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  1. Only use will confirm resolution as there has been no posts globally about corrosion in this area of the car even in Canada. Tel
  2. I have had Lexus Insurance for the last 20 years & have always had the largest wheel option fitted to the new vehicle & latter-day, front & rear Dashcams . Never had an Issue with damaged wheel/tyre combos. I take my cars to a Porsche Bodyshop whose repair Quote was deemed too expensive & was asked to take my car to my Dealers Bodyshop in 2019. I challenged this & I was surprised when I was allowed to discuss the decision made with the Lexus chap who rejected the higher claim. He sanctioned my preferred choice. You get what you pay for & Car Insurance is no different. Tel
  3. On delivery of both my NX cars I did the following courtesy of Halfords. I fitted rubberised rear sill guard tape to the rear sills & sprayed silicon on the rear, rear door seals Just returned recently from a 60 mile motorway journey in heavy snow/salt spray. Sill filth was negligible.Both cars have mud-flaps. Tel
  4. 1. On long Continental journeys the electric motors would only be recharged twice using Tesla converted pumps (if possible). MPG is poor. Therefore the NX Phev is compromised unless you significantly extend Trip Journey Time. 2.As the UXe, the design range is compromised in the Real World . Convince me I am wrong. Tel
  5. Paul, Thank you I will not up-grade. My Dongled CarPlay works perfectly but my MLS DAB System is shamed by my Aygo DAB system that is less prone to No Signal incidents. Must read the MLS Data sheets again ! Tel
  6. Can you now hear the camera warning over the radio & was the MLS improved too ? Tel
  7. My 2019 NX Speed Camera Warning (SCW) was quiet & the volume could Not be increased. However with Apple Car Play, Speed Camera detection excels. When I got my 2021 version the Lexus Sat Nav was quiet but, on day one, the Lexus Nav up-dated on my drive via Lexus Connect. After the Up-date, the SCW was even Quieter so it is a redundant System for me. Tel
  8. I waft along in Sport Mode & achieve c. 40 mpg on 20 mile urban trips. Ask your Dealer to investigate as I would expect to get even better economy on a long Motorway run. Tel
  9. As ever, we need to wait until a New Normal Society returns & see how the Phev Option fares over a Year. Further Charge Points have to litter the Highways to achieve the Phev potential. The Data I quoted was for the 450h Mk.2 NX. See US Web Sites on the Rav Phev for complimentary actual mpg data Tel
  10. The real world fuel figures are posted on the Lexus GB 450h Web Site so they themselves are confirming the figures which are barely better than my May 2021 NX. Tel
  11. Have had the attractive offer to reserve a new 450 h Plug-in which prompted me to look @ Spec etc & real Fuel Performance. Similar to my UXe experience re real range, the mpg is actually little better than my current ICE which is very disappointing together with the inferior Spec. Tel
  12. It is a deal breaker as the Specs are imperfect & the 2022 model is too similar to the MK 1 model & costs 10% more. Tel
  13. The so called Fins are part of the Drag Reduction co-efficient. Mud Flaps aid filling the wheel arch & do help to protect the lower body areas. Had them on all my cars excluding my Mk2 ISF. Tel
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