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  1. Ive 3 sets of alloys for my RCF 🤦🏼‍♂️ lol hate the OEM diamond cut ones was going to get them refurbed in black but decided to keep as is to put car back to original when I trade in or sell, One of the 20’’ black ones got damaged during lockdown and couldn’t get them sorted at the time so purchased black bronze 20’’ ones.... missus is now thinking I’m hording alloys 😂 (wait till I get my 2 RCF spare bonnets shipped from old houseto here then I’m in trouble 🤣)
  2. Full serviced on 50k actual price was £272 as shown in photos couple of years ago they also FULL serviced my LS600hL for £325 minus the hybrid health check so is a option to get service done by toyota dealers.... a lot of lexus dealers actually use A toyota garages for servicing .... ie if you book a service at lexus Guildford your car goes next door to toyota Guildford but charged lexus prices.... but when i lived up north nearest lexus garage was over 200miles away so my local toyota garage serviced my car at there toyota prices and not the over inflated lexus prices...same oil same filters etc etc go figure 😂
  3. I got FULL service on my RCF for under £300 at my then local Toyota dealership when I live up the north east of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 only thing they didn’t do is change my air filter as I asked them not to due to new apexi filter just fitted
  4. I’m one of those deranged ppl 😉🤣🤣👍🏻
  5. Cairngorms in between Grantown-on-Spey and Aviemore, heading back home after visiting my kids whom I hadn’t seen since lockdown...extremely pleasurable 614ml trip on Monday just gone
  6. @rumz82I bought my apexi Smart accel controller from amber performance (uk) in Luton You need the controller and wiring harness.. was a 30min job to fit it, with the auto cancelling wire as well onto reverse light...stops you reversing at Mach 1 into a parking space 😂 unsure if it’s compatible with your is300h tho
  7. Mine are black now....painted them to match black on discs 👍🏻 Think I was £250 or there abouts for both pairs
  8. Fensport do the EIBACH spacers I’ve 15mm and 20mm
  9. Change of wheels due to a huge pothole, black ones are repairable, and will get them all refurbed Once this current situation clears, both sets are 20’’
  10. Saw this last year whilst I was looking to get a RC F.... and seeing as I had mine now for over a year and this hasn’t shifted does make you wonder....I believe it was 35k a year ago
  11. I’m classed as a key worker so get to blast my F every day (neighbours not happy as I leave at 02:20 every morning) and kinda hard to keep it quiet on a cold start with Armytrix system 🤣🤣 Ma bad
  12. I’ll be going, it’s also been mentioned on the LOC fb page and numerous members have shown a interest in going, hopefully will turn out to be a big meet, Certainly be good to meet up with members from main forum and FB page
  13. Saw the vid via the Lexus RC-F owners site 👍🏻 Nicccccce 😍
  14. Errr little bit higher in price for Armytrix think gthaus is roughly same price ... I was just shy of 5k