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  1. The difference here is thirty years on from when Lexus introduced their flagship model is that the LS400 was better than what was available and a lot cheaper this is cheaper but it is way off better in fact for a luxury brand its a bit tacky .
  2. Just to put a myth to bed here the methane that a bovine animal emits is from the mouth because the digestive system excretes waste matter from the rear and the gases are expelled from the first and second stomach back to the mouth as the contents are regurgated to be chewed again(cud).
  3. With that colour of upholstery the original colour would have been blue or green maybe but that is not the original and could be a wrap.
  4. The figures you have quoted are from enviromentalists and a electricity producer in the UK who is trying to use sustainable carbon friendly fuels but they only show part of the problem and are very much inclined towards the green lobby. I have no doubt that the LS produces more carbon than a EV but that is because there is a thirty year time lapse in technology,aside from that It is still one of the cleanest vehicles in its class and turns out a lot less polution than later diesel and petrol vehicles. The recycling factor is not shown in these figures and niether is the ongoing consumables that EV 's will require such as tyres and new batteries. This is a interesting debate and will tax the minds of many a individual over the coming decade and I for one see the march of the EV as a inevitable conclusion to the burning of fossil fuels but it is not without its negatives.
  5. I wrote a comment on this subject a few years ago when the question was first raised,it is a safe estimate that even destroying(recycling) the car creates a bigger carbon footprint than the footprint of its use is over a 4k miles per annum for ten years based on the emmisions the LS400 has. So the carbon footprint of replacing with an eco friendly car does not even figure in calculations because it is massive just from the manufacturing angle. The downside for us who own these vehicles is that some academic being paid by the green lobby will produce figures that eventually will pursuade our politicians that compulsory scrapping of all large petrol engined cars (just because they are) is the way forward.
  6. The yellow fog lights were fitted to the mark1 1989 Launch model in the Uk and were more effective than the white ones.
  7. Are we saying over time unused or used I bought a replacement audio visual A/C centre console as a precaution when I bought my Mark 4 and it is sitting patiently in a sealed container waiting to replace if needed the one that was in the car when new. The price for it was £40 and the new price was £5K it came off a 40k miles write off and I think the seller assumed it could'nt be used as it had no code but it can be started then re-coded with the switch dance and to that end was a steal.
  8. The Lexus brand including the ls400 as met emission criteria of the State of Califoria since its inception and that criteria is the highest in the world a lot of the vehicles built in europe and sold in Britain during the 80's and nineties would not have met the criteria and even some that were built in the 2000's would not. I once had a ignorant neighbour accuse me of owning a highly polluting car until I pointed out that is 1.6 litre kia was a bigger pollution emitter than my mark1 4 litre Lexus.
  9. The system they are offering contains a cataytic converter which serves both banks, if they have designed it for a LS430 it must be a fit in terms of O2 sensers etc. Perhaps an email asking them the question.
  10. There are reams of buyers guides for this model in the club archives that have been compiled over the decades by members of the forum Good luck
  11. I would use a heat gun on the corner peices as they are mastic fixed, the border trim to the rear screen is fastened with clips and you should be able to start prising it out from the edge of where the corner peice is after that is removed,take it slowly and work from both edges when it as come away, when you get to a clip pull straight up from both sides of the clip or you could break the clip or crease the trim.
  12. The original wiper on the car as the Prefix DM and the new style is DU40R passenger and DUR55R Driver in relation to the catalogue.
  13. Hi Guys I received my new Denso wipers from Euro parts today and proceeded to fit them they are well made and the design cuts out the seperate wind foil on the original drivers side and creates one on the passenger side and they both look the same although different lengths . They are a tight fit and the drivers side especially it took me half an hour of struggling in various scenarios of wiper position. I found eventually the best position was pre park and lying over the engine to get the right orientation and best applied pressure to push in the clamp it also required some silicone spray (applied with a small paint brush to avoid getting it on the rubber )to finally get the clamp fully home so the clip could be applied. It looks a little bare now on the drivers side because the spoiler is gone the proof of the pudding will be 90mph in a thunderstorm and crosswinds to match, hopefully in the distant future.
  14. Just ordered mine and only £14 with free delivery for the LS400.Last time I got new rubber from Lexus but after 22 years the wiper frame is now a bit tired and they are expensive from Lexus.