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  1. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Ps had both garage doors open on 2nd well ventilated this time unlike 1st time just cracking open a window 😂
  2. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Heads still buzzing 😂 did 2nd spray and will do a spray again in morning before i go away south in lorry so will take carpets back next weekend and then dye the little bit of carpet attached to front of seat at the company thats doing the rest of interior.....or see if they can delete that bit off seat and replace with leather...why the is carpet on seat is beyond me everything is coming along just fine so outcome should be great
  3. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Cleaned and started the dye process...1st coat done will need another 2 or 3 i reckon but way way better than beigggggggeee 😂
  4. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Starting to take shape, picked carpets up today and will clean and re dye them black tonight and tomorrow and get fitted back into car next week back seats leather all completed and just getting refitted back onto seats at mo
  5. Ive had my Ls600hL rsr for over 4yrs and im a long distance lorry driver and seen only 1 other LS600h (poverty spec 😂😂😂) in scarborough But do know 2 owners of my spec LS in stonehaven area aberdeenshire and other oldham area
  6. mr2lad

    Black beast

    @Neil E im hoping to turn this lemon of a car around, bought it for 10k but really was a 4-5k going by state of interior and bodged up semi respray, i know im going OTT with interior and respray but im refusing to lose face with this purchase, regardless of cost.... Throwing money away my mrs says... but its my money lol and if i dont spend it before i die she’ll only buy loads of shoes and handbags...
  7. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Dropped car off this morning with upholsterer..... and expecting it back in about 4 weeeks as hes away on holiday midway of doing it, but ok with that as its my 2nd car aka posing plaything lol will post pics once finished will be popping down to see car next week and will strip out carpet and take it away to clean and re dye in jet black to eventually match interior
  8. mr2lad

    In the market for a SC

    I alway said after my black gs450h id never buy a black car again also said when I had a LS400 id never get a car with light interior again and like a pure plum i bought a black SC with beige interior 😂 and now spending thousands changing it lol
  9. mr2lad

    In the market for a SC

    Black interior in my opinion is best.... hence my SC is away in morning to get fully retrimmed/ upholstered in black leather but with blood red inserts.... currently beige which i detest tell ya what you buy the silver one and ill swap you interior hahahahaha
  10. mr2lad

    In the market for a SC

    This isnt the one on ex police force car sales is it..... if so its not a facelift
  11. mr2lad

    In the market for a SC

    Road tax for pre face lifts 01-55 £315 Road tax for 55 facelift £315 Road tax for 06 -09 facelifts is £555 Facelifts came out in 55 regs and earlier facelifts in 55 still qualified for the lower tax the change over in price for road tax changed late in 55 regs hence some are 315 and others 555
  12. Lol ...get doors done one week wings the next then bumpers then bonnet following week then roof.... = full respray at end of a couple of months
  13. That’s cheap... im getting my SC done up, its away a week tomorrow to get interior full colour change and upholstered in two toned leather then away to get resprayed ... not a colour change, same colour, just want it looking as good as new interior cost of re trim is 2500 and respray 4000, ps thats 4K for cash so no vat would be interesting to see how much it would be for LS to be resprayed (doesnt need it but just out of interest)
  14. mr2lad

    Black beast

    @Eame64 very similar Eamonn 👍
  15. mr2lad

    Black beast

    @Big Rat to late me and the kerb have met on two occasions but luckily JUST and was only paint damage, so touched up and cant see it im also currently awaiting a trade in price for my LS600hL with RSR for a RCF, but aint letting it go cheap as its minted full lexus history and a mear 45k on clock on a 09plate ps i said years ago when i had a LS400 id never go beige interior again i also said after my black gs450h i never go black again and like a prize plum i bought a black SC with beige leather 🤪🤪 go figure that out lol