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  1. M, Steve is so right & my concentration lapsed when I entered my garage with my pristine clean car as the heavens opened. I was in reverse & ignored the image of my bike. Cost me £140 to erase a very minor scratch. The Auto- Brake is fantastic & has saved me twice in crawling traffic yet I have to drive over the Auto -Brake jolt every time I garage my NX. The cars Systems are superb & you ignore them @ your peril. All the best. Tel
  2. Try tagging with a different word that still describes him. On my Is 300h Sport to call my Home phone I had to say that but on my latest NX I just say call Home. Over many years I have found it does work if All Contacts have their surnames which is a pain for your family members but it does work. Tel
  3. On reflection,with the car perfectly clean / sudden downpour scenario,I focused on garage parking alignment alone. Truly pathetic. Will be sorted next week. Apparently Black car scratches are easy to hide by Touch-up kit methodology & even seamless repairs. The latter will cost c.£140 Tel
  4. For reasons that I am trying to forget reversed into my mountain bike parked in my garage during a downpour. Result is a minor scratch @ the base of the rear bumper that easily satisfies the criteria as listed in the Inchcape Cosmetic Repair description.of minor damage I would post a picture but it is still raining heavily. My question is has anyone used this service? Thanks Tel
  5. Try sitting in Park with the Handbrake OFF & see if it still Jerks. Latesrst Cars have Autobrake when you select Park but yours will be manual select so just try it without Tel
  6. Nothing to do with the Auto Handbrake/rusty surfaced callipers ? Tel
  7. Manually Tuning DAB to get Virgin Radio Stations yet could not find how to select the Ensemble that delivers the best reception. The Lexus Manual they sent me showed me how to Select but is clearly not for my 2019 System as I now deduce the Ensemble you Select is fixed automatically. In other words, the so called latest Manuals are a guide only Tel
  8. They offered the above but persuaded me to wait Tel
  9. Has anyone had the latest Nav Update released in the last week or so.? Derby are telling me it is imminent. Does it update the MLS System @ the same time? Tel
  10. Les My latest car was perfect but the previous new car was sent out from Derby with a deep rear seat crease that took 6 weeks to resolve ! Tel
  11. Sorry I assumed all top-end UX had the Smart System that was activating @ high speed in the examples above. Tel
  12. The RED Brake Feature activates every time I reverse into my garage & get close to the rear wall. It also functions if I get too close to the car in front if they have stalled when moving forward etcetera In both instances it is an abrupt activation to near zero movement. Only activated twice when travelling forward in traffic as described above with the second incident caused by an Idiot stepping off the kerb. Tel
  13. Tony Written confirmation of updates from Lexus ? Which Lexus Customer Service sanctioned as Inchcape told me they did not offer the service ! Tel