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  1. On a long run, mainly fast roads 30-32 mpg was easily achievable when I had a GS 250. 66L fuel capacity = approx. 14.5 gallons. So 430-450 miles achievable. The mpg deteriorates in urban traffic though.
  2. It is a common feature to many cars as described above. I can't say I've noticed it with my previous GS (2013 250 F-Sport), but it really is noticeable on my MB SLK. Just changed the GS for a GS 300h with 18" wheels so will report back if I notice it on the new car.
  3. Go through your insurance: 1. expensive repair. Yours + theirs. 2. Your fault by your admission. 3. You don't want the other party coming after you for £X,000 for "whiplash" in a few months' time and you haven't informed your insurance. If you are near Coventry, I can recommend Perfect Finish off Lockhurst Lane. Used by Lexus Cov, and I have used them a few times , excellent people.
  4. Kev, in June this year I was similarly considering whether to get a new hybrid or non-hybrid GS. As far as reliability is concerned, when looking into it, I got the impression that Toyota/ Lexus hybrid systems are extremely reliable and capable of large mileages no matter what kind of use they get. Many places in the world rack up high urban mileages in hybrid taxis, for instance. Just look at reliability surveys and it's no coincidence that Lexus and Toyota are virtually always very near the top. That is with Lexus, at least in the UK selling mainly hybrids. As mentioned, on the few occasions batteries have needed replacing, Lexus have bent over backwards to sort the problem out. Personally, I went for the non-hybrid having tested both the GS250 and GS450h. The main reason I found is that I prefer the standard auto of the GS250 to the CVT of the hybrid. Also I do not do many miles, so fuel economy is not much of an issue for me. Having said that, the performance of the hybrid car in terms of speed was great. In the end I chose a standard V6 engine car over the hybrid equivalent, but reliability was not the reason for that choice, after initially posing the question myself. Good luck in chosing a new car!
  5. Please name the insurer so that we may all avoid if we wish to.Regards John Admiral charge too http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/84136-fitting-smaller-wheel-rims-and-your-insurance/ Not according to ABI's own guide on the matter. https://www.abi.org.uk/~/media/Files/Documents/Publications/Public/Migrated/Motor/ABI%20guide%20to%20winter%20tyres%20The%20motor%20insurance%20commitment.ashx As long as you stick to manufacturers' recommendations regarding winter tyre specs, the vast majority of insurers do not even need to be informed of the fitment of winter tyres, and that includes Admiral.
  6. Agreed. Here is the link: https://www.abi.org.uk/~/media/Files/Documents/Publications/Public/Migrated/Motor/ABI%20guide%20to%20winter%20tyres%20The%20motor%20insurance%20commitment.ashx There is no need to inform the vast majority of insurers as long as you stick within manufacturers' specifications for winter tyres.
  7. Glad to read you got it sorted, Jonas. I think it would have bugged you if you had left it unrepaired on such a lovely car or got a cheap repair done that hadn't been up to scratch. Ehem. I used to get my RX serviced at Leicester, always seemed on the ball. Hope your GS stays out of trouble from now on!
  8. Speak to Stuart who runs the shop with his wife Christine in the office. They actually own an RX400h, wanted it white, but Lexus in those days couldn't supply it in white, so he bought one and sprayed it white himself! He's had it since I've been going there and it still looks stunning. It was a Lexus sales exec who turned me onto them when I needed my old GS sorting. Oh, and tell them Vince sent you if you decide to give them a try.
  9. Sorry to read about this, Jonas." People" that do this are scum and complete losers who are envious of anything nice that other people work hard for. I only hope karma bites back and gives them a chance to reappraise the direction their life is going in. I lived in Kettering and Northampton many years ago and seem to remember Wellingborough having quite a rough reputation, but I'm sure there are nice parts as well! Having said that I am sure that cars have been keyed in the nicest of areas. Can't help you with a body shop in Leicestershire, but I can recommend Perfect Finish in Coventry if you don' mind a trip down the M69, Tel 024 76637000. I know they have done work for Lexus and Toyota in Coventry but you'll get better VFM contacting them yourself directly. I grazed the rear arch on my old GS on my gate not long after getting it about 5 years ago. Lexus Birmingham wanted £1000 to do it. Perfect Finish did it for £350 and did a brilliant job. As good as new. Nice people but more importantly do a great job. Hope you get the car looking back to its best soon, such a lovely car :-(
  10. I used Dunlop Wintersport 3D on my 2009 for 3 winters. They were excellent and made sure I could drive normally throughout the worst of the last 3 winters- an absolute revelation. I have them mounted on immaculate OEM 17" GS alloys and used to swap the summer wheels off in Nov/ Dec. I also have the original Dunlop SP Sport 2050 tyres that came with the car new, which I took off to mount the winter rubber. No use to me now, as I have a new GS 250 F-Sport with 19" wheels, so I'll be sticking them on e-bay soon, so look out for them if you are still looking.
  11. I beg to differ on this point.Drove my 2009 GS300 through the worst of the last 3 winters in complete control and without getting stuck or any dramas whatsoever.How? By using winter tyres.Thoroughly recommend them for cold temps, ice and snow. Usually swap them over Nov and keep them on until March/ Apr depending on temps. Saves the summer tyres as well whilst the winters are on. Not wishing to be pedantic but it is the button that is useless, fitting snow tyres is a whole different scenario. Not wishing to be pedantic, but the point I was making was in response to your assertion that "...no Lexus in the snow or ice is remotely safe to drive....". Using winter tyres refutes your assertion. I couldn't care less about a "snow button", but I have given an opinion based on my own experiences on how a Lexus could be driven safely in severe winter conditions.
  12. Alloy wheels need to be compatible with your car. Firstly the need to fit your car's hubs. Then they need to have enough room within the arches so that they do not rub at any point. This not only involves the size of the alloys but their OFFSET as well. The offset is vaguely the amount the wheel sticks in or out in relation to the car's hub. So you do need to take a few things into account. Also if you change the diameter of your wheels you will need to compensate the tyre size so that you get a similar rolling radius. I assume your car is new, like mine. I certainly would not stray from Lexus' official technical specs for alloy wheels (you can prob go up or down a few sizes as they themselves have a range of sizes within a model range eg 17" to 19").
  13. Oh, and I agree about mytyres.co.uk - I've bought 3 sets of winter tyres off them in the past 5 years and they have a staggering selection available. They come swiftly from Germany- excellent service.
  14. I used winter tyres on my last GS to great effect. I used the original 17" wheels that the car came with to put the winter tyres on (still have them tucked away in the garage- will be going on e-bay soon) and bought a set of 18" Baransu alloys from Lexus to put my summer rubber on. Worked out nicely, had the car 4 years and still had plenty of tread on all 8 tyres, but that's with doing 21,000 miles only! On my new GS, my current dealership have offered to supply me with winter tyres and swap them over for me each winter/ spring. I know some people do that and it works out OK. If I find some reasonably priced alloys, though, I may get some for my winters. The only thing is I have the F-sport so have 19" alloys which are staggered, so they are not going to be cheap!