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  1. Citroen Saxo

    Hi i work at citroen dealer, and would have to say that the saxo is the most reliable of the current range the most common part to go is the stepper motor which sends the revs all the place when it fails, it costs about £80 for the part. Just check for the usual ware and tear, brakes can be a bit weak and being the 1.0 i dont think it will have power steering so can be heavy on parking even though its a small car.Also check the front seat runners silde back and forth as these can jam.She would be better trying to get a cheap saxo 1.1 desire, you get electric front windows, power steering,cd player body colour bumpers and better seat trim hope that helps.
  2. Cheers guys, ya been more help than the parts lad!
  3. I have a mk1 gs also and get around 18-19 mpg and thats with doing a lot of short journeys. 50miles to a tenner of fuel!
  4. Cheers mate ,that silver one has been on ebay twice the first time it had no reserve and went for £2600, then it was on this week with a reserve for a few days before they with- drew it ,no one had bid for it at that point .It stated that the temp gauge works intermitantly, loose wire he put it down to easy fix , that made me wonder ? Might go and have a look if i get the chance this weekend it's only 15miles from me. How much insurance do you pay for your's ,at the moment i pay £405 tpft on a gs am 29 with 5 years no claims.
  5. How Do You Remove Gum?

    Auto glyms tar and glue remover will shift it (also good on fabric seats wont discolour and will remove pen marks)but test on a area of the leather that you cant see just to be safe ,then use a leather conditioner to bring it back up .
  6. I was on the phone to my local lexus branches parts department after a throttle body gasket, as going off another post it is best to replace it when changing the plugs, but i was told by the monkey on the other end that there is no need to so i did'nt order one .I also then asked where abouts is the pollen filter, its some where behind the dash was his reply! big help to me that was, and i was told by him that they have never changed the fuel filter on one (1994 gs300) as it's in the tank and a ***** to do so can some one tell me if what he was talking is correct, and just where abouts can i find the pollen filter? cheers!
  7. At the moment i'm running a m-reg gs300 @65,000 mile's with the intent to get a aristo tt, its a common sight to see the gs for sale with over 150,000 miles on the clock and still running strong but how well do the twin turbo engines take to high miles ,or should it not be an issue to buy one with 80-90k
  8. Thanks chips do ya know what price they were going for as i have never seen one for sale in the northwest autotrader or any where for that matter apart from on import? cheers!
  9. Surround Sound Setup.......

    HI you want to check out very cheap for all home cinema stuff, they have shops all over the country .
  10. Nice one guys. I have been thinking about an aristo tt, could import a nice mk1 in for about £4000 from quite a few on there to choose from but seems alot of hassle to get the car over here, do you think the performance will be around the same as the japanese spec supra tt with having the same power and similar weight ? Also what should i look out for on them engines when checking them? cheers! :D
  11. HI all! First time on here . Ive had a mk1 gs300 for 2 years now and its time for some more power, ive managed to find a turbo kit for the gs in america for around $4000 at that will take the bhp upto 340, has anyone ever come across this kit ? Also what power can the stock engine and gear box take and does anyone know what the 0-60 time is on the mk1 aristo tt. THanks :)