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  1. Discount for LOC GOLD members! For sale Toyota Aristo (Badged Lexus) (mk2 gs300 shape) Vertex V300 Twin Turbo. UK SAT NAV.(Alpine)Black, Black Privacy Glass, Climate control, Black leather seats, Custom stainless steel exaust with twin 4" pipes (awesome sound and looks!) touch screen Tv which controls climate, audio etc. Mk1 gs sport alloys (18 inch - 10 inch wide rears) V reg, (99) 42,000 Miles, Taxed, MOT, Just changed cambelt 1000 miles ago. Real head turner, goes like the proverbial. Tiptronic auto, VSC (Vehicle stability control) ABS, ARS (Active rear steer), Good condition although a few minor scratches that can be polished out (at least im honest!), no dents, £11500 ono new ls430 forces sale. No hidden history. pm me or email me for more details. bad pictures that dont do the car any justice can be found on the auto trader website - do a search for any make, any model, VERTEX - on website now, go's in mag thurday, so be quick! Rik
  2. Im selling my much loved V300 vertex spec includes oct 99 (v) 38000 miles - Black with black privacy glass -hpi'd any test welcome Auto / Tiptronic Uk sat nav (alpine) Touch screen tv (and controls for air con, cd player etc) 4x brand new (3 months old) sport mk1 18" alloys (10" rears) with pirelli pzero rossos (cost 3k!) recently serviced by lexus main dealer xenon headlights 6 cd changer and uprated audio (JBL) climate control black leather interior cat 1 immobiliser A real head turner - first to see will fall in love - as i did! looking for offers arround 18.5k (uk pounds) due to new wheels & tyres email for pics and questions Rik
  3. Hey Rodders, I notice you put "any decent garage" can fit the pads.... does that imply that lexus arent "decent garages"? ..... dont answer that - with the exception of leicester theyre all double glazing salesmen with posh premises who refuse to acknowledge that the lexus brand is actually toyota! am i bitter?.... yeah ... brilliant cars ... sh*te dealers. (now on my 3rd lexus and 9th year!)
  4. I have just come back from a business trip to LA. The plan was to buy a GS Ltuned Grill and chromed pillar decalls etc. whilst I was out there and put it in my suitase! None of the Lexus dealers I visited (Santa Monica & Beverly Hills) would sell the grill separately - in fact Beverly hills lexus said it was no longer made! So.... Does anyone know if anyone in the uk can source and supply the Ltuned stuff? (Also toying with the idea of the Ltuned steering ECU - anyone have any experience of it?) Answers on a postcard..... Thanks Rik
  5. If you put the words "spamcop", ordbs, maps, in your email filter -it will look at the headers note that the ip address has been listed as spam and delete them for you. This gets about 95% of the spam we get, although you can always subscribe to the ordbs database and that will realtime check to see if the originators ip is lsited as a spam factory. Most ISP's list the orbs info as warning that it originated from a spam factory - its up to you to filter it. I have yet to find a 100% solution to ridding spam - my way has reduced it but still not 100% Rik
  6. Go into your bios, turn off the IR (unless you really use it!) and make sure that the usb function is set to all (not just mouse etc). are you getting one or 2 green lights on the modem?... (one for power, one for trained) if your not getting the trained light, try re installing the bt comedy junk installer and see if it finds the modem. what os?.... if win2k / xp right click on my computer and go to devices.... is there an exclamation mark on one of the devices? if so remove it and reinstall the modem. If this doesnt work, find a big window and throw the laptop out the window .... doenst fix it but makes you feel better! :)
  7. Thamks for the comments chaps, I agree the ls430 appearance is a bit "loony", but i'll be inside most of the time and thats where it seems to excel. I go out to the USA on business quite a bit and always try and get jaguars as hire cars as those american things are just huge boats! - But the only thing with the new jags is that they have been designed for the US - all the switchgear is perfect for left hand drive, but the right handers are a bit odd - but i guess the US market is obviously a bigger one. I had a good mince through the MB sites and there are some real horror stories - again i guess most Mf's have them?.... Playa is right that if you buy an s500 or s600 everything is standard, but for that sort of money i'd pay a bit more and opt for the clarkson "gay" car..... The sclass does look nice, but look like a fat c class now and ive just read theres a facelift coming next year.... I'm feeling more inclined to go down the LS430 route now, but I am testing the beemer next week... Rik
  8. I bought a wheel brace that has a reversible socket -19mm 21 mm from halfords a few days ago.... 14.99 rik
  9. Thats outrageous! If that was my car I'd be straight onto trading standards as the car obviously isnt fit for it's purpose in which it was sold. I'm guessing you spent the best part of 30+k on it - you dont need waste time on it - get a lawyer on it now! 5 weeks old?..... L A W Y E R!
