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  1. Happy Birthday its_a_doozy!

  2. Hi, I've had my IS 250C since 2010 and it's still a great car 5 years on. No problems with the roof beyond the odd squeak and knocking sounds, but it is a lot of metal to hold in place. There is an obvious price difference from the standard saloon, mainly due to the convertable roof and stiffend body. The spec's are almost identical per model. There is more weight in the 250C as you'd expect, but you also wouldn't notice unless you are a serious petrol head (and I doubt you'd be getting an IS250C if you were). I use mine as an everyday car, and always look forward to the days the roof can come down. The one thing you will notice, you don't see many on the road, so there is an element of feeling exclusive still. Good luck in your search. I'm now wondering if it's time to look at the new RC F ??!! Would like a convertable though :-)
  3. Thanks re. photoshop skills :-) The new look will either grow on us or it will be eternally hated. I guess like most changes, it will grow, and be the norm Lexus look soon.
  4. Ouch, sorry for your moto loss :-( glad you are OK, hope the blackout was a one off.
  5. The Lexus dealer told me that they want a grill that is very distinguishable in the rear view mirror, much like you know when an Audio is up your chuffer (not only because they are driving too close ;-p ) I think that's why you think it looks too much like an Audi, perhaps that's kinda the aim, but to be different enough to tell it's a Lexus.
  6. Hi All, Just for a bit of fun I tried to image what my IS250C would look like with a 2013 LS style grill. What do you think?
  7. Had my IS250C in for a service and asked them to look into the creeks and squeaks from the roof. They also disabled the one touch window opening feature on the keyfob, so no more wet surprises!! The good news is they fixed the squeaks, but the really bad news is they replaced them with load knocking and banging sounds ! Not a happy punter. Have arranged to do another trip back to them so they can hear the noises for themselves. These new sounds make the squeaks I had complained about seem like nothing.
  8. I have a 250C and on Sunday morning I found the driver and passenger windows both open by approx 3 inches. The overight sleet and rain had got in and the seats are soaked through. Have done my best to mop up the damp, and have it booked in to Lexus dealer for examination of any damage and the cause. Has anybody else found there windows partly open? I know you can press the key fob to fully open the windows, but not seen it open just a bit. The car was locked when I found it in this state. Cheers
  9. I don't have the described rattle / noise. However the very rear left side has an annoying squeak/rattle which sounds like plastic rubbing. Seems to be around the parcel shelf or left rollover cover. I will get it into Lexus in the next few weeks and advise. You do expect some roof sounds with convertibles, but with a Lexus, you also expect a refined cabin experience.
  10. Latest news is that Lexus spends 11th year at the top. Makes you feel your car choice was a good one, and you are amongst owners who demand quality and service above all else.
  11. Hi, I have just experienced this after terminating my finance contract at the halfway point, as I was doing too many miles and to reach full term, I would have had to pay thousands in excess mileage. My IS250 SR had hit 35,500 miles, and I had paid half the finance figure, meaning I could terminate with no hidden fees and return the car. Lexus finance arranged for Manhiem Auctions to come and inspect / collect the car. The car was in perfect condition, except for 5 x stone chips on the bonnet. All of which had been treated with the Lexus supplied touch up kit. The inspector gave me an invoice for £135 due to these chips claiming this wasn't general wear and tear. I signed his form but had it noted that I did not accept the figure quoted, which was for the full respray /finish of the bonnet. A few days later I get an invoice from Lexus Finance for the £135. I wrote to say I was in dispute with the figure. Gave detail of my experience of over 4x Lexus I have owned, and the fact that even Lexus resell cars with touched up stone chips. Even the Manhiem rep suggested that Lexus paint was considered too hard, and thus chips easily. A few days later I get a call saying the invoice was now nil, and I did not need to pay. Do I would recommend that you tidy up your car as much as possible, as they seem keen on charging for the most minor thing. If they can get away with it, they will.