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  1. Not real carbon so not my taste too, or real or rip... Just asking me where is the original air bag on the steering wheel??
  2. ACE CAFE, famous motorcycle spot even here, too far
  3. Speeding isn't a crime !!!! The interesting thing is that, we're rounded by the speed idea, you must speed at your work everyday, you must speed in the morning, in the evening, going for holydays, to save time, to earn money etc, etc ... BUT not on roads, because this is bad. OK then, we must have a limit, and respect it, or trying to respect it, as anyone choose to do it, we're all knowing the bad and good speeding taste, we all know that you can speed in some areas to reduce any kind of risk, like an empty highway at night or else good spot, and unluckily this is where you will find the radar, Why ? As you don't know probably, in France we're "suffering" some major changes since a few months. They're instaling a lot of your Gatso speed boxes, everywhere, with the same old and inapropriate message "Kill your speed" so... So they're wrong, speeding isn't the problem to fix, it's just a part of it, small part actually. The major problem is the way you're driving, behaviours, respecting everyone else on the road, alcohol, applying strictly the safe distance. You can perfectly speed respecting some basic rules, in England as I saw people use to respect the law, when here we're most of the time trying to pass through it. The one who's repecting the speed limit but not the safe distance is a potential killer to me, and we're plenty of now. I didn't notice that a year ago, but since I'm a father and I have to think about the family that change your mind a lot, I see day by day pure madness drivers (better to name them as that). A Gatso is a terrific idea, automatic penalties, no human touch, and this can easily replacing three policemen, very cheap instalation cost and big revenue ! Something we're starting to see, is that the massive anti speed politic doesn't reduce the road dead's number, but it produce a lot of money in taxes, and the day they really care about road safety, they will probably start to think about how to change the public driver mentality, longer to achieve, more expensive to do but this is the major french problem to fix. As you said it Japanese LowRider, they're installing the french gatso everywhere where they can collect fast money (fast you said :), but definitly not where they should place it, same as you I will be more than happy the day I see a speed box in front of a school...still searching.
  4. Tks for the tip, One world member since a while ;)
  5. Yemgy did a very explicit workshop about fixing the eyelids, I did a search on the forum without success, Alex maybe you should ask him to post it again
  6. I did the test on a Spanish highway, same highway for both, from the border to Barcelona, there are a few good spots for speeding gently : -IS200 225km/h speedo (rev limiter cutting just after) -IS300 240km/h speedo (could do a bit more maybe)
  7. BTW the top IS/200-300 speeds are : IS200-215km/h 220-225 speedo reading, the rev limiter will cut out the power at 225 (this is from a 2000/IS200 manual) IS300-228km/h 240 speedo reading, maybe a bit more but that's the best I had (this is form a 2001/IS300 Sport X with E-shift)
  8. hehehehe Will show you that point Alex once you will be in Paris ;)
  9. Yes there is a blue one with Oaklam interior color (got one) IS300 US vers with no front fog lights and turning signals repeeter on sides
  10. UK, remembering your words ;) Just tell them Yes it's a Lexus, I can afford to a BMW, but I didn't, guess why
  11. Anyway internet could accross the frontier easily, I've got one 1/18 Auto Art too. Don, how are you building them, using some Fujimi, Tamiya or else base, then mixing it with other parts ? Saw recently in a Hong Kong shop some models from Japan, mostly Altezza's ones, with body kits, rear wings, etc, etc Was looking previously to see if I could find the Sport X, without success @d'taleur Vince
  12. I was at the office, when a close friend, working in the Parisian fire brigade called me "a plane just hited the WTC 13 minutes ago", couldn't realize yet, I just thought about march 2001 that I was in the WTC with my mother (We usually go to NYC once a year to make a shopping idea for our business) Everything just stop at the office, and we all focus to what we can listen or see about it, then I get back to home, and saw the twins felt down, we had a cry with my wife, was a really sad day for us & for all the people I know around here. I just realized that I would ask news from a friend living in NY, Camelia, her mother worked at a hospital closed to ground zero, she was fine, her brother girl friend was working just downside of the towers, and she was late that day, hoppefully for her, rest of the family was ok. I took a pict of a fire brigade in march, walking in a NYC street, on a small buiding fire and I use to take look at it time to time, no need to explain why.
  13. Use to do it often before... Now just if I have to do a long trip, the level doesn't want to go down.