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  1. Between 2003 & 2005 I did 85K. in my IS 300 & used the manual option for driving down the Alps when returning from Italy. It never missed a beat & got c. 30k. out of the rear tyres. Tel
  2. From the above,I conclude the Lexus Apple Car Play System does not integrate with my HUD so I will end-up with a Twin Navigation System. I assume Factory Installations that have both facilities are fully integrated as both are key Safety Features allowing the driver to fully concentrate on the road ahead. Tel
  3. I have rang Lexus & someone is going to come back to me with the answer as I too love the HUD Nav facility that is perfect for driving in busy City traffic. Tel
  4. The best Nav feature I have on my car is the HUD. Assume if I have the Apple Car Play the Hud Nav System will still work but is this correct please? Tel
  5. Just contacted Derby & still no firm promise of when! Tel
  6. Smart Repairs are good but never perfect.Very dependant on the Skill level of the individual. In 3 instances I have had the repair resolved by a Bodyshop & used the £200 contribution they offer claiming on insurance if necessary. Edges always require Bodyshop to resolve, therefore use this route. Fit door edge trim may be another option .? Tel
  7. Lexus Twiter Team are superb. If you have the Order Number they can provide you the date the car is built & the Ship timetable that is scheduled. What impressed me I was told in December 2018 that my car would be built on January 28th 2019 which it was & 2 weeks later it was being Loaded onto the Canadian Highway for shipment to Europe. Tel
  8. No I believe the Roll Out has started in the South & will take a few days to be available in the Northern regions It will be interesting how long it takes for the Dealer to upgrade because now Car Play has Speed Cameras it is a fantastic Nav I cannot wait Terry
  9. Lexus UK have told me the Apple Up-date is being rolled out to Dealers this month & will be available from November. Tel
  10. Just contacted Inchcape Derby & they have not yet received the Apple Car Play Installation USB (?) yet Guiford has ! Tel
  11. Have a look @ Club Lexus too The Guys in the States have tackled this successfully many times. Tel
  12. Richard, No worries whatsoever, You are driving too close to Road Furniture that is triggering your Auto Brake System that has saved me twice rear-ending the car in front stalled. Tel
  13. I still believe the Retrofit is imminent because the Dealers need the work & the software is readily available as proved by Phil. Assume because my USB port is under my Charging Tray, underneath my armrest, I will have no wire exposure as in the ES model. In my ignorance,I believed Factory fitted Aps were Bluetooth driven which is clearly not the case & therefore the USB position is crucial. Tel
  14. IOS 14.1 up-date has resulted in the above so assume it is the Phone that is still the key Driver for Lexus Car Play. Tel
  15. Please see my post on The Apple/ Android Post----iOS must have been up-graded ! Delighted Tel