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  1. Oh oh i know 😉........ 👍🏻 i’ll keep 🤫🤐, but why a CT is beyond me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  2. I’ll give ya 2k if you arrange delivery from your end 🚚 plus be good to see pics of actual system once off car.... you’ve got my number to send pics
  3. Also please note...honeycombed or any background design on plates is a instant fail on mot.... i know my SC failed for having lexus wording thru plate in background not really visible till up close but still a fail, had to get new plates made up, but just threw them straight into boot once pass on mot and drove away with orginal plates still on scottish flag was ok and no makers website or address or bsua number on plate but was ok just the background design
  4. -12.5 on your figure for me 21.2, i drive mine in sports + all the time tho, and as if ive just stolen it 😉
  5. Got my windows tinted today...looks a lot better looked good in the 1st place but ohh sooo much cooler now 😂
  6. My neighbours love and adore me when i start both these up.... standard set up on RCF for just now but have big plans in the near future and 3rd cat delete s/s on SC driveway can get a bit noisy 😂
  7. 20” dont look right on a SC unless you lower the car dramatically... 19” are good. Most of the SC owners i know that have aftermarket alloys have gone 19s...spec as neil has said dont do what previous owner of mine has done and get stretch tyres on as its a MOT advisory and all bar one tyre garage around my way wont touch these if i have a puncture or the likes i only kept these on due to being nearly new when i bought car... looks the part but foreseeable problems
  8. My old one i traded in last week is now on autotrader, no pics as yet but advertised at £19980 at lexus teeside, and just a mere 48357mls on clock, fantastic motor with unmarked as new interior and excellent body work no dings or scrapes, owned it for just short of 5yrs, one of the if not best on the road, cant fault it, i put it back to standard prior to trading it in ie took of aftermarket alloys and replaced with the standard alloys and took out GROM vline V2 system i had fitted to infotainment system and took off and gave away the wind deflectors to another LS owner This is the last photo i took of it after i parked it up and handed keys in 2nd pic is how i had it prior to swapping things over
  9. Traded in my LS600hL with RSR 09 reg with 48000 on clock on monday at lexus teeside, keep a eye out on autotrader for that one, minted inside and out silver with black leather but expect a top end price tag Here it is parked up and my last photo of it before i left dealership in a RCF had car for near on 5 yrs and was a absolute pleasure to drive and own
  10. Ohhh Aberdeenshire just down the road from me... minutes in fact if i drive the F lol 😂
  11. Wife has a RX450h and coupes are MINE and only I drive them... dont n wont let her drive them... she should count herself lucky she gets to be passenger in my cars 😂
  12. Im a expert at keeping black cars clean 😂 , i have two now and a few in the past
  13. Yes 98% of my Lexus’s over the last 16yrs have been V8s from LS400s,soarer 4.0 , LS600hL and present sc430 and RCF only lesser engined Lexus’s ive had where a is200 and a GS450h
  14. I personally didnt need a big family car, as mrs has that covered now, plus i said to myself 4yrs ago when these came out “I WANT-ONE OF THESE” said the same about LS600hL when they came out and true to my word i got one Said this about LC so watch this space in 4yrs time lol and i generally only keep a car for 4 yrs but LS had stretched me to 5yrs ownership... lovely car and loved every minute of it Also mid life crisis 😂 hence 2 coupes now
  15. This the video i took of it being unveiled yesterday when i picked it up