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  1. Bocabar

    Looking for a 300h

    Hi just noticed this I am selling next month my White F sport 200t fully loaded with only 26.500 miles 15 reg 2015 immaculate within your price range if interested make contact regards Barrie
  2. Bocabar

    How many NX200T owners on here?

    I have had my 200t sport for three years and its a great car, the best of the 3 previous Lexus models I have had, the acceleration when in sport mode is excellent & hard to beat, the ride is a bit firmer than the hybrid though, I don't do a big mileage so economy is not a problem, but get about 28/30 on a long run, I will be trading it in when its three years old in May and hope it has held its price well, I see used ones with a 15 plate and low mileage (28K) go for £26/7K but I would be happy if I get £22k back mine is White/black and looks good
  3. Bocabar

    Gold Membership

    Anyone know if Hull or Stockport offer any sort of discount??
  4. Bocabar

    Cherished (private) Number Plate

    Hi I Had the same problem, but in the end I heated the plates up by blowing hot air on them from my wifes Hairdryer, & when reasonably warm, they just pull off quite easily, the replacement double sided sticky pads are cheap enough when purchased from Halfords in a pack of 6. I actually prefer them stuck on rather than unsightly holes in obsure places Good Luck.
  5. Hi Has any new IS owner experienced what I presume must be the Automatic Choke staying on for a prolonged time, the engine races and the auto grabs, when placed in drive for 10 Mins or so after start up, it even seems to come on in the recent hot spell we had, on previous cars I could cancel out the auto choke by stabbing on the accelerator a few times, but it doesn't seem to work on the new IS, perhaps this was a feature of the old IS too, I wouldn't know as this is my first Lexus, other than this little niggle, the car has been superb since delivery last November ( pre ordered as I took a test drive in the USA last Oct. so was one of the first )
  6. Bocabar

    Manual Or Auto

    Hi A few years ago after always having auto's I bought a new Manual car, a Volvo C70 T5, as the spec was really great and it was a great price, i.e. two tone leather, metalic, air con, very fast, etc. etc, but to be honest I regretted it from the first week. a nice car BUT not an auto! I have just got a new IS250SE, auto, black with beige leather, my first Lexus, and have No regrets, the auto box is so smooth, one of the best I have ever hadout of Bmws.Mercs. etc, you can do all you need with the paddles if you so wish, but I just leave it the sport setting for most of the time. Enjoy!!
  7. Hi Anyone interested in a new IS220D I notice that now has them listed on their site with £1000 + discount, depending on the model. I bought my IS250SE auto, from them last month & found them a pleasure to deal with. P.s. I still park my car as far away as poss. at the supermarket, so I can take a longer, lingering look at it on my return!! My first Lexus & more than happy !!
  8. Take a look at this Guys !! A new IS COUPE ? WOW !!!! ( bottom Picture )
  9. Hi I am the proud owner of a new IS250 & loving every minute of it, my first Japanese car in 35 years of motoring. Question :- if any one can help? what type of lead do I need to connect my ipod to play through the stereo on the new car, is it a small jack at both ends from the mike socket to the MP3 socket in the 250? Thanks Bocabar
  10. Hi I also live in your area, as you are a lexus owner of some years who would you recommend in our area for good service etc. out of Manchester, Stockport, or Bolton, or someone else perhaps? I've never had a Lexus before, and I bought my new one on the internet. so any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks
  11. Take a look at these three videos from the European website They really show off the IS range in its true colours, the IS 350 does a mind blowing 5.5secs to 60mph. Cant wait to get my 250 at the end of the month.
  12. Bocabar

    Is 250 Dealer Discount

    Give these people a try I have just ordered an IS250 SE auto for delivery later this month & saved myself 850 pounds on original order, ask for Nigel or Emma they were most heplful and very pleasent to deal with. this will be my first lexus so looking forward to the car very much, I was previously looking at an A4 or 3 series but just got back from the USA were the new IS is selling very well, especially the IS350 that is unavailable here.