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  1. rhaines


    Toyota Celica Breakers will have plenty and easy to find on the web, alternatively www.revision6.com will sort you out !
  2. If your staying on the Island head to Lan Kwai Fong, basically a street of bars/clubs :) Insomnia is a good night out with live entertainment and a good giggle. Wan Chai is the old red light district but has changed a lot and not as dirty as it used ot be so a good night can be had, Dusk til Danw also has live entertainment and a superb night out.... If you head to either area you'll have no problems finding a bar/club to suit you, most places open til the early hours :D
  3. OK So whose platinum was in the hotel last week :D Been in the hotel or in the copthorne accross the way for the last 6 weeks and noticed the gold sticker :D LOC/TOC mini meet :D
  4. Just a quick post from next door at TOC... Great to see friends old and new, Bazz, Jayne, Zee etc although all too briefly... Bazza next time you try a sliding donut try not to stall it lol :D Jane, think Matt's backside is still sore from the boot... Aido as usual good to see your keeping up the local alcohol economy :D See you all next year, might have more time to stop and talk then and might even be in a Toyota rather than a Mazda with Toyota bits on it :D :D :D
  5. luckily some of us early birds got the flyers and brochures off before they dried from the rain without to many problems, had they dried anymore zee would have had a new paintjob...
  6. rhaines


    he's not a TOC member, but that of another club, he posted on his club and has been requested that his user be deleted from the club. I was talking to him as a friend and at the same time as not agreeing with his actions thought it only polite to pass on his apologies which as Zee has pointed out have been posted online as well.... At least he had the balls to come forward and admit his mistake, he is very upset about how stupid he has been... AudioX I think that response is very harsh, especially as the guy isnt even a member here, he only asked me to apologise as he knew Col was from here and I post on this club.
  7. rhaines


    Only realised who it was earlier from the post, have known him a good ol' while from mr2's.... I'm not condoning his actions but it is most unlike him and have talked to him on msn this morning, I think remorseful is not the word as he knows he's been extremely stupid and annoyed a lot of people. He's now looking to retire from internte commnities entirely as he is very ashamed of what he did.. He's asked to pass on his apologies here as well, especially to Col, Parnter and child.... guess everyone makes mistakes once and at least he's had the balls to own up on a public site and apologise in person....
  8. didn't get a chance to speak to maz much and not usually one for flip paint but OMG, MAZ, she's gorgeous.... superb job throughout :D
  9. rhaines


    ????? read the post, as ken poiinted out the shortfall was made up from the TOC Sponsor... It wasn't paid as suggested !! For the amount of work that Ken put into the w/e which is obviously not noticed by a few personal expesnse is not really the point.... But hey no matter I'm alright Jack....
  10. truely amazing piece of kit mat.... had the joy of a quick trip down the a45 and have to say matt was like a kid at chirstmas as were we all.... cant wait to see the full unleashed version.... v quick off topic bit, matt thanks for letting me use the race car to go to the loo much appreciated :D
  11. Col, The Mr2 was an admin from the club, MR2DC I believe, if what I have heard is correct they have been told there not cmoing next year... Only rumour so far though, agree totally out of orderand not just our clubs pee'd off with him... we did have a camp area but it was taken before we got there which was annoying, the only other real option is to camp in the public area and walk all the way back to the car, bit of a trek really...
  12. if it's the real stuff... it's proper apple schnapps although can't really tase the apple to strongly and anything upto 80% :) good stuff.... oops how do i know all these alcoholic drinks
  13. and you want to dilute alcohol.... why ????
  14. cant do aftershock..... otherwise.... dont mind mixing sambuca, jaeger and bitter lol