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  1. You are correct the box just controls the operation the removal of the steering column shroud behind the wheel and the bottom panel in the footwell is easy just a series of screws.
  2. They have two motors one retracts and one swivels the column and there is a post on the US site that deals with the issue ,if I recollect correctly the issue was gunged up worm drive and the introduction of a home made spacer so the gear engaged properly.
  3. The key fob should work at least up to six metres distant from the car depending on what orientation to the front you are . That is the alarm immobiliser the ignition immobiliser may only work within the cabin of the vehicle for safety reasons.
  4. The coaxial cable was fitted in the factory with the rest of the wiring looms so that if the customer wanted a phone the phone installer would not be tearing apart a brand new Lexus ,the phones were an option and probably less than 20% of new 400's had them fitted.
  5. The coaxial was standard factory fit in the boot for a phone transceiver which was usually fitted at the dealership. It was fitted to the right side on the Mark 4 because the left side was taken up by the disc player for the satnav and as we know the mark 3 did not have satnav.
  6. There are a multitude of different sealant you could use any sealant you apply may have to come off again should you need to replace the windscreen . Sikaflex make a marine grade black sealant that is waterproof and is under a tenner Reference ; Sikaflex 291i .
  7. I went for that same colour and 98 year the colour was not my first choice but the car was mint and only 20k miles,I have had it eight years now and it is superb and as given me little or no problem and is still mint far better in every way than my mark 1.
  8. The issue with applying anything to the threads of spark plugs is the non design factor it as never entered the field of design to do this, so all sorts of factors are introduced outside of the design and use of them. If it was done in a warranty period the warranty would be voided whatever the basis of the claim because the insurance company would invoke non design practice . The possibility of the spark plug insulation separating when extraction is attempted could lead to issues because ot he thermal differences being outside the manufacturers design due to grease being present and subsequent locking up,Loctite is designed to lock up the threads by solidifying, baked grease as a similar effect. Some times we tend to over think the requirements of components and their operation with regards to the spark plug just screw it in and leave it to do its job.
  9. Malc I was going to post this but left it to your superior knowledge ,no It is not a reported catastrophe on this forum as long as I have been on it.
  10. Use a turkey baster or a big syringe put the same in as you take out four or five times until the fluid goes pink or as near to pink as it will go run the engine and turn the wheel after every dose.
  11. When I got my Mark 4 I dispensed with the lexus filter and put in a K&N for life they cost around £80 but every 30k just swill them through with parrafin. and they will last for the life of the car.
  12. I have had the exact car and the same colour I now have the Mark 4 and I know which one is the best and most improved but I always loved the no messing look of my Mark 1
  13. It looks great until one goes below has the classic issues of the Mark 1 "rust" other issues showing on latest Mot are usual culprits for a 30 year old car.
  14. The bottom cat flanges rot away over time but a preventative application of thermo aluminum paint every two years protects against the corrosion ,just redone mine. The mark 4 had a ignition switch problem caused by over zealous greasing of contact points which resulted in total blanking of instrument binnacle,easily rectified but a pain to access.
  15. I read your posts Phil and I thank my lucky stars that I discovered the Lexus brand 25 years ago. I have owned 2 400s and the spend on keeping them on the road over the years as been minimal ,I concur with Mark in the reflection that original parts for a Lexus are as near as you will get to perfection because that was the their watchword. When they set up the research and development department millions of dollars and years of experiments by suppliers and would be parts manufacturers were spent and aftermarket products are to some extent a deviation from the original specification put out by Lexus. It may be that the part being produced is better in some respects with new materials being tried but to my mind if all of the parts that came together in the original design worked then to try and improve on that is likely to bring up anomalies in the performance of the product.