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  1. Thank you for these Wise Words of wisdom from someone who drives a Kia
  2. It is ok now i spoke to Paul since my post was put up, Thanks
  3. Hi All, I am sad to say i have now sold my beloved IS-F and bought a A- -I SQ5, as Lexus do not make a beefy 300+ bhp SUV, it is a shame as i have owned over 30 yrs of Toyota/Lexus vehicles, and i miss the exclusivity of the IS-F already, it was an unbelievable performing vehicle and could return 30+ mpg on a run and was literally bomb proof, a cheap to run supercar, i shall keep my eye on the forum from time to time as you never know i might be back LOL, as i gained a lot of help from these forums from the knowledge that was shared by you all. By the way i have a pair of IS-F exhaust tips and a single tip for sale if anyone is interested pm me or call on 07974007405, open to sensible offers as we all know what they are worth , as i know what it is like to lose one and to try and get a replacement asap. Cheers and Thank You All Mark (Markovanb)
  4. Ok thanks, if he does not reply in a day or so i will contact you to sort something out with you, but as you say i will wait for him for awhile as i did speak to him earlier in the year about his system off his low mileage IS-F thanks
  5. Hi All, I have not been on forum for a while, is Big Rat still on here as i was wondering if he still had his old IS-F exhausts he was selling earlier in the year?
  6. I find Lexus Cheltenham brilliant with their customer service and the service manager there Matt is a IS-F buff, so we owners get treated really well and made to feel like that extra special customer along with our cars, and they are also very fair with their prices and deals when it come to servicing/warranties etc, that is why i travel nearly 1 1/2 hours to get there, also for the ride home, as nothing better than a fully valeted /serviced IS-F to cover the miles back home with a smile on your face.
  7. Only recently found this out, but explains why tinters were whispering to each other at the time when i had it done, i thought then that something fishy was going but could not see anything amiss at the time, but when enquiring about the fm problem at the dealers i was told about the top elements being a booster on FM , never bothered to look to be honest, but will get round to it one day when i remember.
  8. Hi Mine is the same when i asked main dealer, he said it is probably the tinter has cut through the rear screen elements at the top of the rear screen, which also act as the ariel for the radio? Check to see if you can see any element have been cut through.
  9. Hi All, Have any of you been contacted by a member on here called TEZ 786, as he messaged me asking if i still have my IS-F, and do i want to sell it out of the blue? he may be totally genuine and i don't want to seem paranoid about such a request but i find it strange as i have looked on the forum and he is asking for white facelift 2011 models, and also asked DT Racing if he was selling his? which is not what he was asking for and different from mine? so what year, colour, does he want? Anyone else been approached by this member with the same request? or can vouch for him as a genuine member wanting to buy a IS-F?
  10. Thanks Matrixxxx but i want the original Lexus back boxes not replacement after market items, as after market items seem to be too noisy for me from what i have read on here
  11. I was at the main dealer a few weeks ago, having the n/s exhaust back box hanger that is bolted to the car changed, i have already changed the o/s rear ex box hanger last year, has anyone else had this problem with them rotting through? Also if anyone is changing their original back boxes for aftermarket items please let me know if you are interested in selling them,as it seems most of you leave them behind at the fitting garages i have read previously, as the main dealer says the mounting bracket on one of my back boxes is not too clever and says box would need replacing in 12-18 months, so i will be looking for some original boxes soon it seems as i think the car is loud enough now, without the extra noise that replacement boxes seem to be making Thanks Mark
  12. Hi

     I may have the odd exhaust tip from the set that i lost one from, i don't know if tips are all the same size and cut the same angle, but i may be able to dig it out if any good to you?

