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  1. Took c. 2hrs to Up-Date the Nav & my Dash Cam was removed to prevent me being able to see the Technicians tools. Their computer must be steam driven hence the Cam removal. Underwhelmed I thanked them for their efforts & vacated the Dealership Tel
  2. Superbly comfortable seating. Your car has the less bolstered seat so I guess you have to play with your seat positions or use what is called a driving cushion. I suppose for the 2020 Build Year Lexus could have changed their Takumi Seats to Sport design but that defeats entirely the purpose of the Model. I purposely chose my spec as the 2019 Takumi Model had "wide" soft seats with a nice ride which was not for me. Tel
  3. Booked in for Nav Update on Monday next week & to check if there is an upgrade for my MLS. Have registered with the but then realised for the last 21 years any Nav up-date,excluding IS Mk3 Launch, was @ cost whereas this up-date is "free". I am assuming the Car Play Autumn Up-grade will be free to us which then negates further updates. Tel
  4. So thanks to the above I can now get my up-date with confidence @ Derby but are there any noticeable differences? My only concerns with my Media Systems is that Virgin DAB radio stations are hit & miss compared with our Aygo in local areas & the NX Speed Camera Alert is too quiet. I was looking forward to the Car Play upgrade for our cars but, although Apple Maps are the Best Nav System ,they lack speed cameras. Wase & Google maps are poor compared with Apple & some Forum members download the Tom Tom Ap & use their iPhone for the radio needs. My point is my MLS & my Nav should really meet my needs as they always did a few years ago. Tel
  5. Using Apple Car Play via a phone connection the Phone is significantly charged so why bother with a Platform. My Phone Charging Platform that can fit the latest phones has a charge rate of half my Wife's Aygo. Tel
  6. I use Maguire's Gold Shampoo & Trim remains Excellent. Silicon Spray is an excellent substitute. Tel
  7. Tel


    You have certainly got the feature. Have you looked in the Info Panel in the middle of your Instrument Panel ? Tel
  8. Took my NX in for 1st. Service today & Loaned an F-Sport UX . The Pros. Lovely to drive & c. 45mpg. The Rear Seating is fine & so, too, the Boot, albeit a touch shallow. The Cons. High CAR v. SUV ratio. Very Costly @ 43K. for my NX Spec. Tel
  9. You had convinced me that Apple Play was an option we really needed so I was excited when our Aygo ExCite arrived with this option. Music Options may be First Class but the Nav Options are not as I hoped. Apple Maps are the best but do not show Speed Camera Data. Waze does & even warns of Pot Holes. Initially I was impressed until I found it generally does not Re-Route in Rural Settings.If you read the checks your chosen deviation for 5 minutes to evaluate whether your Route is an advantage & ,if it isn't, it does not Reroute. Google shows Speed Cameras as a small orange circular icon but the audible warning has been removed & the Mapping is very basic. You can of course down load Tom Tom @ a cost. Tel
  10. My NX F-Sport has AVS which was revised for model year 2019. In D-Mode the ride is significantly softer than normal F-Sport Suspension In D-Sport the ride is firmer but more refined than the normal suspension. In D-Sport+ the ride is firm & considerably boosts the Handling. To say AVS does not read the road ahead the 700/second adjustments, up from c.250 before, really work. Assume the UX AVS is the same. Tel
  11. Ensure you have the Optional Pack that has AVS as you need to counter the Run Flat Tyre "harshness". My NX has AVS & the ride is transformed on F-Sport versions. Tel
  12. Ed, I agree totally but the Lexus/Toyota Forums & the Club Lexus Forum all rave about Waze so much that I was really looking forward to the May Up-Date on our cars. My Aygo X-CIte experience has somewhat dampened my enthusiasm. Tel
  13. Waze does not ReRoute because the Route it selects is that that is used by 99% of its Clients. If you read the Spec., when you deviate, the AP checks if your decision is better & will only Re Route if that is the case. I trust my Lexus Nav in many European Cities but Waze's inability to Re-Route in Rural Countryside disappoints me. Tel