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  1. Hi Jamboo! Yeh we are fine thank you sorry for delay in repsonse...NO NOTIFICATION was sent to me of responses to posts. House Insurance said they only cover the house keys :tsktsk: / car Insurance no cover -Even though I am fully comp!! Am still awaiting response from the Ebay link I was given. Meantime...I am needing 2 x new front tyres in the next few weeks, and wondered which were the quietest that people have found ?
  2. Thanks to copying the bulletin ( EG017-07 Engine - Brief Knock/Rattle On Cold Start Up. ) and submitting it to my dealer today, he has agreed to get the parts and do the work with not so much as a faint quibble! My accompanying letter stated that I was NOT happy that the vehicle should exhibit this noise EVER.. and the fact that his service manager has stated "it has been reported by a few customers...but its nothing to worry about" is of no comfort to me. Apparantly they sent a copy of the bulletin ( which they claim they nothing about ) to Lexus today who agreed instantly to cover the cost under warranty. SO if any of you are still in warranty...get the letter off NOW and get the work done. I am pretty certain you will not get any joy without the bulletin info and after the warranty expires...well forget it. The job is priced at circa £900 according to the centre manager I spoke with today.
  3. Thanks a bunch...looks like it might be the one I need and at 1/4 the price of Lexus dealer in UK ! Just need to find some bod or method of programming the thing to match my car.
  4. Hi all...not been on for while, but things are pretty much the same with us and the car - EG: Its an OK car, finish. FINALLY got the dash rattle fixed after many complaints. However, I have now managed to lose a complete key fob, and as getting a new "metal bit" only allows access inside the vehicle and nothing else ( whats the point of that ? ) its a waste of time going that route. I need a whole new electronic fob and the dealer has quoted the best part of 300 quid !! No way am I am paying whats the alternatives? Some techie guru must have a hack / fix / internet scam or whatever - so whats the crack guys. Is there anywhere doing better value replacements ?? Cheers.
  5. 56 ( tomorrow ) Wifey is of a suitable age for me ( gotta watch that ) IS250 SEL auto - moonroof - all the toys driving since 17, retired, full NCB 1 SP30, full protected NCB, garaged, N Wales, Excess £200, NIG ( via A quote online ) £226.00 inc tax.
  6. Thanks Tel - I have emailed my dealer with the full story and will await their response. the car is due for collection on Tuesday to have the seat problem seen to.
  7. Problem is that the next dealer is even further away, a round trip of about 150 miles . Also, not sure how a dealer who did not sell me the car will feel about trying to rectify problems ? Are you in the trade Tel ?
  8. Well Im with Jamboo 100% of the way, as his story is almost identical to mine, even down to having been told by the dealer that my concerns of rattles etc were unfounded and the car would be rattle free. I wsas even told that the IS250 SEL had split rear seats - which they Do NOT !! It appears that (fairly obviously ) ones experience and satisfaction is greatly affected by the dealer concerned. Unfortunately, my experience has been poor, and my dealer is 100miles round trip. My avitar and signature says it all....
  9. My dealer claims NFF (no fault found) when I complained of the dash rattle. Mine seems worse when the ambient temperature is low, and of course probably does not show up on the nice smooth roads they test on. These rattles are WELL documented on this forum at least, but the dealer claims he is not aware of any problem - well he would wouldnt he ! What I am looking for is something that I can show him to prove that this IS a well known fault on these cars. Any help appreciated. :) I have mentioned the forum to him, and the rattle problem even before I bought I car, but they always state that they are "not interested" in forums and other peoples rumours as it were.... PS occasional rattle from drivers door pillar area now too.
  10. My dealer has had a look at the seat, and I lso checked others that were in the showroom, they all have a small hard lump in the squab, about 1/3rd way back from front edge. This definately gets a lot worse afater a few miles, and after an hour or so, is damn uncomfortable. They are having it back next week, to investigate further, and have been told by LEXUS that they should try and identify the problem, and rectify it first, because they are loathe to fork out foir a new seat. The service manger tells me that each seat is 5K ! By that reckoning, the front seats alone make up almost a 1/3rd of the total cost of the car !!
  11. your in the wrong section marksman...this is only for us poor people who can only afford the IS 200 -300 range :D
  12. Hello Fellow toony, Your right its easy to pick fault, but praise is not so forthcoming, and apart from a vibrating mirror, i really do enjoy driving the motor As for poor service, i paid for a set of roof bars for mine only to find they took a set off the car in the showroom, but as a fellow Geordie, they wont get away with it. Back in tomorrow to make sure. Keep in touch Basha Typically disgraceful...this is supposed to be the best brand by far for customer service ! They are just like the rest....get your money, then its up to you to fight them all the way for decent service.
  13. Well it is a real challenge to keep it clean ( as would black ), and I have acquired a few stone chips on the front - but that is to expected I guess. The paint itself is "soft" although still looks nice and glossy after a proper clean. It has NEVER seen a car wash, and never will whilst I own it. During the winter ( and lately come to think of it ! ) it gets hosed down after every trip- I fitted a hose to the front wall of the garage especially to do so and a "proper" hand wash /leather about weekly. I also have a jetwash lance which I tend to use on the wheels /arches, and this actually removed a small piece of paint at the lower joint of the front wheel arch / sill - I have asked for this to be done under warranty. 1 tiny chip on the bonnet ( about 2mm) produced a bodyshop quote of £600 !! " we would have to spray the whole bonnet sir " Got a touch up pen finally - (only took the dealer 11 months to get it to me )and have applied a blob to the offending spot. £600 quid...they have got to be havin a larf.....