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  1. I had one of those little fkrs on a newish tyre only had a max of 1000miles on it, It was unrepairable as to near the tyre wall, i dont repair tyres regardless of age mileage on this car, as i do long enthusiastically drives 😂 hadn’t lost any air just noticed it whilst cleaning car I was 620miles from home and it was a friday afternoon prior to my drive home on the Saturday contacted all tyre places locally but non had my tyre size till the following Tuesday, (aftermarket bigger alloys hence awkward non stocked tyres ) so let the tyre down and filled it with tyre weld and drove home with numerous stops to check visually along with constantly looking at tpms screen, luckily didnt loose any pressure on journey home and 3days later a tyre I’d ordered from Germany online arrived at house and fitted next day 👍🏻
  2. To much pornhub makes you miss and misread things…….. so I’m told 😏🤣
  3. He’s already mentioned hes tried the glove button in his post
  4. That’s who i ordered these from, not LPD fault as they are basically middleman and at no point had these in there possession, they ordered them to be delivered to my address obviously they are concerned as other ppl have ordered these from them as well, i know of one of the guys who’s got one of these on order, so be interesting to see how his one turns out like
  5. To all prospective purchasers on this item, please be aware they need a bit of adjustment to fit perfect, and if you do buy these give them a good look at as mine had flaws and damage, still awaiting to hear back about this from company who ordered these for me via artisan in japan…. As they not happy either re the adjustment to product it will be tricky as need to shave a bit off and could all go tits up if carbon weave gets affected…. Certainly not worth £720 looks wise yeah brilliant…. if it where to fit right was going to order more parts but this has made my mind up not too unless they come back and resolve my issues PDQ dont fit flush and 7 different flaws …between scratches on clear coat and flaws under clear coating, so cant blame the packaging or shipping delivery ppl…. Faults lay solely on manufacturers doorstep
  6. Will be posting my review on the artisan spirit item i bought recently later this week…. 👎🏻
  7. I do loads of mileage and on long runs ie motorways dual carriageways i get a average between 30-35 mpg in and around town 17-19mpg on half decent runs out of town mix of dual and single roads 24-26….. i will say this to everyone …if your concerned on mpg/fuel cost..dont be looking at any F or V8, these are cars that will drink fuel like a alcoholic if pottering around town/city streets, past 2 1/2 of my RCF ownership I’ve done over 40k with this car, worse mpg I’ve ever had pottering around locally was 16mpg best mpg was 35.6 on a 614ml journey mainly motorway/dual 340miles on average per tank on long journeys
  8. As mentioned prior , once you own one be prepared to spent lots of time explaining to ppl what it is… nearly 3 yrs into ownership and I’m still explaining to ppl what it is 👍🏻 ohh and wash and polish it more times than I bath or shower🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I came from a LS600HL to a RCF and still to this day look back numerous times after I leave car… best motor I’ve ever owned rear seatings not too great for passengers on long journeys but I hate passengers so don’t take any 😂 thes buses n taxis for them these are my only rear seat passengers 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Oh forgot… I bought them from RR racing 🇺🇸 Around $85 plus customs charges and p/p
  10. These aren’t wrapped… carbon fibre F logo which I then changed n added different backings and inserts IMO the wrap/stickers look cheap n nasty
  11. Especially if its immaculate, 👍🏻
  12. You’ve advertised it as immaculate but have posts requiring help on numerous issues …so not immaculate
  13. He’s nowing selling it and advertised it as immaculate 🤦🏼‍♂️ something smells fishy here
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