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  1. ukazn - Do you get any HP gains with that dual exaust, or is it all for style? Also, how does it sound compared to the stock exhaust?
  2. Whoa I like that dual exaust! Looks like the one that was on TTE's IS 430. Closest one I could find that looks like that was Zees. I'm planning on getting Area 51's back bumper/ dual exausts. There going to be awsome.
  3. I don't see what the big deal is... That's just the TTE Kit. It's been out for at least 6 months now. or That's the kit i'mm planning on getting when I get my ' 03 IS3.
  4. Hey guys, yesterday my older brother got his brand new silver BMW 325 XI (AWD). I really must complement is because it is awsome. He has a automatic and one thing I noticed was his many options for shifting. Obviously, he had regular auto shifting, a auto-sport shifting (quicker, faster shift) and then a MANUAL shift as well. It's similar to the way the Automatic IS 300 has E-Shift so you can still manually navigate threw the gears using the buttons on the steering wheel. Now heres the question: He shifted by moving his Shifter to the left (that activated manual shift) and then by pulling the shifter back it went high gear, shift up it went low gear. Now, in the Automatic IS 300 w/ E-Shift, can you also use the shifter to navigate threw gears as well as the buttons on the wheel? Or can you ONLY shift manually threw the wheel buttons? NOTE: This is the dumbest question I have ever asked but I'm not sure about whether the Auto IS 300 has it or not. I don't own the IS yet, waiting for the 2003. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! The Q shouldn't be too hard to answer :D
  5. That is terrifying. I'm going to post this on so those street racers can see what can happen to them. It'll teach them a lesson, and maybe they'll rethink next time they get into a race. That could be them. That's really sad. :(
  6. ukazn - What Dual Exaust is that on the IS 200? Company? Also, do you have any idea as to how much the back bumper and dual exaust costs? Thanks a lot and welcome!
  7. So does anybody have a solution for me? What back bumper/dual exaust is this? : So which is this? Also, any OTHER alternatives? [Edited on 13-3-2002 by lil IS 300]
  8. I emailed them yesterday but I havn't heard from them yet. :( Are there any alternatives to this German company for a Dual Exaust for the IS 300?
  9. George - Do you know how much it costs for the back bumper and dual exausts? Fill me in :)
  10. Ok, I really really want a Dual Exaust for the IS 300, but I've only seen the Air Walker kit and the Zees kit that has dual exaust. Then I came across this one in a PDF file: So who can be the best guy on earth and tell me what back bumper/dual exaust kit this is and where to buy it? Please help guys! Thanks