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  1. Sorry I have got that wrong the switches are all individually lit and the bulb part number for the heated seats and vsc is toyota 84999-10650
  2. The bulb listed for that use is probably the headlamp washer switch bulb the vsc switch and the seat heater switches are all one rear mounting and the bulb probably serves them all through a tunnel affect as there are no other bulbs shown or listed for the vsc and seat heater switches. Part number 84150E this bulb fits most toyota vehicles and can be bought from a toyota dealership part number 84999-10320. I have just bought a set of crush washers for my diff oil change from Toyota in Preston and the Parts Guy actually dropped them off at my door as he lived nearby.Lexus dealership
  3. These are the cuts I had to do through the retaining clip that holds the ball in place it is impossible to get these clips out with any tools .
  4. If I remember correctly the ball end on your existing struts will have to be cut across to release the fastening best to do this with the strut in a vice unscrew the fastening from the car first. Screw the ball end to the car and the new struts just clip on.
  5. Remove the satnav drive from the boot and put in your airing cupboard for a few days do not be to aggressive in drying this unit out.
  6. I Have 40 years background in the construction industry and a good part of it was in the scaffolding industry started as a labourer and worked my way up to a contracts manager for one of the then big six nationals there were no one man bands working from the back of a wagon in the sixties when I started and the big six monopolised the industry and everyone who worked for them was cards in. I had just been promoted to a supervisor coming off the tools as the HSE came into being and most of the staff in the HSE were academics with no practical experience and were using a bible they had conc
  7. I bought two bonnet struts off ebay three years ago and they were from china £25 the pair and they still work great. The technology in one of these items is not rocket science and the manufacturing of most worldwide are chinese companies.
  8. Everyone is their own safety officer and at the end of the day that decision is yours not your Manager's,keep safe.
  9. Had some strange happenings last week when we went to the supermarket on our early morning weekly shop.We live on a quiet road with an hairpin with full view of opposing traffic (there was none) at the top end so I thought I would have some fun on the ice that had formed overnight.As I drove into the corner I dabbed the throttle and the back end went for a walk the trac came into play and the beeper went off on one as well as the wife who also made some noises but not a nice as the beeper. A possible consequence of a first on this car is my entertainment and navigation refused to work fr
  10. Thanks for that will look into getting mine insured for agreed values next year, does it have to be with a classic car insurer?
  11. I would be interested to know what that valuation cost you in extra premium.
  12. Next to mine in condition but mine as done only 46k miles if that price is realistic I am making more than I paid for mine 8 years ago. Mine was a demonstrator for its first year then one owner for 13 years before I bought it so very alike histories.
  13. I have just entered my Reg and it states the vehicle does not comply with ULEZ and will invoke a £12.50 per day charge but wait I have some great news it is Lez compliant so misses that charge .But guess what I have not been able to get out of the house because of covid so thats is tne only good thing about this awful virus you don't get charged for owning a bit of comforting luxury.
  14. The petrol guzzling is not the criteria for the compliance it is the pollution that the boffins think a 4litre engine produces .The irony is that this engine meets the strictest parameters in the world as depicted by California back in the 1990s.and is less polluting than some engines half its size.
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