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  1. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Im not known for my patience, but on this i have been very layed back as i can see a huge transformation and attention to detail, be a different story if it was summer or my only car 😆 but wow what a car it will be for the summer once its fully completed gone OTT and OCD over this car, originally cost me £10300 and already spent around £4500 with more ideas in the pipeline plus booked in for a 4K respray in the springtime obviously wont see money back on this car but im not looking to sell anyway, i will have it just the way i want it... in time i dont have any hobbies taking up my time and money apart from my 2 cars plus want to spent all my money before i die and kids squabble on whos getting how much 😆 they cant fight over whats not there 😉 bumper will be coming off completely when i go to fit new headlights anyways
  2. mr2lad

    Black beast

    @Herbie lol cancelled my ebay relay purchase as was going to take nearly 3wks to arrive so bought off amazon at over double the price but be here monday impatience thats me lol
  3. mr2lad

    Black beast

    @Herbie yeah ive learned from bad experience with the resistors, fitted LEDs to my lorry with these and melted the headlight casing, then i read the instructions on mounting them to metal base...DOH reason these where expensive as it was only company that would post up to Scottish highland and islands rest stipulated they dont/wont post up my bite the bullet and payed more to a company that would, flasher relay ordered THANKS for that info
  4. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Ps car finish has been delayed as was expecting to pick up yesterday, but a supplier and a disgruntled ex worker (who hide some trim parts that never got colour coded and only found after rest of parts had been fitted ) so these parts still need painted up (rear headrest trim) but everything in hand now so fingers crossed for pick up a week today (only because i work away from home and not back till friday)
  5. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Sorry for all photos but am amazed at transformation from full beige interior to black and red, only parts being renewed are the leather seats and seatbelts everything else is orginal parts but been flexi plasti spray painted black popped in by yesterday to take of mrear view mirror for it to be colour coded as no one could figure out how to get it off windscreen but with a little help from neil E, ive got it off (dead simple when you know how lol) think once ive picked it up next friday (hopefully) i run it for a week or two before i park it up in my garage and start putting my parts i have in garage onto it new headlights steering wheel also get wood trim wrapped (humming n Harrington on colour to wrap yet) either going carbon effect black/silver or piano black or match it with the wine red on seats, will wait till ive got car and get some tester sheets to see what merges in with rest of interior was thinking of tint wrapping headlights but wow they look awesome as is so for time being no tint also got some DRL combined indicator bulbs to fit but will need to get a relay fitted so i can switch drls off at night time as think they will be far to bright and dazzle at night, then again maybe i wont lol
  6. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Not looking too bad considering now it was all beige before hand
  7. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Already on MeisterR coil overs and custom exhaust.... running wise its perfect, well will be when i change front brake pads as they squeal like a banshee at low speed until warmed up (not all that old but extremely noisy) went to see car yesterday and was hoping it was going to be ready, but unfortunatly not, been promised it WILL be ready to be picked up Thursday 15th with extra discount on final price as hes already 2wks over the orginal finish date, due to staff holidays and a supplier cocking up a order Should be awesome once finished
  8. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Little update all beige parts now re-coloured black seat leather changed to black and red new custom steering wheel arrived new headlights (1 arrived , other due next week new coolant header tank arrived bank balance slightly lower lol car should be back on my drive in next week will post up pics of full interior change hopefully next week missing my car but should be well worth the wait
  9. mr2lad

    sc430 bumper reflectors

    Dont believe its a mot failure as a few have painted over colour coded the reflector to match the bodywork,
  10. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Ps had both garage doors open on 2nd well ventilated this time unlike 1st time just cracking open a window 😂
  11. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Heads still buzzing 😂 did 2nd spray and will do a spray again in morning before i go away south in lorry so will take carpets back next weekend and then dye the little bit of carpet attached to front of seat at the company thats doing the rest of interior.....or see if they can delete that bit off seat and replace with leather...why the is carpet on seat is beyond me everything is coming along just fine so outcome should be great
  12. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Cleaned and started the dye process...1st coat done will need another 2 or 3 i reckon but way way better than beigggggggeee 😂
  13. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Starting to take shape, picked carpets up today and will clean and re dye them black tonight and tomorrow and get fitted back into car next week back seats leather all completed and just getting refitted back onto seats at mo
  14. Ive had my Ls600hL rsr for over 4yrs and im a long distance lorry driver and seen only 1 other LS600h (poverty spec 😂😂😂) in scarborough But do know 2 owners of my spec LS in stonehaven area aberdeenshire and other oldham area
  15. mr2lad

    Black beast

    @Neil E im hoping to turn this lemon of a car around, bought it for 10k but really was a 4-5k going by state of interior and bodged up semi respray, i know im going OTT with interior and respray but im refusing to lose face with this purchase, regardless of cost.... Throwing money away my mrs says... but its my money lol and if i dont spend it before i die she’ll only buy loads of shoes and handbags...