  10. The time has finaly come and I am now looking to buy either an LS430 or a Merc S430. I have owned Lexi for 6 years (2 GS300's and currently a V300 twin Turbo import )and I am looking for some input from LS430 owners. 1) What other cars did you consider? I have driven the S430, but unlike LS430 not everything is standard (Leather as an example). - Im test driving a BMW 745 next week, but whilst the toy count is high, i'm not expecting it to surpass the Lexus in terms of noise, audio and refinement. 2) As an LS430 owner do you have any "niggles" - things that you dont like - layout of switches, what features on the car dont you use?... novelty factor etc. 3) Am I mad looking to buy a new one or should I shop arround for a quality used late reg? 4) What kind of dealer experiences have you had? (Ive had nightmares with Lexus dealers in general, although Lexus Leicester and Toyota in Japan have been excellent) - When your car is serviced are you offered the "skoda" or the "sorry we dont have a courtesy car available until 2007"? (Mercedes and BMW have both offered a like for like without exception) 5) What element of the LS430 couldnt you live without? (apartfrom all of it!) Your thoughts much appreciated Rik
  11. Mark has a point - TDI do offer most of the things i want, but the waiting list is soooooo looooong!.... (a good sign that they are good at what they do!) I have a big wad of cash to throw at my car NOW, but cant be "ar*ed" to queue! - I'll leave my shopping in sainsburys if theres more than one person in front! (impatient b*stard i am) Maybe zee you could offer a "gold members queue jumping scheme!".... I can dream cant I? ..... Anyone up for doing some mods on my car next week!? :D Rik
  12. Zee, Book me the day you open!!!! Bring it on! It's tru that jemca in London are classed as the lexus import specialists (and have mechanics that know the import v300, altezza beams etc.) But apart from them there is no one else in the uk. Zee what we want is a "one stop shop" for uk and import Lexi: Parts, service, qualified mechanics, access to cool jap and us sourced mods and upgrades - oh and 4 wheel laser tracking! (i cant find many people who can do mine as it has 4 wheels steer (ARS) and that its got 10 wide 18" wheels on it) - People (like yourself) who enthuse about the "lexus / toyota" brand (and acknowledge that IT IS part of TOYOTA COPROPATION OF JAPAN - who are really helpful) Coutesy cars: with the exception of Lexus Leicester (top marks) Ive always been offered a toyota starlet or equivalent and Chester continue to extract the urine with that skoda - an automatic is would suffice (not everyone can drive manual but everyone can drive autos) I could also be tempted to put cash into your idea as it's a great idea and long overdue! Rik
  13. Glenn, I am the proud owner of a mk2 vertex v300 and it rocks! the stock 0-60 is 6.5, but as many of the chaps on here will tell you, the 2jz-gte engine is one of the most tuneable arround. One of the chaps on here is about to stick this engine into an IS and 700bhp is the target! Before buying this, I had a uk gs300 sport, loved it, but lacked the "power". It goes like stink and is a real headturner - the only thing i miss is heated seats! The gs430 was vapourware when i bought the v300, but then again the 430 is quite a lot more cash. Shame you couldnt hold out a few weeks as I am looking to buy an LS430 or S430 and you could buy mine! - 33,000 miles Black, with blacked windows (tinted - not film!), touch screen tv and UK sat nav - 18' wheels (10 inch wide on rears) Rik
  14. 19MM socket is what you need for 1st gen sport wheels. Rik