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  1. Hi everyone, My local Lexus Dealer (Southend) has closed so I took my 18 month old RX350 to Lexus Woodford when someone drove into it a few weeks ago. The body shop did an amazing job and it's just come back as good as new. I was very impressed with the service at Woodford. Whilst the car was in I asked the dealer to look at an oil leak that I had noticed. I was getting a slight drip from under the car every now and then. I've been told that the "Timing Cover" needs "resealing" and that the entire engine has to come out!! I was shocked. I'm on my 4th Lexus and they have always been *totally* reliable. I'm sure Woodford will do a great job and they have booked me an RX loan car whilst the work is done. It could take up to 2 weeks! Has anyone ever had this problem before? I'm a little concerned and am wondering if I might trade it in a little earlier if the car is going to start causing me problems. At the very least, I'm going to be getting an extended warranty if I keep it longer than 3 years! Regards, Neil.
  2. Well, got my first service done. Usual Lexus quality of service. At a price though. £272.00
  3. Hi All, My RX350 SE MM is nearly a year old. I have booked it in with my local stealer and have been quoted £273.00 for it's first service. Does anyone know how that compares? Does anyone have the details of standard main dealer servicing costs for an RX350 for years 1 - 5?? Thanks.
  4. I've just bought a new '07 RX-350. Can anyone tell me if those wheels corrode as well? Surelly not?? It's a 40k car! The sales droid never mentioned that the wheels would go rotten... gulp...
  5. My RX350 that I bought 2 weeks ago is now going to cost me £300 :-) The point is though, that I'm not likely to go and sell it just as road tax has gone up. If the tax continues to rise, I'm still not going to sell it as it'll be almost worthless for me to sell. The only way I'll stop buying the car I want (a Lexus) is when Lexus shut up shop and go back to Japan because they can't sell a car in the UK as it £2k to tax !!
  6. I picked up my new RX 350 on March 10th. The tax disc said £210 on it. I think it'll rise to £300 next year if I read the VED website correctly. Oh well, it'd have to go up to *at least* a grand before I'd think about getting rid of it - and even then the car would be worth jack all so I'd probably still keep it !!
  7. Spooky - I live in Langdon Hills - just the otherside of the railway track :-)
  8. Boy do I miss my BLUE IS200.......... Lexus Southend now have it up for sale... I've not driven my RX350 since last weekend when I collected it - the wifey has been enjoying it!!
  9. Anybody know if the 2007 RX 350 suffers from the dredded 'wheel rot' problem... ? I thought I'd got away from the problem moving from an IS to an RX until I read this!!
  10. Was sickened to see the computer saying 10mpg when I picked up my new RX 350 last Saturday!! A weekend of driving like a nun moved the figure up to 19mpg! Anyone know when a RX 350 should be fully run in and giving it's best fuel wise? Says "do not exceed 4000 rpm for the 1st 1200 miles" in the book...
  11. I have a car seat :) I am also picking up an new RX 350 tomorrow :) You can be sure though that I can't stand those ******ers that dent car doors!!! I'm ultra ultra careful when getting my 4 month old son out of our car - and will continue to do so even when I'm a 4x4 owner :o I do park as far away as possible in tescos car park though! and I have been known *very* rarely to park across 2 spaces...
  12. I've just ordered my 4th Lexus - an RX 350. My wife and I looked at several other cars including an Audi A6 Avant. The Audi sales guy was nice enough but made no effort whatsoever to get even within a country mile of the deal my local Lexus outfit were offering. They took the ***** on the trade in offering a paltry amount of cash. Lexus offered £5k more than the Audi dealer on my trade in! They then did a storming deal on the list price and made me feel like a valued customer and valued my repeat business. There's no doubt that if the RX is as good as my 3 previous IS's I'll be going back in 3 or 4 years... The Audi dealer didn't make me feel like a potenital customer. It was just 'take it or leave it' - so I left it!
  13. Picking up my new RX 350 SE MM on Saturday. Will be well pleased if I get anything like these MPG figures!!
  14. Reckon I should be okay then. This is the 4th car I've bought from them and I have no reason not to think they're on the level. They're a top bunch and have done me a corking deal...
  15. Out of interest... does anybody know if I get voice recognition with the RX 350 SE MM ? Just noticed it on the "Technology Explorer" section of the Lexus website. The car I am getting was "in stock". That's why I can collect it this coming Saturday. The sales guy told me that they ordered in 2 extra cars to meet their targts. They were not pre-registered, so I will be the first owner. I'm wondering how I can tell that the car is a 2007 model year? Are there any differences I should be looking for? I trust the dealer, but just wondered!!