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  1. I have stated my case and stand by what I have said.
  2. Cannot understand your point The Lexus ls400 is a luxury sedan with a 4 litre V8 engine with a uncomplicated drive system that as plenty of torque designed to get you up to a safe speed in the shortest most fuel efficient way possible. Your video example shows exactly the opposite a tyre screech at the start heavy acceleration burning gallons of fuel and for what to beat that boy racer I mentioned earlier. The thrust of my reason for not redlining the tacho is that the speed limit is likely to be broken lets agree to disagree.
  3. You are not being practical The first gear slot is for special circumstances ,why would you redline a tacho when trying to drive slowly.Rocket science by the way is pretty straight forward.
  4. I don't think I have ever red lined either of My 400s ,in any gear the car would be breaking the speed limit.I can,t agree with you as the car is an automatic by the time you have redlined the tacho in normal gear increments in any gear you will have gone past 70mph. The ls400 is well capable of 70mph in 2nd gear and is only doing 1950 rpm in top at 70mph or are you just revving it up at the lights when a boy racer turns up.
  5. I don't think I have ever red lined either of My 400s ,in any gear the car would be breaking the speed limit.
  6. Phil Check around the covers on the camshafts, the seal on the Vti camshaft seems to be a suspect that did'nt occur on the earlier non Vti engine.
  7. Hi Mark There is a site online "Febest Autoparts" that quotes that part as TGB-JZS160 to fit Toyota and others it is listed as a fit for all the 430s Comes in at 12 euros and free shipping within Europe and the UK.
  8. Update Received quote for the part this morning and it is available at a fraction of the cost of a UK sourced replacement.
  9. Welcome to the forum George That is a nice looking example and you are obviously clued up to the techs of these wonderful cars if you need any advice or guidance this forum as it all both in members experience and archive material. Enjoy your gem.
  10. Tinonline I have sourced what I can only find as the cheapest OEM supplier and that is this is a genuine oem car parts supplier and the tie rod ends part no 43330-59045 come in at $73 each unshipped and untaxed or dutied. You will need to source the reference chain to a similar year Celsior on their site as the Lexus does not show until after 2000 which is when it was first marketed as Lexus in Japan I have an inquiry in to source a filter box sub assembly for my car which I need and they are the only company I have found who will supply that part the rest want to supply the whole unit which I don't need and that whole unit is £500 unshipped. The reason I am stating this unrelated event is to show the value in searching the world wide web constantly.
  11. There are cheaper alternatives out there but buying from the states or Japan OEM parts will not save you much after import duties vat and shipping as the pound is weak . I agree with other members do not risk cheap parts on a serious if not the most serious part of the car. Go back to other dealers in the UK and try to get a bit off but don't bank on much as they are getting them from Japan by air freight so they are paying top dollar for shipping.
  12. Peter Bank transfers are the most common type of bank transaction after direct debit usually used for paying for services Plumber, decorator ,etc ,the payer is the only one to get the bank details and to that end is safe from scamming ,the only danger is with this type of transaction , paying into the wrong account .
  13. Seems to me they can make money without selling the car on ebay and the scabbier it is the more likely it will be declined so that may be a new scam that as been devised. Keep looking I bought my Mark 4 on ebay and it was as described so the there are genuine sellers.
  14. Todays jobs

    The gas struts a on all cars eventually fail the those on my car work ok when the engine is hot and I have a adjustable aluminum boat hook which I use in the garage when fettling the servicing .
  15. Sorry Graham but we will have to agree to disagree my LS400 Mark 1 was holding its original plate for the first 6 years of its life then for 14 years my personal plate was on it , when I sold it it reverted to its original plate. My mark 4 had its original plate up to me applying my personal plate when that plate is put on the MOT site the only history is for my plate if I put in its initial plate it comes up as unregistered.