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  1. It's a 2007 (57) SE(ML) - silver. I'll put some pics up if it ever stops raining! The performance is just mental - makes me grin everytime - I think there's something about the CVT that makes it "sound" even faster if that makes sense - any way you look at it, something that size that does 0-60 in under 6 seconds is pretty quick!! Wiring in the Road Angel was one of the first jobs!!
  2. Yep - collected my GS450h today - been smiling ever since I picked it up!!
  3. Hi everyone - used to loiter here a while back when I had a GS (best car I ever had) Looking at buying a used 450H now - does anyone have any tales (goor or bad) please - and anything that I should look out for when buying Thanks - hope everyone is well!! Rod
  4. great news Steve! - I'm really happy for you
  5. I know the problem mate - which is exactly why I ordered the 5 spoke 18inch wheels on my ST - I can get my hand inside the whell and give it a good clean - the 16 spoke standard ones must be a nightmare to clean
  6. Isn't that stuff silicon though? - surely you don't want it anywhere near your discs?
  7. I had these on my GS and I was very pelased with them - prolly the only discs I ever put on the car that didn't warp
  8. Actually mate, I don't think that's true if you're upgrading from Sky+. the Sky+ dish already has a quad LNB installed and two feeds from the dish to the box.
  9. My HD box is on order and comes in a couple of weeks. the way I see is is that if you've got the telly then you have to have to box!
  10. It's just you mate, your vision has been clouded now you've switched to a Mondeo! hehe - could be mate. Mondeo is a flipping brilliant car though - makes me smile every time I drive it - well happy.
  11. Yes - very pretty - but is it just me or does it look like a Passat?
  12. The GS range SatNav went DVD in about 2001, although the CDs used in the IS range will work fine. CDs quite often come up on Ebay.
  13. Gotta say I think it looks better with all the badges on (sorry)
  14. 180,000 miles - still perfect (and for sale) :)
  15. The use of the word "its" in your second paragraph is incorrect. You ought to have an apostrophe in there. (you did rather ask for it mate)
  16. This is a very common problem caused by the floating part of the caliper rattling on it's pins. It's completely harmless (and very annoying) - the way to fix it is to supply a very small amount of copper grease to the pins.
  17. mine is better and has SatNav - but higher mileage - it's on Ebay - take a look linky :) :)
  18. it's good to see you back - hope all's well
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