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  1. ricky_is200

    It's Been A While.....

    Great to see another old name on here again :)
  2. ricky_is200

    Remembering Johnboy

    Wow, sad news indeed. RIP mate.
  3. ricky_is200

    Pics Of My New Motor Vehicle

    Lovely looking car Chris! Must be a great improvement over the IS.
  4. ricky_is200

    Dark Side Forums?

    You need to get it remapped mate! I've had my E92 335d for 18 months and had it remapped after a couple of months of ownership and it makes a massive difference! It takes it up to 330bhp and 0-60 in 5.5 secs and on my run today I got almost 40mpg. The best forum I've found is: http://www.e90post.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=22 That link should take you straight to the UK section. They have regular meets and lots of owners have 335i/d's
  5. ricky_is200

    Lexus Open Road 2007

    I wasn't too impressed. The two cars I wanted to drive, LS460 and GS450h had 1.5 hour+ waiting times, and they kept trying to get me to drive an IS instead! I did go out in a GS300 and RX400h neither of which impressed me. The GS450h was what I was really after. I went on wednesday not thursday with Lexus Hatfield, still at Wrotham Park. All of the sales guys seemed to busy chatting to each other to talk to customers.
  6. ricky_is200

    Air Con Cleaner

    I've used the Comma Air Conditioning cleaner before, which works in the same way and it does state on the tin it will leave a slight film on the interior surfaces, but it was easy to clean, it just wiped off and it was only on the surfaces near the vents.
  7. ricky_is200

    Versace/armani Suit

    There is a Paul Smith shop there too where I got a suit from much cheaper than the full retail price.
  8. ricky_is200

    Top Gear Vs Loc....part Deux..

    One for me please! I really enjoyed last time.
  9. ricky_is200

    Lexus Ls/gs 17" Wheels

    Just spotted these wheels on eBay. Would be a good upgrade of someone!
  10. ricky_is200

    Happy Birthday Matthew_mcnally

    Happy Birthday mate!
  11. ricky_is200

    New Laptop Advice

    The keyboard will also be different, no '£' key and some keys such as @ and " will be swapped round which can be a pain. I had a US laptop for several years and its fine if its the only machine you use, but a pain if you switch between that and a UK keyboard. For delivery from HP sounds like you'd have to know someone who lives in or visits the States, unless there is a retailer who will ship to the UK, but then you could get stung by Customs! I too have a new Dell laptop, got it last month and its great.
  12. Who cares about pedestrian's though! And still only 2 stars if you do.
  13. ricky_is200

    Flash Car Wash

    Hope it is good as I bought one at lunchtime.
  14. Darren called me on Thursday to say they would have one in the showroom this weekend. I might hold off popping down till they have one to test drive.
  15. ricky_is200

    Just Joined The Gym!

    Having to pay for parking put me off joining my local Esporta. I joined another local gym with free parking but I still pay £55 a month!