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  1. I know, Ive tried to take out the bulb and check the plugs but everything is so compact and on so tight that I can't even get anything off. It's like that FORCE you to go to the dealer for something as simple as a blown bulb
  2. I have a 98 GS4, and one of my lights is beginning to give trouble when I turn them on. At first it would take another click for the left light to come on, now, I have to turn the headlights off and on about 10 times in order to get the bulb to start up. I'm asking if anyone else has had this happen to them becasue I think that it might be the ballast and I just wanted to be sure before I took it to the dealer.
  3. About the ECT PWR switch, I just wanted to make sure that my understanding was correct. When you flip it on and you stomp the gas, it causes the transmission to shift closer to the redline than if it where off? Or does it shift at the same point regardless if the switch is on or not.
  4. I just bought a GS 400 and for some strange reason, my car always shifts at 4k rpm (when I floor it). Even when I put the ECT PWR switch on, it still shifts at 4000rpm. When I'm on the freeway crusing at about 80 mph, my rpm's read only 1800, and when I'm at a stop and the car is in drive, it reads at about 200 rpm, when I'm at a stop and the car is not in drive, it reads at about 300-400 rpm. I think that my rpms are just reading incorrectly, becasue even when I shift the car manually, the rev limiter kicks in at about 4200 rpm, and it seems like the car is going fast like it should. I plan on taking the car to the dealer but I just needed to ask a few questions so that I can better diagnose the problem. 1. At what RPM should the car idle at (when hot) 2. Around where should the RPMs be if I'm on the freeway (cruising) at 80 MPH. 3. At what RPM should the car shift at when floored with the ECT PWR on, and w/ the ECT PWR off, or does it shift at the same point with the switch being on or off. 4. Thanks guys !!!! :)