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  1. Happy Birthday LexusIS200Sam!

  2. Here is my 1999 Lexus IS200 SE in astral black, i have owned this car for 6 1/2 years and always kept it in top condition. The speedometer reads 116,000 miles but was told the 1jz engine i used in the swap had 60k miles but this is not in writing. Here is a break down of specs: Engine: 1JZ-Gte 2500cc engine swap from a auto soarer GS Racing (holset) HX35 turbo Turbo blanket + heat matting Single turbo japspeed manifold Custom 3" turbo back decat exhaust Custom supra style backbox External GS Racing Wastegate with custom screamer pipe R154 gearbox with custom shifter Custom propshaft Walbro 255 fuel pump 800cc Injectors Custom braided fuel return Adjustable fuel pressure reg F1 6 puck paddle clutch F1 lightweight flywheel HKS adjustable pulleys HKS timing belt HKS SSQV BOV 2jz water pump upgrade Custom pipework Universal intercooler Driftworks Mocal Oil cooler Mondeo V6 Wasted spark Link G4 Storm + igniter pack Custom IS200 to 1jz engine loom AEM wideband Custom colour cam covers with polished inlet Greddy Profec II boost controller Greddy Turbo timer Brakes/Suspension and wheels D2 356mm 8pot big brake kit Drilled rear discs Ultralight Nurburgrings 18x8 front 18x9.5 rear (rear tyres are very good, near enough new! but fronts could do with replacing soon) Toyota TTE Coilovers Bodywork/interior/extras Pulled/tugged and rolled rear 1/4s to allow ofset of rear wheels Greddy front lip with smoothed number plate Late spec front and rear lights(New genuine parts from lexus) Late spec sports interior with electric/heated seats Genuine Lexus Sports grill Mirror and sunroof auto closure RAC TRACKSTAR FITTED Lexus satnav housing with monitor Rear drop down monitor DVD/Satnav Kenwood headunit I have used this car for around 2,000 miles scince doing the swap and had no issues what so ever, All i have done is a oil change about 800miles ago, The standard speedometer shows RPM,MPH,Fuel etc but no heat gauge but if it reaches a high temp the engine management light will stay on till the fans cool it down. The only other thing that could be looked at is the exhaust downpipe is blowing a tiny bit from the vband but nothing major. the Private Reg not included in sale! Im unsure of the power output of this car as its never been dyno'd, only road mapped by Martin at MBAutomotive. Its far from shy on the power and sees peak boost of 1.2bar very early in the rev range and pulls till the limiter. who ever buys this car will be far from disapointed with it! the only disapointed person will be me too see it go! ive owned this car for so long and spent thousands on it. The pictures dont do it justice, especially with the bodywork as i paint cars for a living im very perticular with it! Im also including a spare 1jz-gte within this sale(not that you will probley need it unless its too uprate) which comes complete with front sump/turbos/loom etc!! Car is located in Milton Keynes and £10,500ono Spare 1jz:
  3. For sale are a standard IS200 SE Grill and a N/S/R Lamp for IS200 (Early Chrome Version) both are still in boxes and opened just for pictures. open to offers on them! thanks!
  4. here is a picture of them, on a iphone so not amazing quality.
  5. dont know anywhere that does forged pistons, my old 1g-fe lump had the pistons and rods from a 1g-gte. 1 bar should see you past 250bhp easily. i made 320bhp+ @ 1bar
  6. ive got a set of standard pistons and rods here for a 1g-fe, il see if i can dig them out the garage if you like?. they are used though.
  7. if your seriously planing a JZ convertion once you have priced it up, double that amount and thats close to what it will cost. trust me im well over budget on mine already!
  8. hi mate just wondering what size your current wheels were? as in make, offset and width? dont worry not going to rob your details already got my wheels just wondered what fitment people are going for? cheers fella

  9. defently been hit by something, im going to say a white car or more than likely! a van!! sorry to hear of your missfortune though. most of that would come out with a machine polish too take your eye away from it but if you are already getting a TTE bumper its a bit pointless!
  10. Haha!! I'm aiming to try n keep it in my car till end of show season this year. After jae possibly. Then out she comes.
  11. 279.9rwhp/330fwhp(estimated flywheel)@1.0bar 290lb/ft at 3450rpm all dyno proved :)
  12. Goes very well alot of torque! Will defently put a smile on your face!! Doesn't drink oil will burn a bit every couple of months buy nothing silly! It dropped a valve over a year ago but Charlesworth motors sorted it and put a head on it from stavs engine. For the past year no problems apart from coilpacks failed which is common on is200/300. When I say it's fast it's defently fast! Nope haven't sold anything off the kit! Runs sweet I'd be happy too keep it if money doesn't come up cus defently turns heads!