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  1. Price reduced to £9500 ONO....
  2. Hi folks - Long time no speak! Ok - well, I'm off for good to the States in the next 4 weeks, so my beloved Tezza has to go. Plenty of mods, plenty of pics on this site, plenty know me and the way I've looked after the car. I've speant over £20k in mods over the last 3 years on this car - and if I could fly it with me to America, I would! Everything you need is here: It has 70k miles, Tax, MOT, a huge file of receipts (oil changes every 3k miles), lots of spare and original parts to go with the car - but NOT the number plate! L
  3. Count me in as usual for the Ring - pretty much any date..... :D
  4. OK, OK - give me a chance! Stuff sold highlighted up top. I'm still working through stuff so hang on...
  5. I'm still alive! :D Thanks for all the messages and emails - been reaaly busy since the ring so not been online much! Got stuff to be sold off sharpish folks - so any offers considered! - TTE anti-roll bars (front and rear) - SOLD - Bilstein struts with lowered springs - Looking for £150 (provisionally sold) - Apexi Coilovers - Looking for £250 (provisionally sold) - One glove box - SOLD - IS200 Dash surround - tenner? (provisionally sold) Other stuff I can't think of right now. Please email me at zaheer (dot) ladak (at) ntlworld (dot) com Cheers Zee :)
  6. Uploaded a couple of pics for you all courtesy of Gord, Lee. Jason and Baz.... Some serious quality here chaps just to wet your appetite.... Check out the group piccie at TTE, Sabine giving us a cheeky grin, the Bikers with some sparks flying and the battered Porsche which came off at the Ring on Friday....
  7. Having a fantastic few days! TTE and the F1 tour was superb.... The night out in Koln was hilarious!!! The Nurburgring was quite amazing - NOTHING can describe the circuit - it was mind blowing. I am ecstatic I can say I´ve been there and done it. Everyone got round safely - lots of circuit closures due to some serious crashes - and we have nearly 2gb of pics!!!! Plus - Over 5 hours of video footage to edit! I had a personal target of beating 12 minutes which I achieved today (my second day at the ring) - so very, very happy! Will try and upload a few pics shortly - but no doubt pl
  8. Yes, but the're at work iirc, I think I have about 4, not sure if I can get them (or where they are!) Might have a look tomorrow if I remember. :) How many do we need, I have 6 here. Someone will need to bring a couple (3 off) plug adapters to charge them once we get over there. Gord and I will be bringing 4 walkie talkies and I have a heap of AA and AAA batteries too.
  9. I have everything except the bulb defelctors.
  10. For the Thursday, I have managed to negotiate a tour round the entire Totota F1 factory and facilities. The planned schedule is as following: 10:00 a.m. arrival at Toyota Motor Sport GmbH. 10:15 a.m. meet & greet at main conference room, introduction of participants 10:30 a.m. open discussion, Q & A session Gerald Bonengel & Marius Bösing to join for technical questions 13:00 p.m. lunch at Toyota Motor Sport canteen 14:00 p.m. F1 facility tour 16:30 p.m. summary meeting If you have topics you would like to discuss during the morning
  11. Last chance for tickets here. I am sending the form off this weekend. Cheers... :)
  12. Great stuff chaps - we are nearly there! If I could please ask all thpose attending to PM me a few things. - I need Full names of those attending. - The Full reg number of you car. - The colour and model of your car. - An ACTIVE mobile number that you will have with you (including a contingency number if there are 2 of you for example). - Any health/medical issues that I should be aware of. I will file a lot of this info. However, I want to compile a list for everyone so that we have a numbers/cars in case we need to contact one another. These will be issued at Dover. Hope this helps
  13. Waiting for a couple of peeps to confirm Ferry bookings please. Also, no sign of Nick, Jason or Raz - I assume you won't be joining us?
  14. OK. Final booking you need to make. P&O Ferry from Dover to Clais. Going out on Wednesday at 14:25 Returning Sunday at 16:55 I have booked this and it cost £75 return for the car and 2 passengers. Please post once all confirmed.
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