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  1. I have now dug out the archive and it was the tool made for extracting the hub bush, it is made from I think either a short piece of scaffold tube or a lesser diameter piece of tubing of that gauge and the nuts threaded rod and a big cupped washer shown in the pics. then just wind the silver nut until the bush come into the tube,neither bush sleeve came out but seperated from the rubber The dremel sawzill was used to cut through the sleeve of the bush when it seperated from the rubber. The tool was then used to push the new bushes in with plenty of lubricant
  2. I made a bush extractor for the removal of the trailing arm bushes from a piece of threaded rod and several washers and three nuts. There is a pic of it in the archives under trailing arm bush removal or renewal .
  3. Hi Roger I need to correct you the VSC system was introduced on the LS400 mark 4 and can be turned on and off.
  4. Alan Snow mode was an application that set the gearbox in a fixed low gear this was to stop the wheels spinning it was not much use as the car tended to slide around with no steering control and the abs would interfere with the stopping effect of the brakes the abs could not be turned off on the early models that came in later with vsc.
  5. Sounds like a chauffer driven car and most of the miles will be motorway.
  6. The answer to that is the UCA front on the LS400 is non servicable and new bushes cannot be bought and even if they could there is no way of inserting them. I had the problem on My Mark 1 of worn top hub connection bush and after much research and trying second hand from the states gave up and purchased them from Lexus. Reports on this forum suggest aftermarket refurbed units failed after short lives. The trailing arm bushes on the rear are servicable and I did a photo topic which is in the archives on that project I even made my own extraction tool and that was a succesful outcome.
  7. Interesting info as this part is not quoted as a replacement on any brake suppliers sites but is by Lexus .Lexus spacer.pdfLexus spacer.pdfLexus spacer.pdfLexus spacer.pdf
  8. You will probably end up with a requirement for a Auto electricians input as the wiring diagram for these cars are very difficult to source unless you are prepared to shell out for the Lexus LS400 manual (electrical).If you have tested everything at source and the problem is now in the electrical innards of the car it is going to be very difficult to find the fault without a illimination programme of possible causes.
  9. My attitude and input as helped a lot of members over fifteen years on this forum and also contributed to a lot of solutions to problems the last person to call my car a barge is now regretting it because he had just bought a BMW and that coined the phrase "box made for #ankers". just saying.
  10. Reffering to the Lexus LS400 as an old Barge is sure to make you lots of friends on this forum think carefully what you write.
  11. The consensus of advice on airbags is not to mess with them in any way they are lethal outside of their safe environment and proper insallation . The liklehood of you getting anyone at a dealership or independant to mess with this scenario is zero so my take on it is put your old seat back in and stay safe.
  12. The alternator should output around 14.3v to battery with no load if you are dropping to 11 volts with ancillaries on there is a fault with one of them either a bad ground or a faulty circuit within a individual unit. connect a voltmeter on the postive and negative poles of the battery and check the drop in voltage as each ancillary is switched on another other check is to connect a wire from your alternator ground connection to the engine to make sure your ground connection is ok check the voltage at the battery when you have this connection in place. The battery will be reading around 11.5 volts when all your ancillaries are on as none of the power from the alternator will be charging it and some load will be taken from it.
  13. Hi Guys Check this out and if you have a pre 98 Lexus you can't use E10 Lexus say ,a 2006 LS 460 version is also suspect as well as some other models that are not LS. ACEA_E10_compatibility.pdf
  14. Looks like they are part of the retaining spring and pin mechanism and should be imovable, looks like an exchange is called for as it is unlikely those parts are available.