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  1. Sorry I assumed all top-end UX had the Smart System that was activating @ high speed in the examples above. Tel
  2. The RED Brake Feature activates every time I reverse into my garage & get close to the rear wall. It also functions if I get too close to the car in front if they have stalled when moving forward etcetera In both instances it is an abrupt activation to near zero movement. Only activated twice when travelling forward in traffic as described above with the second incident caused by an Idiot stepping off the kerb. Tel
  3. Tony Written confirmation of updates from Lexus ? Which Lexus Customer Service sanctioned as Inchcape told me they did not offer the service ! Tel
  4. I have F-Sport with Takumi Pack & mirrors work perfectly when in reverse etc. The only extras missing from my car are no memory seats, no heated rear seats & no cooling for the front but an F-Sport with AVS was by far the better option as the latter transforms the ride. Tel
  5. 3D info is on Page 69 & shows Buildings When Zoom falls below 50 metres. Route Trace is not mentioned unless it is in a sub-menu. Tel
  6. No 3D everywhere but no for me Tel
  7. Lexus derby seem to be playing it low key in my response to Sat Nav updates being FOC updates but see what they say - hoping to hear this afternoon. I doubt if they have changed their policy! 

  8. Should be easy as access is excellent. the kit will come with instructions. Tel
  9. Menu----Set-up--Nav. Derby do not offer the Service but let me know if they have changed their mind ! Tel
  10. Revert to IOS 12.4 IF your System was perfect before the upgrade. Tel
  11. I simply do not believe their diagnosis as the phenomena of filings causing the issue makes no sense whatsoever in the context of their Report. One would assume such a presence would signify a fault & the unit would be replaced whilst the other 3 ABS units would be inspected to confirm your braking system is perfect. Erasing a Fault code is secondary, evidence of metal particles in the Brake System is the Primary fault that every other Dealer would resolve themselves. Tel
  12. Very surprised as Radar was not available in the 2006 IS If it is working surely a normal badge will do ? Tel
  13. Hybrid Engines are much cleaner than the latest diesels which may have lower CO these days but their Nox figures are excessive. A Hybrid is fundamentally designed to give you the performance of a larger engine with the economy & clean emissions of a smaller engine. Volvo were the pioneers of Clean Diesels but are removing them from car production next year. Always run my cars in for the first 500 miles & my 4 hybrids have all given smooth swift performance in Sport Mode. In Sport + Mode I get c. 39 mpg which will fall by 10% in Winter. Hybrids approaching 3 figure speeds fall to the mid 20's as does ascending the Alps. Tel