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  1. 1978 Ford Capri 1976 BMW 318 (I think it was the 318, didn't last long when the piston went flying through the bonnet on the M23) 1971 Datsun 100A (with flakey brakes) 1989 Ford Escort Ghia 1985 Rover 3500 VandenPlas (was cool because it was identical to the unmarked Sussex Police traffic division vehicle that used to patrol the "strip" [Madeira Drive] in Brighton) 1989 Pontiac Sunbird 1994 Toyota Corolla 1995 Toyota Corolla 1991 Honda Accord 1996 Honda Prelude 1989 Ferrari Testarossa 2001 Lexus IS200 (May 2001 to April 12 2012) 1993 Ferrari 348TS 1996 Ferrari 355GTS-F1 (my favourite of the 3 ferraris.. later sold to buy an aeroplane -- 1971 Piper PA28R Arrow) 2001 Honda Accord 2005 Lexus RX400h (my favourite of all up until buying the 2009/2010 model last week!) 2003 Renault Scenic (still current -- just a "run-around" for my wife) 2010 Lexus RX400h (April 12 2012 to current -- favourite car I've ever owned...)
  2. Hey all, Just stopping in to say howdy again... it's been a few years since i've logged in here. Hope everyone is doing well. Moved to France in 2008, so I guess that makes me part of the "extended" family again. Hope everyone is doing well. Leland ([almost formerly] 2001 IS200, formerly 2005 RX400h, 2010 RX400h)
  3. Hi all (long time no post, hope you all are well). I had a look through the search as well as the sticky post on the subject, but can't find the appropriate part numbers for a 2001 model IS200. Looking for the following: LH rear lamp cluster (I *THINK* it's 81560-53012-B0 but not sure). RH front foglamp unit LH front foglamp unit Looking at the sticky post, the fog lamp units don't seem to correspond with the 2001 model (post mentions that they're 03 onwards). the bulbs, however, are the exact same as the dipped beam bulbs for the headlamp units. (HB4's) Can anyone confirm the part numbers for me please (and if possible, a very ballpark figure for how deep I'll need to reach into my pocket)? As a side note, are there any aftermarket HID conversions available for the front headlamp units for a 2001 IS ? (not urgent on this one, but interesting to know anyway). Thanks ! Leland
  4. Lugnut (I'm experiencing deja-vu... but I guess it's normal given that this thread has been going on for 3 years now!) :) Leland
  5. Odd that this seems to have come up. Just a couple of points: The handbook specifically says that "jumping" the 12v battery should not be done due to potential damage. That's beside the point, however, I could have sworn that in the specifications there was a very mild trickle charge from the 240v battery unit to replenish the 12v if the voltage drops below a certain level over time -- I remember reading that somewhere... hmm... Second point is that when I had my 400h, I had once left it for 27 days due to holiday/travel, returned to it with no problem... Strange that the original poster's couldn't hold a charge for 15-21 days. Just musing over this one... Leland
  6. Hi, We are shortly moving house and currently have CanalSat on Astra with direct subscription with CanalSat, as well as terrestrial digital off the Sandy Heath transmitter in Beds/Cambs. The area we are moving to is not very well served with terrestrial digital, and we are cancelling our direct CanalSat subscription as we will be closing our french bank accounts... besides we have the 'Passion' package at the moment and rarely view much of anything other than the classic french channels anyway (TF1, F2, F3, F4, TV5, M6). I am looking for suggestions to continue to receive the full range of free-to-air English channels (using FreeSat or something similar in the absence of adequate freeview reception) and the standard 'free' French channels without ongoing subscription charges and preferably without too much outlay for hardware. Ideally, a solution for a standard decoder box capable of receiving both/any services and either a dual-head/multi-head or motorised dish would have been my first thought, but not sure of the best solution given the myriad of receivers and different satellite constellations. Could you advise the easiest and lowest-cost solution to achieve this? Many thanks, Leland