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  1. Hi all, I was told that besides changing the timing belt, one also needs to change 3 other belts on the engine, such as the alternator belt, fan belt.... For the 3 other belts, I can see the size number : 3PK900, 4PK9?0 and 4PK1070. But I cannot ascertain the timing belt size unless I took out those engine covers. Can some kind soul provide me the sizes of the belts as well as the TOYOTA parts numbers. I have also noticed that the belts are maunufactued by MITSUBOSHI (not mitsubishi ;-) ). thanks
  2. no more replies? :-) so can I assume that, with air-con on, idling rpm @ 600 to 750 rpm is normal ?
  3. call up Lexus agent and was told that : 500-600 rpm without aircon 600+ to 750 with aircon.
  4. I estimated the rpm based on the needle position on the tahcometer. what's the difference of reading between the analogue tahco and your digital rpm meter ?
  5. Yes... But with or without air-con, the idling RPM is about the same for my case.
  6. Hi all, may I know what's the normal idling RPM for IS200 NA ? My idling fluctuate between 700 to 750 rpm, is that too high??
  7. Dear all, May I know the legnth and width of the following drive belts of IS200: 1. Drive belt for generator ; 2. Drive belt for air-con compressor ; and 3. Drive belt for power steering pump. *maybe those who have the maintenance manual could help me :)
  8. hi Mat, i thought in earlier post u mentioned that '... a negitive camber will give more traction through corners compared to a car sitting with neutral camber'. but in the last post u noted that ' no negative camber on the rear wheels improves grip/traction whatever you wanna call it.....' so which setup gives more traction ? *confused*
  9. Hi all, may I know at which point of rotor wear as recommended by Lexus, based on the thickness of the rotor, does one need to replace it ?
  10. Hi dboey, according to the specifications in , the maximum speed of our car (auto) is 210km/h. so far I have only hit 206 - in the overseas trip last year ;-) , when did u get 217 ? :)
  11. The HKS agent in Singapore said - NO :)
  12. TDi removed the cats when they did the supercharger and exhaust manifolds hi, did TDi take out the main cat too ?