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  1. Happy Birthday ianpye!

  2. My work pays £470 for 220d SE manual and £469 for 220d base with multimedia. This is 30K per annum full maintenance ie. just put fuel in all else inclusive. The leasing firm divides the list price of options eg. auto by 36 and adds to the monthly charge. I assume the numbers include VAT, from memory the petrol was very similar. John - Who is the lease company? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys, i like the idea of owning the car at the end, just found out that provecta charge 1500 acceptance fee, robbing b******* Does Lexus finance allow HP on ex demo cars, so get the car cheaper, pay a monthly fee and then a balloon payment at the end?
  4. Hi All, Had a IS200 as a company car a few years back and really liked it, company would not let me have another so had a 3series instead :( Now its coming up to renewal time again I really like the IS250 Sport and am thinking about the best way to purchase/contract hire. The options I have are 1. Lexus Finance 2. Provecta Car Scheme 3. Lex Hire What thoughts do other members have and how did you go about getting your Lex, are there any other ways. TIA Ian
  5. Thanks Haf, who is the lease company? and does that include maintenance? How many miles? Cheers Ian
  6. I like Clarkson, and he is great at reviewing cars, especially giving the IS250 a good review, however, when you are used to driving Ferraris’, Mercedes SL55, Aston Martin DB9, Ford GT etc isn’t everything else just downhill from there?
  7. Hi Mate, Did your company use a lease company? If so, if you dont mind me asking, how much is it a month for your spec? TIA Ian
  8. That is neat! Seen them at computer fairs for about 50 quid.
  9. Cheers guys, ill check out homebase! :)
  10. Hi All, I am looking for a battery operated alarm I can put in my garage that would sound if someone attempted to enter the garage without disarming the alarm first, hopefully by wireless key fob. Anyone come across a device like this? Just want a bit of extra security for my Lex TIA Ian
  11. I am no expect but I think the age would point to a new clutch, usually normal standard driving conditions would warrant a new clutch every 70-80k miles Ian
  12. how could they prove it was you who owned the car then ? Good point, I have no idea! :duh: Just know of a friend who was caught out.
  13. I have black also, even with the soft paint I wouldnt swap it for any other colour! Although is a right pain in this hot weather :(