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  1. Happy Birthday Jev!

  2. Could someone tell me how much a set of Lexus roof bars are worth? For GS300 Mk1. Many thanks.
  3. There is a small gizmo I have seen used - plugs into cig lighter and keeps power on even though you have removed car battery etc.... Also - your local dealer should be able to reset the radio if need be - so long as you can prove you are the rightful owner - but there are other guys on the site that should know more about that.
  4. Before the car dealer let me have my car he wanted to change the battery - nice guy, he knew it was on its last legs. However, he insisted on waiting for his mechanic to get a little battery back up gizmo that plugs in the cig lighter before he would disconnect. he said he had managed to completely lose the car stereo altogether on a previous GS300 - security lock out - and had to contact a Lexus dealer to reactivate.
  5. The "high" position also makes life easier when replacing windscreens - mine had chips when I bought the car which slowly turned into a crescent crack in one corner. However, I think the fitter forgot this and now they don't drop down as low as they used to - looks like I'll have to get my own spanner out. One of the few jobs I dare to do myself on the GS!
  6. These people sorted my GS300 out - I can't really comment as to how they compare with the original carpets as they were so dirty when I replaced them. I think they were £40 for the set and their site allows you to chose stitch colour, carpet colour, specific shape - for proper fit - heel guard shape, size & colour etc......
  7. Thanks for the reply - I was beginning to think I was the only one who had noticed the never ending vapour trail.
  8. This is my 1st winter with my 1994 GS300. I accept all cars are produce a cloud of vapour in cold conditions, but is it normal for the GS to continue to do this even after a good 20 minutes of driving? My car warms up normally (pretty quick compared to other cars I've owned) and I would normally expect the vapour to settle down?
  9. Plasma Screen TV

    42" Plasma screens. I occasionally actually sell these. They are down to about £2,500 +VAT - but beware....... you have to pay more to extend the warranty past 12 months & the screen has a limited life. This is based around "on-time" - and I have forgotten if that means 20,000 or 50,000 hours average. Also expect to pay more for wall brackets, floor stands, speakers etc.... and some models do not have a tuner built in - i.e. you need a video recorder to tune channels. You do get loads of different connections at the back as standard though. We watched the last world cup on a plasma - perfect for a party of people.
  10. Our Glorious Leader

    There are so many topics opening up on this thread - so I'll concentrate on just one. When asylum seekers have trudged across the whole of Europe (or half way round the world) - why are they so determined to get into Britain? Okay we have national health etc.... but surely France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, sunny Spain etc....... must look attractive as they pass through? Or are people in the rest of Europe having discussions like this?
  11. Broadband advice needed

    Purely out of interest - why have a few people said they don't like USB connection? Are you aware USB 2.0 is here now - which is approx. 40 times faster than ordinary USB ?
  12. Broadband advice needed

    If you go for ADSL I think in reality BT is behind all ADSL connections. All the other companies rent the line/service from BT. Therefore, you will need a BT line to your house. This does not mean that you must change your phone system to BT, but their phone port must be available. Don't get ripped off by being charged mega-bucks for the "ADSL Modem" either. You can buy them separately for under £80 now (you can even get a USB pluggable version - so easier to switch between machines). Once you have the ADSL modem you will also need a splitter - looks like a multi-phone port - except you plug the modem in one side and your phone on the other - hence how it manages to let you use the phone whilst surfing. It is rumoured that before XMAS there will be a drop in general ADSL connection cost down to £14.99 a script:icon(':wow:')
  13. Air intake

    I have a 94 GS300. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find the exact part numbers for the HKS air intake system with the nice dome air filters? I have a friend that reckons he can get a nice big discount - but he wants the right part numbers.:?:
  14. Did you know?

    In space it must be difficult to show anything spins clockwise or anti-clockwise - based on the fact that with no gravity how do you know which way is up? If you look at venus from opposite ends of the axis of spin - it would spin either way. - blimey a bit of mental agility at 11 a.m. on a Sunday - maybe I didn't drink enough last night. :D
  15. I am in the UK - but sounds to me like it would be easier to make the current owner fix everything - or simply find another car - its a buyers market?