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  1. My cars to be featured on 3 of their different web sites and fb pages next week, as “car of the week” virtually everyone from company was out taking photos and vids whilst it was being tested out didnt half give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside 👍🏻
  2. 2x remotes and the obd11 Bluetooth dongle so I can operate system also via phone app and recieve info on how engine and other systems are performing
  3. All fitted now and over the moon with it
  4. I believe he may still have it, between the pair of us couldn’t find a courier to ship it up to the north east of Scotland , I ended up buying a new system, cezars on holiday at moment and due back nr end of month if you don’t get a reply that’ll be why 👍🏻
  5. I take those roads when delays on A1 but in a artic.... spend 3 days snowed in last year just a mile from Coldstream
  6. Sat on New 20’’ alloys, looks meaner 👍🏻
  7. New Carbon fibre Bonnet, spoiler and F grille badge
  8. Getting fitted Wednesday morning, so road trip 419miles south of my home location is plotted
  9. Bought more goodie..... armytrix exhaust system 👍🏻 just realised ive spent more on this car in the past 3wks than i did on my LS600HL and everything i did to my SC in all the time i owned them kids inheritance is dwindling now 😂😂😂😂😂
  10. Purchased a Armytrix system yesterday, hoping to get it fitted next week or week after, means a road trip from the north east scotland to Leeds area, but hayho any excuse for a long drive lol 😂
  11. 2 key fobs and a credit card fob (pic only shows 1 fob as my spare one in safe at home) credit card fob is always in my wallet and other fob in my pocket
  12. Not today but the other week i bought these for my car, just awaiting delivery van in the next week now
  13. mr2lad

    Seat belt

    This is why i just got the seat belt webbing changed due to the’ll be for the pretensioner system i changed from beige to red belts
  14. Its been proven and tested out that removing the cover is worse for the engine building heat up, big write up on a USA site, In May 2019, there was some debate on the Facebook group if this removal was a good idea or not. The counterargument was that the small opening would create a Venturi, which would actually help draw air out of the engine bay. I decided to run a test with a remote temperature sensor to get some data on this question. I did five runs on a sunny spring morning on the East Coast US with the hood temperature sensor mounted just aft of the scoop opening (see image above). The readout was then placed at the base of the driver's side A-pillar so I could observe the temperature as I was running. In addition to this hood sensor, I also used the built-in ambient air sensor of the car, and a separate hand held temperature/humidity monitor. After letting all three sensors settle overnight in my garage, I first took baseline readings on all three. I then drove for half hour to the test road to get all coolant and oil temps to the normal range. I then did a run with my standard configuration (no cover), then with the hood scoop taped shut (so non-functional scoop), and then next the stock configuration. I finally finished with two runs of the no cover configuration to see if conditions were consistent. All runs were done in S+ mode (so no Atkinson cycle), and at a sustained speed of 70 mph. The data is summarized below. Ambient (car sensor) Under Hood (wired sensor) Ambient (hand held sensor) Delta T Comment 73 75.1 73.9 2.1 Morning baseline reading 75 128.3 75 53.3 No cover 78 123.5 45.5 Scoop taped shut 81 129.8 48.8 Stock config 81 134.8 53.8 No cover 83 138.0 55.0 No cover (60 mph) All readings in F As you can see above, and to my surprise, the best reading was with the scoop taped shut. Now in full disclosure, there was a small opening as the tape pulled away from my paint (ceramic coated and waxed, so very slick). While driving, I could see the tape bulging out and up, indicating either lift from the air flow above, or positive pressure below. By the time I had stopped, there was a small opening pealed up. But the second surprise is how much worse the no-cover configuration was. It was a consistent 53F rise with the 70 mph runs and slightly worse at the lower 60mph speed run. Presumably , in the case of the latter, the lower speed meant lower air flow. In the light of this, I have put back my rain cover. It is possible that at even higher speeds, the stock configuration would win out over the no-scoop configuration. This result reminds me of the RR-Racing find that the stock intake is already very good. The only improvement they could justify was the intake diverter. Lexus must have done testing on the design already. As a final note, I have always liked seeing the blue intake runners when the hood is closed. I guess I will now have to unfortunately do without that.
  15. mr2lad

    Seat belt

    Was going to post up pics but neil’s vid basically covers it all 👍🏻