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  1. mr2lad

    Some nice Soarers for sale.

    My little beauty a few years back.... loved it 4.0 V8 GT limited
  2. mr2lad

    new member in Spain

    I had problems with my SC’s battery going flat and thought the same, so disconnected them but following week battery flat again, was told to switch stereo off prior to parking up as amp will still be live and drawing a current if you leave it on and switch ignition off... not had a flat battery since
  3. mr2lad

    SC430 modification and maintenance

    My next biggest job on my SC is a complete respray but will be staying with same colour “black” maybe with bit of a sparkle tho in it as just normal black is costing me 4K so might as well spend a bit more for something different which sticks out slightly from the norm too much peeheeing around to do a colour change ie door shuts under bonnet and boot.... your silver in my opinion is the best colour, i have that colour on my LS agree with you about covering plastic dash and other bits of trim 👍🏻...hmmmm next job to do after respray lol
  4. Was i..... and cost of leather seat base with intrigated heater element would of been £1350 plus vat had it not of been covered by extended warranty i had...on the LS600hL. And most likely other LSs and other models the leather and heater element are intrigated together and aren’t separate hence the price,,,, and indeed ended up being a £10-20 relay that was at fault
  5. mr2lad

    Wheel Caps - Future Collectors

    Re the battery drainage, i had similar problem and has been suggested to switch stereo off PRIOR to parking up as amp stays on and drains battery,..... never had a flat battery since and cars left for a week or two, whilst i am away working,
  6. What’s wrong with yours ive the same 09 rsr but just a mear 48k miles on clock 👍🏻
  7. mr2lad

    Black beast

    So..... so far i have DE-beiged,DE-wooded and now in process of DE-chroming 😆 rear L badge carbon wrapped with 3m 4D high gloss carbon wrap
  8. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Wrapping finished and double din system installed, still to decide what im doing with gear select silver surround as badly scratched bottom pic is how it looked before i started changing things
  9. mr2lad

    Black beast

    All wood trim now completly carbon wrapped, plus new touch screen double din stereo with beatsonic interface all ready to be fitted later on tomorrow (today) then thats it for a wee while before i change something else lol
  10. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Recovered the bit of carpet on front base of seat to leather this morning...
  11. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Yep 6 x 10mm and 2 x screws to remove sat nav and stereo everything else on dash is pull off
  12. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Im a expert at door trim removal now, and will be coming off again when i get windows retinted.... doing things arse about tit as guy thats doing wrap will be doing tints as well but id already stripped everything out when he said oh i could tint your windows as well...bugger lol will wait till ive attached all unplugged things then drive down to his in new year and get tints done
  13. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Stripped all wood panel trims out and taking them to a proffesional to cover, little mistakes on bits i did are doing my nut in so someone else can do them lol and will travel to guys business in luxury rather than boot of LS lol
  14. mr2lad

    Black beast

    Little bit of trim wrapping today, still got dash n centre console bits to do, but work n family commitments are hindering me (damned pesky children 😂) Ps will have to strip and re wrap passenger side as carbon effect is going opposite direction to other side and my OCD is killing me 😆
  15. I have the luxury of having a whisper quiet V8 LS600hL and the roar of a 3rd cat deleted custom stainless steel exhaust on my V8 SC430 neighbours never hear me coming or going in the LS but wake the whole village up in the SC 😂