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  1. ambermarine

    Brake Pad Question

    There is as Ben says a large amount of co-operation and grouping of assets in Japan in terms of knowledge and shared values, no wasting energy on fighting the opposition use it to each others advantage. Its a pity we do not use the same logic in the UK ,The number of people I have seen over the years thrown on the industrial scrapheap to salve some assets stripper 's ego and derelict factories gone to the wall because of the enemy syndrome drilled into business executives. I once worked for major scaffolding group that was sold off by its parent group as a non core participant, I suffered redundancy before the event to make the company look lean and nimble on its salary expenditure and the purchasing company paid everybody off after they took over ,no intention of partying, we were the former enemy. Anyway they did me a favour I moved into another industry invented a new product which made me enough in five years to retire at fifty. The dog eat dog attitude of the UK industrial field as more losers than the Japanese philosophy
  2. ambermarine

    Brake Pad Question

    The interesting part of this topic thrown up by Pete's question is the Sumitomo brake element. The company is actually a subsidary of Sumitomo Electrics a company that is part of the Sumitomo group a massive conglomerate that operates in commodities Banking and trading in a multitude of disciplines. The Sumitono braking subsidary partnered with Aisin, Denso and Toyota in 2001 to form Advics a tier one supplier to the automotive industry in the development of electronic braking systems. To those members who used Falken tyres they were made by the Sumitomo tyre company as well as other makes unfamiliar to us in the UK. The Toyota pads that you get when ordering Lexus brake parts will still be turned out by the Sumitimo factory in my opinion. But the brand name I think as disappeared and will now be Advic's on subsequent models
  3. ambermarine

    Brake Pad Question

    Hi Pete Just an update the correct spelling is Sumitomo and they were fitted 95 to 2000 on the LS400
  4. ambermarine

    Brake Pad Question

    Hi Pete According to research the USA LS400 and 430 were fitted with Akebono ceramic brake pads, as the Ls was imported complete into the US I presume the factory fit was for all exports including the UK. Although the original brake pads I took off my rear calipers were Shunitomo and the calipers were there may be some regional preferences depending on vehicle usage.
  5. The original LS circa 89 was lambasted for being plain and underwhelming in the cabin the upholstery was received with praise but not that much in the US as leather was an option and expensive .I am of the view that as the exterior of the present array of luxury marques is reaching the same evolutionary mode designers are moving inside to enhance the appeal of the high end market taking life style of prospective purchasers into the mix. The interior is fabulous but much too busy for my liking and is a tad overwhelming visually and is starting to go down the road of the 80s Crown from a bling point of view.
  6. Hi Malc you were going from the wrong cardinal point. The motorway south in Scotland is a delight to drive on and traffic density is a tenth of that in the areas you drove through even in week day traffic.
  7. According to the original seller they quoted the original owners as the construction company we are discussing ,it is not uncommon for prestige vehicles to be owned outright instead of leasing to enable in house upkeep by their own plant facilities avoiding dealership costs,we used to buy our vehicles outright for the same reasons. Obviously the stamp in the service record cannot be applied but a service record will be held by the company's plant department.
  8. Sir Robert Mcalpine is the name of the company and he died a long time ago, Sir William is one of his descendants,do your homework before you post.
  9. With regard to the full service history I have already posted the reasons probable for the ommision and to be honest at the sale price its really not an issue. The car was probably the chauffeur driven chief execs car and the video showing is one of the Mcalpine's at a steam rally as the family are large contributors to such undertakings ,Sir William Mcalpine died in March this year. If I were in the market for a 600 I would probably have bought it myself but it is a car that one needs to sit in the back of and I cannot for the life in me get the wife to wear a chauffeurs hat.
  10. I found the best way to get at the oil filter on the driveway is remove the wheel then two bolts that are on the flap.
  11. The bolts that fasten on the shield tend to corrode and seize up, they then snap leaving the thread trapped in the bracket which unless drilled out makes it difficult to refasten . The last time my shield came off for the front wheel allingment to be given attention it came back with cable ties fastening two of the now broken front bolts.
  12. The cost of replacing the head unit complete from Lexus is £5000 +vat , I got one on Ebay as soon as I bought my 98 model as I saw this a major component due to its multi roll in the scheme of the electronics. It would be better to source a replacement unit from a breaker and you are about right on your estimate,the messing about trying to sort out the alternative scenarios you describe are onerous and likely to be a nightmare in execution. The code for the radio is likely to be an issue if you acquire a breaker replacement but there is a switch dance that reverts the unit back to factory settings.
  13. It is just the way of things,the car looks mostly recycled already and the don't last forever, it may have been written off by insurance or Mot something we have no control over, makes the preventative measures I recently took on my Mark 4 all that more important.
  14. The Mark 4 is twenty years old in November and I have just done a clean and refurb of the wheels as a birthday treat,see pics The wheel wells were scrubbed clean and sprayed with new underseal and the suspension hardware arms were coated with protective corrosion resistor, the static beams and fixings coated with a slight film of sprayed underseal ,this prevents atmospheric corrosion.The rest of the under floor is rust free as it was like new factory finish. I did the underside with Dinitrol 6 years ago when I bought the car and it was a good move as the area around the diff and above is still corrosion free.
  15. Service schedule says 30k but I ran my Mark 1 to 150k before changing it ,if it is pink and does'nt smell burnt leave it alone.