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  1. Can't really comment on the tape cassette function as I have never used mine, but these units are notorious for showing up faults (Error 1) on CD playback. I assume you have no problems playing CDs? My unit plays original CDs fine but malfunctions on playing back "burnt CDs." Let us know how you get on.
  2. Your only option is to get the blank blade cut to pattern from the old master blade and insert the transponder from the old key, unless you really want to spend silly money on an alternative. The blank blade will have to be laser cut (not that they actually use a laser) it's just that the blade pattern has to be cut on both sides. Any auto locksmith worth their salt should be able to do it. Timpsons does it. The blank blade looks a bit long. That in itself should not be a problem, it just means that your key will stick to a bit.
  3. A tip. At the top of the arm which holds the mirror there is a removable piece of plastic trim. Prise that off as it catches on the roof lining and you would not be able to turn the arm to the left. I checked yesterday and it works. Good luck.
  4. Have you managed to get the rear view mirror off?
  5. It should come off easily by turning the base to the left.
  6. Well the previous owner was obviously a smoker and so am I so I guess mine might be I worst condition than yours.
  7. Anyone knows the cost and the part numbers for the front and rear brake fitting kit for an IS200SE (2003)?
  8. Stuart, Well I have a big hole in my pocket. Got my car back today and it is running quite sweet. They said the defective injector was causing the misfire and that it is not just a matter of changing the said injector, but you have to code/program the new injector so that the ECU recognises it. Sort of makes sense to me but perhaps you can confirm that.
  9. The company who will be doing it has quoted £180 to drain the transmission oil and change the strainer, gasket and refill. Gearboxes are their only business and they have been recommended by a mechanic I know. Lexus after discounts will be around £400.
  10. Tell me. In London labour charges are horrendous and I do know someone who could have done it but can never get hold of him when I want to. Plus you get advice not to drive it so I called out roadside assistance and they said I could drive it to the dealer 6 miles away where I had a booking anyway. So I just took the hit I am afraid. I next have to change the auto transmission strainer and oil and remedy a slight oil weeping at the rear of the car (can't remember what the part is called) but have a company who will do that at half the price the dealer will charge. Differential.
  11. That is cheap. Costing me £233 incl of vat plus labour. I apparently had a misfire as well plus the car was running lean. Unfortunately I could not hang around. I really have to find a good independent. There are a couple of injectors on eBay for £69 and £75 respectively.
  12. So I called out roadside assistance to transport my car to the dealer and the mechanic checked with his OBDII reader and it came back with no misfire but the system was still running too lean. He said I could drive the car to the dealer which I did. Lexus has checked it and said the cause is the fuel injector/injectors.
  13. Alright I returned yesterday and while abroad ordered one of these and downloaded an OBDII Fusion app for the iPhone It threw up 2 codes as follow-: P0302 - Cylinder 2 misfire detected P0171 - System too lean I cleared the faults and started the car which ran for a while without the EML coming on but the exhaust note was still sounding as if there was a misfire. Eventually the EML came back on. So I assume that I will have to change the coil and get the "engine too lean" bit sorted out. Anyone have any coils available?
  14. Ha, John I have done that already but when I return I will make sure it is fully charged.
  15. No I have not had the battery tested but I know I have had good use considering. I have never had a battery last that long. I did in anticipation buy a battery in January but did not fit it as the old battery appeared to be doing its job. My existing battery and the new one are both Toyota 65Ah batteries and it was on offer in January. I will let you know how I get on.
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