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  1. Anyone try buddyclub computer? It have English software and can use on our car GXE-10 it say is not hard to tune.. and the price alright... any comment?
  2. I am the one who using 4.778 final gear! the max incorrect speed it around 25km-30km to the orginal speed! and the top speed is 185km-190km
  3. is it only one small hole to intake the air into the pipecross induction ? because if not enough air come the car will run slower!
  4. TRUST USA Click NEW product you will see a Sample Airinx Intake Kits pic!
  5. Go here for the TRUST USA SITE and ask them more information! But i will order anyway then i can show up the pic here !!
  6. Good new for IS200 owner. Trust has make a Instake Pipe with Airfilter kit for IS200! the price is 15,800 yen. furter information go to see the Trust website! TRUST
  7. i think the black IS200 with the Gold ADVAN wheels is good!!! his car is with C-west body kit?
  8. I want to a Engline cover.. hope you can do it..
  9. to supercharged IS200: i am using Universal Type now! the parts number is:00B 009 HA the price is around (US$76)
  10. i just got my custom pipecross done last week!! will the induction kit simlar to mine one?
  11. hey TRD328 i got some pic of your friends car as well.... my gf send to me long time ago.. i know he is australia shpould i post in here?