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  1. Just wanted to say HUGE THANKS for this tip. The boot suddenly stopped opening on my Lexus IS 250SE (2005 model) whenever I tried with the internal button on lower dash, or the button on the boot lid, or the key fob button. Only way i could open it was by using the mechanical key as in the key fob. I was about to take it into a local garage here in Spain when I decided to firstly search Google and found this thread. I'm sooooo glad I did as I suspect the local garge (not having much experienec in dealing with Lexuses) may have spent bloody ages himself trying to resolve this one! I completely forgot that button was in the glove box, and it must have got accidentally pressed as since I pressed it again the electronic boot release operates perfectly again. I love my Lexus
  2. Just scratched the hell out of the underside of my front bumper on my IS250SE when it caught on a high kerb I didn't see when parking . I note there's a join/small gap in the bumper between the very lower section and rest of it, so does anyone know if that lower part of the front bumper alone can be separated off for a respray/repair on its own? If so, can anyone advise which and where the screws/clips are which have to be removed to separate it?
  3. Well I've got a 2005 IS250SE and for some time now I've had problems with the two clips which secure the mat on the driver's side continually popping out of the floor resulting in the mat moving around. I just read this same story about the US recall at the Sky News website and as it specifically referred to this fatal accident involving a Lexus this worried me I therefore hope this recall will be expanded worldwide.
  4. Well just in case anyone else wonders in the future, having consulted with Lexus Aberdeen and Lexus Alicante, I was able to confirm that the headlights on my 250SE DO indeed have to be replaced in order to pass the ITV test (MOT equivalent) in Spain. Got mine replaced on Thursday and went straight for ITV test where they most certainly did check the lights for correct angle etc., so just as well I didn't take a chance! If anyone is looking for replacement headlight units for a UK IS220/250 then PM me as I've now got a set available - and they're in excellent condition.
  5. I've actually got some paint chips in my 250SE's central console and I asked Lexus Aberdeen if they could advise the paint code for the dark grey metallic paint so I could touch it up. They have advised today that me there is no listed paint code for this, and said it would probably be easier/cheaper to just order replacement parts.
  6. Any Lexus service technicians on here? I'm in process of importing my UK purchased Lexus IS250SE to Spain as I have moved there permanently. As it's a UK right-hand-drive version, in order to pass the Spanish MOT test (ITV) the headlamps must point in opposite direction when dipped. I have the stick-on adjusters as from Halfords etc., but these are definitely not sufficient to pass the MOT for import of car to Spain. I thought I was going to have to purchase replacement headlight units as fitted to left hand drive versions of the IS250, but the service manager at Lexus Valencia now says he thinks that's not necessary as he believes the dipped beam direction can be changed - either by manual adjustment, or by programming of car computer. However, he said he's not sure exactly how and will need to find out. Problem is, he's taking ages to confirm this, and I urgently need to know if need to order replacement lights as the ITV test is fast approaching. If I can avoid replacing the lights it will save me around £700! I'm therefore wondering if there are any Lexus service technicians or other experts on here who can advise for certain if the direction of the dipped headlight beam is indeed something that can be adjusted on the car, and if so what the procedure is to change it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Well I'm clearly biased but I have to say Brechin Slate. My opinion hasn't changed in all the time I've owned the car - it looks really classy, and another bonus is that it doesn't appear to show the dirt (or scratches/chips) nearly as obviously as other colours. Just a shame the alloys get so dirty with brake dust so quickly. That's the absolute ONLY thing that bugs me about my car
  8. Well, to be honest I cant say I've noticed any excess residues when I use Mer. Mer does sink right in, with no residue, but I do buff off the surfaces a couple of minutes afterwards with a dry duster as per instructions, and that brings up the leather with a nice as new shine. No, it's not residue from the Mer either. I've not had any new white holes since applying the Mer. The white spots were there before and I haven't managed to shift them by vacuuming or with Mer. I will try the idea of using a cocktail stick though, and let you know how I get on.
  9. I can strongly recommend Mer Leather cleaner (blue bottle - available from Halfords). I saw it came out top in a magazine test of various products so decided to buy it when I got my IS250SE, which was 15 months/15K when I got it, and has a black interior. Every time I use the Mer on the leather, it brings up the seats beautifully - they look like new. The condition of my seats was good anyway, but I find they can look a bit dull/finger-marked and applying the Mer makes all the difference. Only thing that bugs me about the seats is that a few of the wee ventilation holes in the leather are white. It's like a crumb, or some cleaner has got stuck in them, but serious vacuuming and other efforts make no difference. It's just a few holes that are affected but it bugs me as I want my car to look pristine Anyone got any ideas how that can be resolved?
  10. You are right. I was far too kind in my original assessment saying "I was expecting something more exciting". ;) Considering we'd to wait for all the "Multimedia loading, xxx loading..." etc messages, when you finally get into it, it really is a huge pile of pants - pants covered in big brown lumpy skidmarks which are steaming and gooey
  11. Just received an e-mail from Lexus GB inviting me to this new website: Interesting, although considering how long it took for the site to load all the controls I must admit I was expecting something more exciting. I still think this Russian interactive site is better: word)/fullscreen.html
  12. Yeah, the more I consider it, I reckon anything is too risky. Think it's probably best I ask dealer next time I'm in. Don't know if they'd replace the screen under warranty - it was scratched by previous owner so don't know how it happened - but then again I'd have thought it should be made so that it doesn't scratch easily
  13. Thanks Aido. Yeah, that's what worries me about using any sort of standard light cutting paste on the plastic screen. If anyone does have a solution that they are sure will not damage the screen I'd love to hear it.
  14. Hmmm, not a single reply So I'm bumping this to see if I can get more readers/suggestions over a weekend :P