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  1. The IS200d is still the same 2.2 litre engine that has always been available for the IS - it's simply de-tuned to 150bhp (and has been for years in some European markets where anything over 150bhp attracts extra tax). Apparently it's also available as an auto:
  2. I was looking on Lexus Newcastle's website and they are doing the following offer on IS200d F-Sport Autos: Am I out of the loop or something because I've never heard about Lexus bringing out an auto diesel? I can't find anything on the main Lexus site but it doesn't look like a mistake.
  3. Drive the Deal are doing brand new IS200d SEs from £17600 (£6705 saving) and IS250 Auto SE-Is from £20900 (nearly £7k off). In fact pretty much every Lexus model has between £6k and £7k off. Brilliant price - I'm sorely tempted. :P On the other hand my residuals have just taken a massive hit. :tsktsk:
  4. I came down one morning to find a strange large dent in the middle of my bonnet. At first I was at a loss as to how it had happened - then I found the culprit - a large firework rocket lying nearby. As the bonnet is aluminium and the dent was right on a strengthening rib my local bodyshop didn't want to try paintless dent removal and quoted me £250 for a repair. I then found a dent removal guy who had worked at Nissan and he completely removed it for £40. I've been over and over the bonnet and I cannot now find the dent, it's completely gone.
  5. On each of my IS250s I've had two sets of alloys swopped to corrosion and at least two of those were kerbed in some way. So yes, you are being fobbed off, and no, you are not limited to one set of replacement alloys per car.
  6. 87 or 89 on the American rating is nearer 91 or 92 on our rating and we actually don't sell any fuel with that low a rating. Our lowest is, as you say 95 (Premium in the US).
  7. It's not necessary to use 98 RON, and in a normally aspirated petrol engine you wouldn't notice any difference anyway. Audi recommends 98 RON for it's turbocharged 4 cylinder petrols, but even then the use of normal unleaded only takes a slight edge off performance. Lexus recommends 95 RON and when you think about it, in the US they happily recommend the use of the ordinary unleaded you get there, which is the equivalent of 89 RON here. The engine adjusts automatically.
  8. Never heard of Capital tyres but it may be worth haggling on the price of the Dunlops. I got 4 off 17" Dunlop Sport Maxx for my IS250 supplied and fitted by Lexus Teeside for £500 all in which was pretty good I thought.
  9. What size were you looking for? Camskill have 10 different types of winter tyre in 225/45 R17 priced from £86 each to £120 each. Mytyres generally have a good selection too.
  10. LOL quality that is one BRAVE person :) I have an SLK 350 and even with that I don't even attempt to move it once snow comes around - add a 5.4 litre V8 and I can only just imagine...... TBH 3rd RWD car I've had and none of them have been even the slightest bit capable in snow/ice - the total lack of Winter tires available in the UK (Even though they are made for other countries) just renders them useless. Short of importing tyres or buying another set of wheels with winter tyres that do fit we seem to be out of options. Manufacturers claim all year tyres but nothing of the sort; I for one would rather have a good tyre that looses a bit of performance for summer but means I can use the car in Winter. Have been contemplating another Lexus but as this time I really can't bring myself to go for another RWD car.....have been wondering about the upcoming entry level FWD one though....will have to see what that is like once it arrives! Luckily the RX is superb in the snow :) I'm a bit puzzled about your comment on the lack of Winter tyres in the UK. Plenty of places sell them - most of the tyre fitting places offer them and they are readily available off, or I was thinking of buying a set but to be honest with the snow button engaged and a bit of care i've had no real problems this year.
  11. Without going to look under my bonnet I can't figure out what that is. What I can tell from looking at the pic is that it is a cast steel component and you would expect it to get a surface patina of rust over time. It's nothing to worry about - as was said above it's so thick that you and I will be long dead before it became a problem - if ever. Rust isn't always a bad thing - if you don't believe me look at The Angel of the North!
  12. There's been a long held belief in the industry that Lexus will never be considered the true equal of BMW and Mercedes until they sell at similar price points. Until they do, the theory is that they will always be seen as a "posh Toyota". i.e have the confidence in the quality of your product to compete on everything but price.
  13. That's not an IS Hybrid - it's the HS250 hybrid - a bit of a parts bin special using parts of the FWD Euro Avensis, the four cylinder US Camry engine and Prius hybrid technology. It's not coming to the UK. Talking to a guy from Lexus the other day they are planning to have a full hybrid line up by 2012. The LS460 is being dropped in the UK, leaving the LS600h only, the new RX is hybrid only, the GS will be 450h only, and the next IS will be dropping the diesel and going all hybrid as well.
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