    1. GibletPH


      Hi, that would be perfect. I think they are the same size. I'll drop you a message. Cheers

  13. While i am on the forum, i would like to mention that i recently had a mot on my is-f and the tester called me half way through the test to show me the emissions analyser, it was reading 0 for exhaust emissions, and 0 for unburnt fuel emissions, he said he had reset the analyser to double check the results as he had never seen that before in all the years and vehicles he had tested, now a 5.0 v8 was showing 0 emissions, so why do we pay £500 road tax lol. As there must be a number of lower taxed vehicle's on the road with a lot more non friendly readings than the Is-f.
  14. Reading about the servicing prices and the big variation between dealers try Lexus Cheltenham, ask for Matt the service manager,see what he can offer on a 60k service, i think he would match/better most, as i found him really good, mention the Lexus forum.
  15. yes there is a cooling fan recall and the fuel lines recall, just had mine done when car was in for a service at Lexus Cheltenham, great service from the service manager Matt, who is also a is-f buff and very helpful, this is one of the best Lexus dealers i have dealt with in my 14 years of owning a Lexus, they go over and above what you would normally expect, with a free diagnostic health check of the vehicle, tracking check, video link with a report from the technician working on your vehicle, all this with a interim service, They are very familiar with the is-f as they look after around 10-12 of them, and no fancy prices just for the sake of it, they really do try to get you a fair deal. Highly recommended
  16. I have fitted a k&n panel filter into the air box of my is-f, (as i did not want to make any obvious visual modifications and alter the intake pipe/filter etc without informing my insurance company) the panel filter has not seemed to give any improvements that i noticed, but if it did, a 2-3 bhp increase in 417 bhp would hardly be noticeable anyway, but i don't think that it would sap any bhp as suggested earlier, as k&n do a lot of research into their filters and i think they would not make a filter to flow less than a stock filter, as due to the increased filter surface area they introduce by adding more folds into their elements than the standard element it should flow a lot more air than a standard element, it is also far better at filtering dirt than a stock element and keeps working at a better rate far longer than a paper element.I have always used k&n filters in all my vehicles be it a road or competition vehicle, as their fit/performance is by far better than anything else i have tried previously.
  17. My IS-F is going in for a service at lexus cheltenham weds,they checked the data base for which they needed my vin for, as no joy with the number plates on their system, and i was told that my is-f was affected with the fuel line issue and also the cooling fan issue, so they are doing them the same time as the service, it's big job the fuel line issue around 4.5 hours i was told, by matt the service manager, who was really helpful with the service arrangements. Going off the subject but to let you all know, i just used jp-car who are based in japan for genuine toyota/lexus items, i received the genuine parts from my initial payment in 4 days, brilliant service and much cheaper than the inflated uk prices for any geniune items you may need, their site gives you exploded itemized drawings to help with correct item and number to order.
  18. Thanks to you all, who have given me good advice and suggestions, the Japanese oem sites are well worth looking at if you need oem parts from what i can see, almost half price compared to uk prices, and who both seem to offer genuine items with part numbers when i have contacted them. I think i will be taking VamboMan up on his offer if we can do a deal. Thanks Mark
  19. Is it one side or the both sides you have? As i would be interested in either, i need a o/s set,as the top tip of the o/s is missing, or even both sides cheers Mark
  20. thanks tango for the reply, but mine is not in warranty, was yours when the exhaust tip fell off, as it is a common fault, maybe they will do replacements at cost price, as a new assembly is close to £400 per side without fitting
  21. Does anyone know of any exhaust ends that can be bought as a compatible replacement for the stock system layout, if there are no used items for sale with anyone, or where the best place to source new tips would be apart from the main dealer unless someone knows of a main dealer who got them on offer, as from what i read on here they can be £400 a side.
  22. Hi All, I know it has been mentioned before and love the fake tips or hate them, i lost one of mine today o/s top tip is missing, does anyone have any that i can buy from them as i know many of you have replaced the exhaust system and removed the tips/mesh, so can anyone help me, as i am gutted and the car looks crap with one missing. Thanks for any help on this Markovanb
  23. yes pete be careful as i tend to agree with keith, i think the radar sensor is located in the lexus badge on the front grill
  24. Hi All, Not quite the same thing but as we are talking about mirrors i was wondering why mine have stopped tilting downwards when reverse is selected, as they used to have i knocked some setting off or do i have a fault? Also i noticed that if i select reverse as the first gear selection from start up, before the reversing camera screen comes up i get a similar message up on the screen as you get when you first select the sat nav screen where you have to press i agree to get the screen up, which i don't recall having this before, the reverse camera screen just came up as soon as reverse was selected and the mirrors tilted towards the floor automatically. Anyone else had this?