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  1. Hi guys, anyone here are interested in buying the latest Whereis Navigation DVD v13? I am thinking of buying the brand new DVD costing over $A400, and burn a few copies to reduce the cost. I try this already, i currently have the v10 DVD and the burned copies works perfectly. So, if anyone is interested please let me know. my email is
  2. hi, i have the haybusa muffler on my is200 too, i find the first week or so... the fuel economy quite good, give alot of power but after i reset the ECU, i find the fuel economy went up..... i use a TRUST pe2 muffler b4 and i could do around 480km b4 the light comes on..... but after reset ECU with the haybusa muffler could only do around 400....... and once reset the ECU, i find i loss alot of low end torque, i have now installed the sliencer on the muffler, the car get abit more torque and less noisy and can do around 450km..... so i think u will find that as ur ECU relearn ur new muffler, it will readjust the fuel ratio and ur fuel consumption will go up by alot
  3. i heard that after installing water injection system, the engine can run more advance ignition timing which can produce more power is this true? i am goin to tune my is200 with emanage after installing the water injection, does anyone think this is a good idea? does anyone know any disadvantages after installing water injection system?
  4. hi, anyone try installing a aquamist water injection system is a is200? will it work on a NA engine?
  5. they are the official TRD shop in Hong Kong you can get any TRD stuff there........ but their service is really bad and they are so expensive i think you are better off buying stuff directly on some japanese website
  6. hi, can someone tell me what is the difference b/w universial HB4 HID kit and kits like TRD and BELLOF altezza kit? i saw the TRD and Bellof kit have extra metal mouting, is the mounting important? will the universial kit brake easy if i have hard suspension settings?
  7. i have an unichip that if tune for is200 sitting in my garage, if you are interested give me a email on
  8. but how much will the HKS cost? will it cost as much as the stage 1 manifold on your website?
  9. dboey, do you know around how heavy is the header? i am interested in getting one......... but i don't know how much will shipping cost
  10. i email them already, they are very slow in replying can you just tell us around how much is the header just a rough figue did you go on dyno after u fitted the header? did u notice any improvement?
  11. and also...... the thing is......... the header looks exactly like the orignal header but without the precat is it possible to get them to make something more equal length?
  12. haha....... but the most important question how much is it? i mean is it as much as tdi stage 1 header?
  13. is that your autofix header? is it make from stainless steel?
  14. how much power are you getting out of the header? is the header similar to the TDI header? and how much is it? do you have a pic?
  15. the 1g-fe engine is a beam engine, the 3g-fe engine is also a beam engine, but the 3g-se have duel vvti but 1g-fe have only vvti BEAM stand for Breakthrough Engine with Mechanism System in japan the AS200 altezza (1g-fe) instead of the LEXUS sign on top of the airfilter box, they have BEAM 2000 written on the airfilter box