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  1. Best car ive ever owned.... usually change every 3-4yrs but had this one for 5... nothing to complain about,,,, im going to miss it but change of circumstances doesnt warrant me having LS as not being used to its potential having mid life crisis which warrants a sportier car lol
  2. I’ll be migrating over from LS side of forum to here on monday picking up a RCF monday morning
  3. As of monday morning i will no longer be a LS600hL owner...😢 but on the plus side i will be a RCF owner every cloud and all that guff lol 😂😂 still got SC as well this be the 1st time in 16yrs ive not had a LS of some description on my drive even when i had a is200 i had a LS same with when i had a GS450h will see how long i last before one appears back on drive will still stick my nose in on this models post every now and then tho
  4. Mines a 09 LS600hL with relaxation package ie RSR and is under 50k on clock
  5. Defo go RCF instead of the baby RCs..... im selling my LS600hL shortly and the replacement will be RCF, still keeping SC tho as a play thing....
  6. Bills in the post 😉
  7. @varunsharma.... this is the box of magnetic fastners i bought
  8. @Neil E i used a normal detergent and soaked belts in a basin (in situ) for a hour then scrubbed with nail brush and came up okayish and passable but seen a trick on a you tube site so then got a piece of plastic piping about 8’’ long and cut it from the side end about 3-4’’ And placed belt thru it and clamped it tight with hand and dragged it down belt, oh my god the gunk thats in the belt you dont see is horrific, so repeated the soaking and used piping again a couple of times and belt came out bright and looking damned near new, then month later ripped them out and got red ones installed lol
  9. You can get the magnet fasteners off amazon, ive a big tub of them
  10. Ive got these on my both my cars LS and last week fitted onto SC as well, but got borsh ones, more expensive tho was £24 for drivers side and £16 for passenger side,
  11. I had ivic vaitech in my LS then last year replaced it with a grom V2...... Viatech box currently sat in garage, including import etc etc was around £350 and GROM V2 £500
  12. I bought and fitted this 4wks ago and does everything and more to what you want, you will also need to buy a beatsonic interface to connect up to Mark Levinson amp and steering wheel controls, this unit and interface cost me £1121 as a package, you can get cheaper double din head units tho....... search online for cartronics in byfleet they are the only company that i could find that has the lexus SCs Europe beatsonic interface
  13. My little beauty a few years back.... loved it 4.0 V8 GT limited
  14. I had problems with my SC’s battery going flat and thought the same, so disconnected them but following week battery flat again, was told to switch stereo off prior to parking up as amp will still be live and drawing a current if you leave it on and switch ignition off... not had a flat battery since