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  1. yea, toluol is an alternative, but the 'ole' suffix you initially put has different a different functionality in organic chemistry..... anyway, was just making sure!! be good to see the kit all hooked up and doing its stuff!! B)
  2. ibby, dave read has some for forged conrods for sale mate..........
  3. seen this before in the flesh. looks ok, but it does wear off with time. also, not sure if this is 100% correct but IIRC its illegal to tint the lights with a film etc???
  4. nah i already have 2 x US 2G iphone's sitting here ready to get sorted. They are both running firmware 3.0, so the most up to dat ei believe. I've looked on various sites and seems like i just need to install and run red snow and a couple of other patch files and then re-install the correct firmware version?? so should be doable? mind you, i'll probably mess it up and screw the phones! lol!!
  5. well i'd certainly reccomend a double din unit like i have. its been faultless and works a charm!!! my thread on it can be found here:
  6. what are the benefits of jailbreaking an iphone?? i know unlocking allows multi network uses, but wondered if jailbreaking is of any beneifit?? or indeed whether in order to unlock the unit it gets jailbroken at the same time?
  7. they wont be too abrasive mate. i've used scratch x on several cars with no problems at all in the past. if the bird lime is mildly etched, then a good polish should also be able to sort it. but to be honest, i'd be tempted to give the bonnet a good going over with clay and then get a good sealant/glaze on there and maybe a layer of wax to finish it off. may as well do the whole car whilst ur at it :shutit: lol
  8. nice one matey, looks bang on does that!!! top effort mate, cars looking sweet!!
  9. have u thought about double din units mate??
  10. how/when does it try to update the software steve??
  11. hi aido, sen tu a pm mate. will i still be able to sync it with computer/itunes, install apps from app store etc etc, sync email, etc?? i have no idea bout any of this so just wondering before i look into it any more. rob
  12. pm sent steve :) nah, its to do with unlocking/jailbraking a US handset. ;)
  13. Hi guys, just wondered if there are any iphone users on here with both unlocked and jailbroken iphones?? If so, i have a couple of questions for you guys so if you could get in touch that'd be wicked. much appreciated rob
  14. old thread, but welcome anyway matey. if you decide to come over to loughborough to check out EP racing then let me know mate and we'll have to meet up etc and have a chat. EP racing are literally situated 2 mins from me!!! rob
  15. hmmm, that sounds daft if you could just switch clocks and the car now has a new mileage!!!! might not be that wise me having the unit if that does prove to be the case....... can the dials be removed from the unit???
  16. coolio, any idea if the mileage will deffo be retained when changing units?? is the unit itself in mint condition?? will you pm me a price u want for them matey and i'll have a think and get back to you asap..... can always collect them at JAE or something to save on postage??
  17. you still got the dials/clocks for sale elliot?? am interested if so matey rob
  18. the internals on the standard 1G-FE engine are not desgined for a lot of power/boost. anything over 220-230 bhp and ur realistically looking at engine rebuild in order to run it safely. The power and boost this unit will provide will mean u'll deffo have to get either forged rods/pistons custom built (JE/SPC etc) or some from a 1G-GTE block as Sam had done......
  19. ^^^^^^ correct ^^^^^^ RIP, a tragic accident.
  20. the yellower the better for fog mate as the light refracts more favourably. don't know if you can get below 4300K though??? they are pretty yellow though....
  21. nice one mate!! mind you if its light output u want, try 4300K...they throw the most light out onto the road!!
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