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  1. I’m classed as a key worker so get to blast my F every day (neighbours not happy as I leave at 02:20 every morning) and kinda hard to keep it quiet on a cold start with Armytrix system 🤣🤣 Ma bad
  2. I’ll be going, it’s also been mentioned on the LOC fb page and numerous members have shown a interest in going, hopefully will turn out to be a big meet, Certainly be good to meet up with members from main forum and FB page
  3. Saw the vid via the Lexus RC-F owners site 👍🏻 Nicccccce 😍
  4. Errr little bit higher in price for Armytrix think gthaus is roughly same price ... I was just shy of 5k
  5. Oh dear..... don’t think I’d be able to drive with the childish laughter and tears rolling down my face 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Ohh nice.... pics pics pics..... re exhausts... I’d suggest same as Cezars got GTHAUS or like I’ve got Armytrix both are valvetronic ie you can open and close exhaust valves to have quieter or LOUDER 😂😂 @Cezar B im moving to east Surrey on Saturday.... we need to meet and terrorise the neighbourhood with our systems 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. I have a few pics you could use...oh wait there in my “private collection” 😂😂😂😂😉❤️
  8. I have apexi on my RCF and YES makes a hell of a difference also have throttle control (don’t know what make) on SC and wouldn’t be without it now.... can’t remember last time I drove either without it switched on.....
  9. I’ll be heading over Friday but not returning till end of following week, ive got a few ex army mates living in Germany so good excuse to drive around and meet up with them again, and luckily a mate who only lives 30mins away from ring so accom sorted for that weekend...
  10. You there for the 24hr race 23/24 may.... I’m there also 👍🏻
  11. Completed a little road trip today 609.3mls from north east Scotland to east Surrey and returned a pretty good MPG figure, 29.1mpg not bad considering I was in sports + mode with throttle commander set high and valves open on exhaust system.. and wasn’t exactly hanging about
  12. Put the kettle on love 🥰

    1. mr2lad


      😍 will do darling who’s making you or me or shall we just join each other at kettle 😉😂😂🥰

    2. janey


      I think join at the kettle as I'm not racing, I'm enjoying 😉😘

    3. mr2lad


      Where are you it’s lonely stood at kettle 😂😂😂

  13. No modification needed ... and is indeed plug n play fits perfect from what I’ve seen on USA sites and recieved confirmation it fits uk models ie wiring etc...I had to ask them as had issues with us spec equipment not having same wiring in other Lexus’s I had in the past
  14. Fitting it myself....dead easy, this model of infotainment system is for 2015-2017