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  1. I have never liked the spindle grill on the Lexus range and they are now starting to look like a panel van front, no style and as stylish as a kerb edge.
  2. Looking at that difference in the two shades it would be impossible to get an exact match if that is the best they can achieve from your sample. My mate in Scotland who is a upholsterer and leather technician once told me it is only possible to match these colours on the actual material in situ and anyone trying otherwise is groping in the dark.
  3. Sorry Phil you missed the earlier post "warm welcome" and your parcel delivery man. this was a reply to Mike.
  4. Hi Howard Use the 7zap site to identify your part number go to the" meter " section for the series of the cars you are viewing and you will be able to see the differences in the drawings .
  5. If you are searching for part numbers on search engines of any type you need all the part number the part number you are quoting is the master number for that specific location of the part say a front fender the various parts that make up the fender will have 10 digit part numbers example 47781-50010.
  6. You need to register to gain the garage app. you could google those part numbers and obtain suppliers that way I did that as part of my research and the shields came in around £25 each.
  7. Hi everyone whatever your model ,I have whilst browsing the copart fans forum a new to me parts sourcing website. This site actually uses original manufacturers part number lists and diagrams which is priceless when identifying the exact part you need. If you sign up to the garage proviso all you need to do to get the best price worldwide is to first identify the part number on the vehicle put in your vin number and they find the correct part at the best price and availability. I have checked out some of the prices and the variance is surprising and these are mostly genuine OEM parts. The site is www
  8. Hi Paul The first LS 400s in the uk had no options, the offer was an all up full specification my 1990 mark 1 was the 65th car to be imported and according to my Toyota / Lexus dealership as they were up to the late 90s that specification was exclusive to the UK. I think there were several reasons for not offering more options the main one was the dealership set up and why they eventually forced a exclusive Lexus dealership on the franchisees' .
  9. The situation means your items are sat on a shelf waiting for a guy or gal to get around to checking them over for any kind of contraband , if the declaration by Rockauto checks out you will get them eventually, how long it takes depends on which side of the bed that guy or gal got out on.
  10. I gained the shots from copart internationals website of salvage vehicles and this one was wrecked in the UAE. I think we will have to get VAR to sort out who's offside.
  11. Here we have a bad rear ender that hopefully the occupants were not in situ but it shows how well any one in the cabin would have been protected.
  12. Yes it is a terrific example and would imagine those miles are motorway cruising being a company car. The belt change is recommended at 10 years if that comes first. The leather will come up really nice with a professional clean and feed the paint looks good so its a keeper ,can only go up in price from here in. This was mine for 17 years.