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  1. I dont think it was the timing belt as the 460 as a chain the liklehood it was the serpentine belt which drives all the ancillaries power steering pump and alternator. To get at the timing chain is a major job in the workshop and on the 460 unlike the 400 and 430 it does not drive the water pump this I think is the job of the serpentine belt hence the overheating. It may well be a siezed water pump or it could be one of the tensioner pulleys that's failed or least hassle of all a failed serpentine belt. Anyway it won't be as costly as my timing belt failure caused by a siezed water pump on my Mark 1 yonks ago.
  2. Looking at the catch mechanism I suspect there is no adjustment, the cabin end is a slot in cable with a crimped stop that settles in the Nylon funnel. The cable at sometime as got frozen in its outer or the mechanism for the bonnet fastening as been stuck with gunge and the stress of pulling on the leaver as pulled the end down the nylon funnel therefore taking the tension out of the cable. I suspect the only solution is a new cable and indeed a new cable attachment part in the cabin if it is a seperate part to the lever.
  3. The very word "Hack" fills me with terror , do not use brute force and ignorance check diagamatic blow ups of installation check the US forum and if all else fails train a squirrel to get in and pull the catch.
  4. Having followed this topic from the start can I just say that you are doing a remarkable review and refix of 1993 Lexus tech your dedication to the cause of this classic is admirable please carry on and I hope the other long term members of this forum appreciate your endeavours.
  5. Paul You are being a bit more than cheeky the car is a good example of a LS400 and if you look at the going rate for top examples like mine I reckon 1700 would have got you this car .The mark 4 was the last and best and they are not getting anymore plentiful as people recognise that . I think you missed a trick there but if you are mentioning BMW or other marques do really want a Lexus?
  6. Makes me smile, mine as done 42k and is as nice but it as been out in the rain and I find it difficult to believe the one in the ad has'nt. As for getting the asking price the last example went for 10k so they are appreciating in price, if kept nice with low mileage.
  7. Someone posted a thread couple of weeks ago regarding the satnav and it turned out to be a simple fix .took out the satnav disc in the boot and reinserted it and problem was solved. The motor needs checking on the washers get someone to operate them whilst you listen at the front of the car if the there is no sound it is probably the motor circuit check the fuses before you start delving in the washer bottle.
  8. Tim Yes those are the DHP wheels issued with the Mark 4 the centre caps could be hard to find here in the uk but there are online options in Japan.
  9. Frank You start by removing the steering column enclosures top and bottom section this will reveal screw heads for the upper part of ths facia the screws that release the bottom part above the footwell are located in the panel pointing upwards in several locations. Google LS400 interior parts diagrams and search for diagramatic blow ups for info on secure fastening points
  10. This sounds like a dry solder joint on the power pcb and unless you are a expert in this type of technology, unfixable.What basically happens is the dry joint breaks the circuit on the slightest vibration and causes a momentary loss of continuity in the power circuit causing a reboot of the system. The fix would require a strip out of the audio system and a trace using sophisticated electronics equipment.
  11. Unlikely to be any good if you do get it off ,the correct way to remove it is a bearing puller and if you have been braying it with hammers and pry bars it will be wrecked even though it may look ok .
  12. Unfortunatey batteries are only good for three years these days The average for most car batteries is 36 months and can be a lot less if used on a vehicle doing constant stop and start ,ie delivery vehicles. My first Lexus a 1990 400 the original factory fit was on the car for ten years and one cell failed at the tenth year but even then with a trickle charge it would run the car. The price of a replacement at that time from Lexus was £200 and this is why they now only last a third of the time of the original they are a third of the price so It is cost effective to replace them when they start to fail.
  13. Alex The AC will increase revs to about 800rpm the tickover on the LS400 is around 650 so the reaction you are getting is likely due to excessive revs being called for by the compressor. Check what the revs are when the AC starts and stops. The early model ls400 up to 98 had a compressor that stopped and started as the pressure peaked and waned so this caused fluctuations in revs when driving and was noticable but not to a level you descibe. The Mark 4 was fitted with a new type of compressor which runs continuely and monitors the peaks and troughs of pressure required.
  14. The example is a superb enhancement and there are lots of Japanese owners who have done some fabulous upgrades of early Celsiors but the drift example is a dogs dinner in the extreme and the person who did it should be prosecuted for cruelty to a Lexus LS400 and banned from ever owning one again.