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  1. Howard If you have not already you need to remove that soundproofing below the rear seat and reveal the metal below that is part of the floor pan and the rust needs to be eradicated and repainted.
  2. Howard The first method you describe is the easiest and safest you will use approx 2 litres to bring it back to pink. Use a turkey baster to syphon out the reservoir and refill with new each time until the fluid is fresh and pink. I advise against removing pipes and fittings when doing fluid changes it can lead to leaks and air pockets which then lead to problems in the system.
  3. I was checking out the newer post 2010 Lexus and Toyota transmissions for the fluid change after this discussion started and I am now very pleased I have a transmission with a dipstick. The newer models do not and the transmission fluid change is an absolute nightmare involving all sorts of procedures with high tech special equipment that inevitably leads to a Lexus dealership for this procedure.
  4. The changing of the transmission fluid is easy if you have the right kit . A 12v pump, narrow enough diameter plastic tube to fit down the dipstick tube and about 16 litres of the correct ATF for the car. First check the fluid in the vehicle if it is pink and does not smell burnt if it is ok and does not require changing . If it is brown and smells burnt and the drive and gear changes are lumpy it needs changing out. There is no need to drain the fluid from the sump as this only holds about 3 litres anyway,most of the fluid is in the torque converter and cannot be accessed . The method for change is a litre out and a litre in then a run round the block until you have used the 16 litres this does not give an entire change but that is fine because the seals within the system are helped in their operation by the old fluid .When you have changed the fluid the old brown stuff will be out and fluid that is in should be pink and smell as fresh as it does in the bottle It takes a bit of time and requires the purchase of the pump which are available on Ebay or at Halfords but other than the above procedure that' s it.
  5. Paul Best treatment for the strength in place is the aluminum mesh soaked with epoxy resin then applied as a plaster,this will bond better than fibreglass and will wear better. When it as gone off build it with more layers and shape into the contours.
  6. On my Mark 1 the cable seized within the outer cable at tne exits around the horse shoe junction it also seized at the entrance to the back plates, I had to strip most of it out to free it up as that was preferable to fitting a new one but it took a full day if I remember correctly . The adjustment tutorial you have is spot on and saves a lot of faffing about.
  7. Hi Sandy There is a topic on the US forum on this subject and I have tried to put in a URL Link Suffice to say I have failed. Go on USLexus owners club and search 98 LS400 climate control back light and it will come up.
  8. Howard Check the front sunroof drains are not blocked before you take out the scuttle and wiper arms, this is the usual cause of water ingress if the water overflows the sunroof tray and runs down the windscreen columns and then down the inside of the firewall. The drains themselves actually run down the columns and then exit through the crumple zone into the area rear of the front wheel arch,push some weed eater cord through them .
  9. Until the serious side of this covid-19 hits home literally some people will regard it as an inconvenience . I have had droves of young families walking by my house as if they were on a sunday jaunt and disregarding the separation criteria they are not able to collate the information the government sends out because it is too precise and they are social media addicts that only work on whats on the latest blog. If this virus came and bit thier arse they might take notice if they don't take notice they might end up with no arse to worry about.
  10. Hi Phil Just checked google and the procedure is as Mark says on the 460 so I would expect the same procedure for the Celsior.
  11. Hi Phil Is'nt that in the procedure for checking the A/C on the touch screen were it runs through the different vent and boost settings and reads them off as it progresses ,I have to confess I have only done it once on the old LCD display Mark 1 but I am sure there is a similar procedure for the touchscreen.
  12. We are at this time grasping out for some picture of what is to come with very little in the way of tools or weapons to combat the threat of this virus . The reaction to invisible threats is to run and hide and paint a picture of the worst possible scenario.,to that end the powers that be worldwide are taking unprecedented steps to contain the threat and create a stable society to regiment the fight to survive. Hopefully this will buy time until we find the weapons to eradicate this threat to our humanity, there will be all kinds of scenario's being painted and blame cast everywhere as to how the situation as come to this but there are signs already that this pandemic can be contained and eventually defeated . The present casualty lists for the countries infected are variable and erratic depending on what measures were taken at the start of the infection ,Italy being a prime example of too little too late and Singapore very precise and swift intervention the rest are scaled on response and location and the ability to cope. The original epicentre is now reporting no new cases and the rest of China likewise apart from imported ones but the signals coming from China support the case that this virus as a time span that can be tracked and hopefully that is the key to defeating it until a vaccine is developed. Yes there will be a sea change in Society but I think too the good and it will bring reality to the young that was brought to the young after the second world war and the fact in blazing letters that "Tomorrow is promised to no one".
  13. There is nothing there that you can't fix quick and at a low cost, get the fundamentals done mechanically before the cosmetics you don't want to waste your time if she as a terminal mechanical fault .There does not look to be a lot of body corrosion have a good look at the chassis and running gear also.