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  1. Happy Birthday Scarlet Pimpernell!

  2. Cheers matey - can't wait for that. Thanks to all for a warm feeling and kind words... you're the best!!
  3. None really, other than it's time to move on. I don't have the IS any more and my experience of the ISd is becoming a distant memory. Everything that needs to be known is, so I'll be concentrating on them Beemer ones!! Might pop in to have a look as a lurker without login, but don't see the need to post anything any more.
  4. Just a quick note to thank everyone who has offered help and advice on this forum to me. I've asked Janey to revoke my access asap, and so you'll probably not hear from me again, unless of course I buy a Lexus again. It's been a good 3.5 years - highs and lows, and some good friendships along the way. Some will be glad to see the back of me, but hey, it ain't a fan club and you can't be good to all in the pursuit of perfection... Farewell!!!
  5. Normally rattles won't be covered - even the parts could be on a goodwill basis as the extended warranties normally cover mechanical and electrical stuff only. Good luck...
  6. Normally rattles won't be covered - even the parts could be on a goodwill basis as the extended warranties normally cover mechanical and electrical stuff only. Of course it depends on what's causing the rattle - if the satnav unit doesn't fit well, for example, it could be covered if a new complete unit will fix it. Good luck...
  7. I think right now, all those who took out PCH/PCP's are best off...wish I'd done the same!!!
  8. I ain't reacting to your tedious bate and personal jibes, but for the record - It had my cherished plate from new registration which I retained - so I have no idea what the new reg plate was...also it was still under warranty - so I guess someone else will try and get them fixed whilst on "honeymoon" time.
  9. I knew it was too good to be true. All rattle free for just over a week and then the familiar plastic creaks and cracks sounded when travelling over uneven surfaces. The sound appear to be coming from the armrest area. I did notice that when my missus sits in the passenger seat the rattles/creaks are much less. I wonder if there is something inside the passenger seat mechanism that is loose ??? I still get the creak sound in my right ear near to where the upper part of the seatbelt housing is. The rattle are less than they were but there still is that unsettling plastic rattling from the cen
  10. Is it being sold as a Lex Approved car? I'd be shock if they were...especially as they've got the model listed wrong!
  11. Extra's and options don't make a car an "Executive" brand - else Mondeo Titanium X's and Honda Accords would be king and their "value" rating would be even higher!!! There's a fine balance between engineering excellence, the "drive" and what you get for your money...which is why the BMW 3 outsells the Mondeo...the badge counts for some too... I was positively wowed by the options when I had my Lexus, but looking at it now from the other side, the only option I miss is the rear view camera which I can have fitted for a small current car doesn't have half of the Lexus kit, but my e
  12. Fabulous choice mate - It's a good spec you've gone for - I doubt you'll be wanting for anything!!! It's not the S-Line though is it? You'v gone for the free "port" upgrade which is excellent value. I'd have an A5 over the A4 any day...I was one of those people that wanted to get the A4 but was disappointed by it, the A5 felt and looked much better but I couldn't convince her indoors that we could live with 2 doors... Normally Audi quote 12-14 weeks for a new car (or at least they did to me every time I enquired). So early May delivery = an order this week...they should be sitting twiddling
  13. Probably the most emotive subject in the world and another thread which could go downwards . It's a topic that becomes very heated and the lines between subjective and objective become blurred all too easy !! Just do a search on here and check out the poll - it's worth spending a few hours trawling through the threads. If you want the perfect car and believe in the science, then remember it's only a car, and no car is perfect: Ultimately you will have to decide and live by it, but generally I wouldn't just buy a car because of reputation or what humans have put have down on Customer Sati
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