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  1. Ive still the silly grin as well, and always look back at it after parking it up as i walk away, and proud as punch
  2. disable tmps

    Works on the facelift models as well so ive read today on another forum...
  3. I had all these come on a couple of years ago and it was down to a dodgy 12v battery, replaced with new battery and sorted
  4. Nice to see another ls600hl rsr owner on site,
  5. I have the rsr package in mine and kids love it and is used all the time , ive used it once personally but only when it was parked up as i dont allow anyone else to drive my car ..... when i first started looking at a 600 i had the same thoughts as yourself, i like my gadgets and alway personally go for the best model and options on a car plus thinking of when i do sell it it should stick out more in the market than just a standard model 2006-2009 LS600hL with rsr are 2 seaters in rear 2010 upwards are 3 seater in rear with rsr
  6. No... my 1st ever LS was in my garage as i was changing a light bulb and had a jag on drive blocking the ls , mrs said to save you jumping in n out of jag to take ls out of garage she’d take LS out once i moved jag... unknown to her as LS engine so quiet, it was already running and as she hadn’t driven a auto before she started to shift the gear stick to get the feel of it, it started to reverse back and she panicked and hit the accelerator ...zooming back towards jag she threw it into drive and shot forward thru the front of garage, bricks n tools went flying, she refused to get out of car as thought i was going to shout at her, i wasnt i was just wanting to make sure she was ok.... since that day she has never asked or attempted to drive any of my lexus, even more so coz the size of the LS600hL, if i ever see her even looking at my keys i’ll Remind her of that day 😂😂😂
  7. Lol 1st couple of pics where at my company's yard where i got the alloys delivered too, wish my garage was that big as know getting cluttered with spare sets of
  8. I agree with you on sizing of alloys 20" ok but 22"" makes it look to American pimped out lol
  9. Got myself some new 20' alloys for my Ls600hL rsr, just need new tpms fitted and jobs done, keeping orginal alloys and putting winter tyres on them and store in garage till needed MRR H3 20'' staggered rears
  10. Is that the green one on autotrader selling by aspire.... defo high high end on price
  11. Some people just have no taste at all.....
  12. Well i like it every last thing about it,,, would look daft with a original front grille and interior of a orginal LS lol..... i do agreee slightly with Stuart ref the audi front grille when it first came out but have always liked the new style lexus grille now on the subject of audi....... i hate the new running indicator lights , annoys the crap out of me seeing them but thats just my opinion and really hope lexus dont follow this design
  13. Chris 1998 wasnt the orginal micra, i shamelessly had one brand new in 1986 but as you can see by photo i crashed it, fell asleep on German autobahn and hit a lorry, woke up 2 wks later with numerous bits of my body stitched up and in plaster lol
  14. Not a 460 but my 600hL..... doesnt fit in any car park space ,both cars backed against wall