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  1. I've had a last minute problem with my lift :( :( I'm afraid I cant come along, so that is -2 people for the trip. Im sorry again guys and gals, I'll see you at the nect meet, but maybe by that time I will have the car to show too :tumble:
  2. I'm very happy that Toyota have managed to get their cars a fair way up the grid in their first qualifying session... Lets hope they can do the business in the race :)
  3. I do believe Team Lexus is the name of the Racing team for Lexus in BTCC...
  4. I'd like to chat sure, but no-one is there when I try...
  5. Okay great... I'll fill out the form when I get the right number of people - I can probably ask them today.
  6. So the advice I had was correct, only get one thats from '98 or later... Is there an easy way to tell them apart from say '97 models? Thanks for your advice.
  7. I have heard of Brabham, but I dont have a £million unfortnately. I am interested in finding a place that can do chipping, air induction, basically anything without going for turbos or NOS. If this place could order and fit a bodykit too, I would be very happy - although I heard it wasnt that difficult DIY. I have no experience of engines, Im not a mechanic by a long shot, although I can do simple jobs, plugs, carb, etc. Thats why I would prefer to use a tuning shop in the UK. I am asking in advance of purchasing the GS300 model which I am at present waiting for at the end of the year.
  8. Hehehe Yeah we can eat them for dinner if they show up eh :tumble:
  9. Thankyou for your welcome I hope I can reward everyone with some pics later this year :)
  10. Sometimes being 21 sucks... The best quote Ive had on a GS300 is £2100, fully comp from tesco. Still, I dont mind, I'll be driving a Lexus
  11. Hi. You guys dont mind that I dont own a Lexus GS300 yet do you? Im planning on getting it later this year. Anyway, I know about 6 people who would be interested in this meeting if it would be okay to bring them with me...