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  1. Hi, I have just ordered a new RX400h SE-L. Took a test drive, very excited to get it next month. One of the main points I like about the car is the technology which leaves BMW far behind at the moment. However, A few things concerned me though reading some of the posts. Am I correct in thinking that the phone book cannot be accessed while the vehicle is moving ? If this is the case, then this would defeat the point in me having a carkit as I will more than likely reach for the handset. Can the voice commands dial from the phonebook ? Also I am interested in being able to watch the DVD on the main front screen. There are plenty of valid reasons for this as a previous post here suggested. Waiting for my girlfriend shopping, waiting to get on the ferry to Ireland which takes 2 hours and I do quite a bit. There was a cable I got for my old BMW which could bypass this. Also I am interested in connecting an Ipod to the system as the FM transmitter method is not very good especially when travelling long distances (the frequency constantly needs changing) so a direct connection would be nice. Can anyone help with these queries and suggest somewhere to take the car to have this type of work done. I looked on the internet but everywhere seems to do stuff for BMW but not for Lexus. Many thanks Luppo.