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  1. with the intro of the Ls430 last year, it really rocked the balance again,, merced.,bmw felt and earthquake. it is hands down gorgeous and highly technically advanced.but the thing is,,,,a lot of magazines put it down,,,and they have all changed their tunes now esp automolbile mag,,,,who has voted it the best lux car over $40, 22times in a row?,they didnt like the is300,,,and i just read an issue saying that theyll trade their bmw328i anytime for the IS300,,,,what gives? . i love lexus and the public agrees,its the best selling luxury brand 2 times in a row. [Edited on 9-3-2002 by superchargedIS200]
  2. adellas civic- correction.....

    again im new to this...and i love this site,,,,,its all about cool.....btw guys,,,,,i dont watch the chris issic show,but i glanced at it sunday,,and lexus gave him a loaded silver GS430, i watched it just to see him rolling in that beatiful car.then i tuned out. also i dont care for GQ but lexus will be the proud sponser,so i might just tune in for a while,hopefully they show cars.
  3. yes im a lexus owner,,,,,wow i love your GS, i think the gs, and the is are the coolest of the lexus family,me i had the ES,,,,but now i have the RX300,becuse i needed more room for hauling suits,cargo etc. id love to go to your lexus meet. my web site which features a lot of other cars is at
  4. adellas civic- correction.....

    thnx i made an error,,,,that is not her civic,,,,,hers is not modified ect, she will do it soon,,,,thanks for noticing that,and yes i will correct it, THAnkS LEEXUS ,,,,i might have other errors,but i m pretty sure the rest are accurate. and by the way yes it is another brilliantly made machine by toyota motors- SUPRA.... i wished they make a lexus L-tuned version to rip apart the bmw roadster. [Edited on 9-3-2002 by claydoza] [Edited on 9-3-2002 by claydoza]:tumble: [Edited on 9-3-2002 by claydoza]
  5. im new to this chat forum, but i can already tell that you guys are taking about things i love (LEXUS) these cars are some of the coolest best looking vehicles out on the road today.i have owned the ES300 and love it so much i bought the RX300 and i am very happy with it.check out my web site,dont worry im not selling anything on it,but i have pics of some of the most luxurious lexus(s) out today. tell me what you think about it,,,,it has huge pages so if your on a 56k modem give it time to download. love to hear comments.
  6. greetings from america! i too share a love affair if you might call it that with the lexus automobiles. when they first came out in 89 i thought to my self, no way will they ever get up to M-B or a BMW level, now look at Lexus, it is an established marquee. i can honestly say that i am the proud owner of the RX300,,,,i had an ES300 for about 4 years, and still continue to spread the gospel of these brilliantly made vehicles. i have a web site with some pics of Lexus cars,,and others. heres my site,,and no im not selling anything on it,,just sharing my thoughts and pics. [Edited on 8-3-2002 by claydoza] [Edited on 8-3-2002 by claydoza]