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  1. I have my NX300h Luxury now and so far it is very good. I will just have to get used to the smaller size compared to the RX and definitely the reduced power in comparison. My question to the Forum regards the playing of music from a USB. i have bought a 32Gb small USB and have loaded my music onto it. i have set the music up in Folders where the name of the folder is the Artist and the Album Name e.g. Pink Floyd - Animals The individual tracks are then listed in the folder. However when I put the USB kin the car it only plays a few seconds then says there are no playable files. However all of the files are either MP3 or WMA There are about 8,000 tracks altogether. Is there a limit to the number of folders or tracks? Have I made a schoolboy error somewhere along the way? All help greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks for replies. After some time I managed to get a deal I was happy with that included some goodies thrown in. I pick the car up tomorrow!
  3. I bit the bullet today so it's bye bye 2007 RX400h SR and hello 2015 NX300h Luxury. Now a few questions: 1. I was offered GAP insurance at £399 for three years cover. I know the principle but it would be interesting forum views on whether it is worthwhile and good value. 2. Also offered Minor Body Damage insurance at £399 for three years coverage. Views on this please although it did sound like it would offer better value. 3. Lexus are offering two years extra warranty (I am getting one year as part of deal) for £795. Views on this please especially value for money 4. Finally towbars. Has anyone got a towbar from anyone other than Lexus? I have tried two fitters and they say there is no towbar for the NX. Offered to have one fitted but only offer detachable swannecks at nearly £900. I need a flangeball or it's a new tow hitch at £350. It might be easier to get rid of the caravan and stay in cottages when other annual caravan costs are taken into account! Thanks for any comments
  4. I am close to buying a used 2015 NX Luxury and wondered what I should look for that are known issues. secondly how much is it reasonable to expect to be knocked off the asking price if you have been given a reasonable trade in value? It's years since I last bought so I'm out of touch!
  5. Those spec sheets are very useful. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the very prompt replies so far. i must admit that the thought of the added features such as the power tailgate sound great but then for the last .20 years I haven't had one and it's not been a problem and I think I've only used front fog lamps about three times and I can't say I felt they made much difference. I will have to seriously think about what is important. Intrigued by the saving Stevet managed to get!
  7. I have had my RX400h since 2009 and am considering a change even though I still love the car as it coming to 100k miles and a few faults are appearing. i have seen several NX Sport models for sale secondhand but can't find much detail anywhere on the specification of this model as compared to the Luxury and the FSport. The prices being offered for 67 plate Sport models seem great but the equivalent Luxury and FSport suggest you would only get a 65 or 16 plate so there must be some major spec differences. Can anyone advise where I can see the spec differences? finally the car looks fantastic in Sonic White. What is the difference in this colour to the plain white? Does it wear well? Any help would be much appreciated
  8. Ps only thing I have found that needs reprogramming following battery removal is the electric windows. Just go round each door and using that door's control lower window entirely and then raise it fully. Then drivers controls will work properly again
  9. As I started this topic I thought I'd give an update. The issue concluded when the battery finally packed up entirely - on Christmas Day! So had to use the wife's Fiesta for a couple of days before getting a new battery from Àndrew Page our local factors for £49.20. It's a Yousa 45Ah. Hopefully this should last this car out. in reply to last post if your battery is going flat after a couple of days of none use then I suspect it's a knackered battery so you need a new one. If it's only going flat after ten or more days then it's probably just gradual discharge and the battery booster may be all you need. There has been lots of talk on here about alternative batteries with more power but I don't think anyone has found one that will fit in the available space. Happy Christmas everyone!
  10. That is reassuring. I recall the Lidl one said it was suitable for jump starting up 2 litre petrol engines. I presume that as it would only be required to 'power up' the small engine compartment battery and not jump start the actual engine (as the Lithium battery does that - or am I wrong?) it would be up to the job?
  11. Hi, I am talking about the piddly little battery in the main engine compartment. I along with many others have been the victim of a dead battery after a holiday and a very cold and long wait in an airport car park for the AA man to come to just connect another battery and 5 seconds later the engine is running, I have seen postings about rigging up a solar charger and have even considered carrying the battery form my wife's Ford Fiesta in the boot! However I have been told about a power bank charger being sold by Lidl. Its only £35 and probably has other uses but would it do the job? This is the unit on sale Comments please!
  12. For all their talk about customer satisfaction I suppose it's too much to expect them to make their offers totally transparent. At the end of the day they are still car salesmen!
  13. Thanks for the explanation. It's suprising how quickly the NXPrices are dropping. Some good nearly new prices out there for the NX as well
  14. Local dealer offering one day offer of cost price + £100 on new cars. Any idea what cost price would be for a RX or a NX?