able to make Japfest. Best regards, Claire G
  3. Congratulations! We exchanged contracts on our place yesterday, it's stressful whilst it's going through isn't it!!!
  4. The dealerships I've used in the past have generally been atrocious. In the end I got so fed up with them that I used an independant garage from then on!
  5. HURRAH!!! It's working - thank you, you are indeed Gentlemen and Scholars! Mr Morse, spot on and Rod, Si's just changed all the settings on Sky+. He's now chuffed we can record things onto DVD as we have about 2% of memory left on Sky+ Thanks all, Happy New Year to you!
  6. Yep, we have Sky+. Just trying all the ideas out. Might borrow Wheels-in-Motion's cat at this rate....our dog is hiding out in the garden ;-)
  7. The sound is when working when the DVD's not connected. The sound works if we play a DVD through the recorder. This is a pain in the bum!!!
  8. Not made any difference Rod....
  9. Scart leads mate (the full scart leads with all the pins rather than the ones with part pins if that makes sense)
  10. Bought my husband a Samsung DVD Recorder (R119), but we can't get sound from the Sky Box to the DVD recorder, then the DVD recorder to the TV. Done the obvious things like checking all the leads are working and have set up the audio options, but to no avail. Anyone got any ideas before my husband resorts to his usual method of fixing things (i.e. throwing it out the window!). Thank you o'wise technical people of LOC!
  11. I think it's a great idea for people of any sexual orientation. At the end of the day if two people are in love and want 'official' recognition of that be it through marriage or a civil service, brilliant. If we as a nation banned two Asian/Black/Chinese/French (you get my drift!) people from marriage etc. because of race there would be an outcry. I don't see why in this day and age gay couples don't have the same rights as heterosexuals. My two'penneth worth!
  12. Maneesh bought my GS so it's still in the Club! I can't believe I sold the car either!!!! Still miss it, but consoling myself to the fact I can get another one when the kids are a bit older
  13. Thanks. They did specify a full Honda Service History. Waiting for a call back today!
  14. Largely happy with the car (apart from it's not the GS LOL), but surprised the fuel consumption isn't as good as I expected.
  15. Thanks Ian, Barry. I mentioned the fact it wasn't as advertised, but because it was advertised by another dealer they are saying it's nowt to do with them (even though they transferred the car and I paid them for it). Also, it was on their dealer network website, and I didn't have a copy of the ad.
  16. Long story, but any advice appreciated.... Sold my GS as I needed to get a 'sensible' family car ( ) and opted for a Y-reg Honda Stream 2.0, which I got through a Honda dealer on a dealer transfer (car was in N.Wales somewhere). We bought my husband's car the same way, through a different dealer and were very happy with the service. I went to pick the car up a couple of weeks ago and identified some problems - basically scratches and small dents on the bodywork, middle seatbelt badly frayed etc. I agreed to take the car on the basis everything was sorted out as agreed when I chose to buy the car (basically sales guy promised that any problems, it would be sorted). I had to take the car there and then as I had a really important meeting to attend the next day and no way of getting there without the car. I took the car back to the garage yesterday and to their credit they had sorted out most of the problems with the exception of some scratches on the nearside passenger door that they had missed. However I took a better look through everything and discovered that the 'Full Honda Service History' was far from done by Honda. The fact it had a full Honda SH, that was one of the main reasons for choosing it above others. Now as long as the services have been done, that's fine, but my point is I paid for a car with FHSH. The car was also came with a 10 month MOT, but with the seatbelt being so badly damaged, I'm sceptical as to why it passed and are there likely to be other problems that were overlooked? Do I have any financial come-back seeing that I took the car on condition of everything being sorted? The garage are saying that not having a FHSH doesn't affect the price, but I disagree. Does anyone know for sure (or have a good idea?). The car is a Y-reg with 46,000 miles on the clock and I paid £8,300 for it. The dealership is ringing me back on Fri and I want to be armed with all the info I might need to be able to sort this out satisfactorily. I want to keep the car, but know I haven't paid over the odds and also that it's all ok. The garage are going to pay for an AA inspection to be done and will MOT the car when they get their licence in Jan. Any advice as to where I stand legally, what avenues I should pursue etc? Should they refund the difference in price between a car with FHSH and without and how do I find that out or just push for some free services to be thrown in etc?
  17. The rumblings from the blast woke my husband up just after 6am and we live no-where near Hemel Hempsted! Also woke my brother up (he's in Bracknell)
  18. It's me stealing the car one bit at a time and hoping you've not noticed! . . . . . . Seriously, never lost one, sounds as though it's been pinched
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