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  1. Always remember the German Marques depreciation is based on their basic list price taking no account of their Factory Options that are almost worhless after registration. Top Gear Magazine always test Top Spec BMs etc. but stopped publishing Depreciation Costs because they were dreadful . Tel
  2. Use Silicon not WD 40 to lube plastics. Tel
  3. The 2019 NX is further refined particularly with AVS if the Build is in 2019. Tel
  4. All the above makes me believe I was correct to run- in my F-Sport for the first 1K mile ! The AVS is sublime even in Sport S. The acceleration in the above mode equals my previous F-Sport IS & the 6-speed gearbox is no different to that in my ISF, range apart. Based around My Lexus, HUD & Info Screen the Nav works perfectly. I achieve c. 42.mpg in D & 38.8 mpg in Sport S. Nox levels of emissions are 40 times lower than Euro 6 Diesels & Lexus Build & Reliability is a Global given. My Mk.2 ISF had the best ride of the F-Sports by a mile until my NX with its floppy 18" tyres & revised AVS. Hard acceleration emits a distant whine as though the rear electric motor joins the rush Great SUV. Tel.
  5. As the post above it is the phone that linking to your associated data not the car’s device Tel
  6. Mine is a 2019 linked to an iPhone X but my Contacts have no fotos linked to them Tel
  7. Surely it is your phone that is the source . Connect a different phone to confirm. Tel
  8. When did you order your Super-car? Tel
  9. NX looks better than any RX & AVS gives a cosseting ride. 95% D-Mode & 5% Sport S returns 40 mpg and enables swift progress. Access/Egress top class. Tel
  10. I never input Post Codes as their target is too wide of the mark. I use My Lexus for all known Target Destinations. My journey is detailed on 3 "Screens" i.e the Nav,the Info Screen & the HUD. I pay little attention to the Main Screen & rely on the 2 "screens" directly in front of me. I never input on the run &, if I need to change Destination whilst on the move, I stop to ask Google the address & then use Search to Input. The Nav is so comprehensive it is judged to be complex with literally hundreds of POI's but my System Protocol removes any issues Most of my friends never use their Navs in their cars but use their iPhones . Silly. My Derbyshire Accent is acceptable to the System . Tel
  11. Apologies to you all, I have just returned from a 50 mile round trip & can report how I use my NAV. I primarily use my HUD that informs me in yards to turn left & depicts it is the second left & some distance before said turn I am told turn left once on the island or junction Same for any island. 6 exits with the 5th. shown etc. & the speed of the exit road. The road I am on & the road I am going onto with an arrow left NOT at an obtuse angle as shown in the HUD, is in the INFO screen. I never look @ the NAV screen itself once programmed . Again sorry for my mistake. Tel
  12. Never had an easier Nav. Will report in Detail how I negotiate complex Junctions. On Technology the 2019 Build NX have improved AVS/ Media & my HUD shows road number. Recalculation is instant if I go wrong with no verbal prompt. My Lexus Routes link to the car & when I start the car in my garage the screen informs me said named route has been transferred to My Favourites. Tel
  13. Never ever turned A/c off . A gain in mpg in normal driving in D-Mode would be negligible & cabin climate less comfortable . Tel
  14. My research certainly paid off re my NX Spec.! The HUD SAT NAV display resolves the above grumbles & is a top Option in North America where the NX sells in large numbers. Tel
  15. Positioning Issue as above guys have said. Tel