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  1. Thanks to the above had Traffic Issues displayed on the Screen yesterday but only one was Live. Tel
  2. Mine has both contrary to some of the Posts above & the clock is perfect in all light conditions. I believe the clock was enlarged in 2018 model year. Tel
  3. Cap should lock. Try You Tube or Google for the Visor. Tel
  4. Try setting your phone on hotspot so that is your wifi link to your System. Tel
  5. Fair point but I will rely on the AA to resolve should the above happen. Tel
  6. My Fuse Cover is filed with my Lexus Documents as Technicians do not cut the cover to facilitate the Piggy-Back Fuse. My iPhone shows me where my car is parked & the directions to return to it. Tel
  7. Tel

    Audio muting

    In Set-up General or Nav there is a volume scale from 1 to 7 for the Media System & the On-Off Radio Switch on the Dash. On my car I have set 7 to be able to hear my Speed Camera Bleeps & set my ML to level 20 Phone call settings are independent of the above Tel
  8. No I am saying my POI was Google that I had never seen before Tel
  9. Used POI yesterday & my Destination was Powered by Google which I had never experienced before. Tel
  10. Ask Google & You Tube as your first port of call Tel
  11. Phil,

    To view your journeys do you remove your SD card or the Unit itself as the latter is less costly for an Apple laptop &

    seems logical protocol to me.



  12. Had 2 Lexus Company cars that did 80k miles each in 21 months & both only required a set of tyres. Had an issue with a new IS which they replaced after 4 months & my Courtesy Car was a new LS 460. Lexus has sent a Technician to my home to resolve a particular very very intermittent issue that first came to light on Belgium Pave & a strip of road near where I live. Chris Evans had an IS Press Demonstrator with 19" wheels yet 4 months before I had to settle for 18". My then Dealer ordered a Courtesy car with 19" & you can guess the rest. Never noticed a purple coloration in my Showroom coffees though so it must be other qualities that have made me a Lexus Fan Tel
  13. Much prefer the Lexus choice in so much that the hard wiring installation should be perfect. The Cam is fixed to the screen which is key for the high temperatures in Italy. The unit is NextBase commercial offering which is proven for Continental driving. Twice the cost of Halfords who I am sure can do an excellent job but not for me . Goes in Monday to Lexus Derby. Tel
  14. Thanks for your quick responses. The cost is increasing to £320 shortly but with the Club discount I can get it for c.£250 fitted. I am convinced. Tel
  15. Considering the Lexus Dash Cam. Been told the unit records for hours in 3 minute slots that can be downloaded to my iPhone. I believe it runs for 2 hours & then starts again. ? So my journey through the Alps which can take much longer would require a larger capacity SD card or a few Downloads to my iPad ? Please advise ? Tel