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  1. Hi do you know if supra wheels will fit on an IS? Thanks Dean
  2. Hi does anyone know wot size steel wheels will fit on an is200 sport on the back? Gettin 2 wheels refurbed and thort if i can get some wheels 2 run on for a week it saves taking it off the road! Any ideas of what cars wheels will fit on it? Thanks Dean
  3. Seen this but what do people think? I have a little bit off ICE but nothing great is this a good start?
  4. cheers lads sorry about the beef earlyer! i would not use a chip off ebay! i ment like a colin power chip but it sounds kind of pointless now lol just ideas cos i wont 2 try and keep up with my mate with a fto! lol i can dream on a budget! lol
  5. Cheers fellas! Sorry i am dislexic (y do they choose words like that 2 take the *****!) lol And I use slang rarther than your ponsy old boy talk! i am 21! I did not no you would cry about it! I will get a Dictionary out! And Dot my I's and Cross my T's!
  6. That chipping the is200 is kicks the brake up lots! They said Toyota give it less brake 2 help the co2 keep down! Does anyone no how many horses a chip will wake up? :duh:
  7. or you can do what i do and pop the boot then put the subs on for a few beats and up it comes! thats my lazy way and its free! :D
  8. No mate i wasnt! Luckly! lol Not happy with town at the min! lol I dont have the Plate on anymore! I am om a y Plate now!
  9. Could any1 help? Where do the power cables go 2 for it? is it the radio or the amp? if any1 nos wot the colours are aswell thanks! Thanks Dean
  10. We have just had a is 300 traded in at my work! i looked at the tires and there was no tread on the tires and there was nothing but wire on 25% on it then i thort i would cheack my tires on my 200 and the inner edge has gone all together is his a comman fault on them? :shutit: On the rears that is? lol Thanks Dean
  11. Its the same as Dunlop and LaCoste! witch would you have?
  12. I Worked for bmw for about a year! they r all up them selfs! thats y i bought my is200 sport! the toy with the windows is about the only good thing the rest they manly came back in for! bmw have a poor reliabilaty(sorry about the spellin) for the money! after workin on them i would NEVER own 1!
  13. I am a valeter and its normaly on the surface! Say when drilled plates and **** like that! Fairy is an alkalie and takes off all polish! u have 2 pick them off then polish the mark you do it any other way and you scratch the crap out of it! lol