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  1. Apologies to you all, I have just returned from a 50 mile round trip & can report how I use my NAV. I primarily use my HUD that informs me in yards to turn left & depicts it is the second left & some distance before said turn I am told turn left once on the island or junction Same for any island. 6 exits with the 5th. shown etc. & the speed of the exit road. The road I am on & the road I am going onto with an arrow left NOT at an obtuse angle as shown in the HUD, is in the INFO screen. I never look @ the NAV screen itself once programmed . Again sorry for my mistake. Tel
  2. Never had an easier Nav. Will report in Detail how I negotiate complex Junctions. On Technology the 2019 Build NX have improved AVS/ Media & my HUD shows road number. Recalculation is instant if I go wrong with no verbal prompt. My Lexus Routes link to the car & when I start the car in my garage the screen informs me said named route has been transferred to My Favourites. Tel
  3. Never ever turned A/c off . A gain in mpg in normal driving in D-Mode would be negligible & cabin climate less comfortable . Tel
  4. My research certainly paid off re my NX Spec.! The HUD SAT NAV display resolves the above grumbles & is a top Option in North America where the NX sells in large numbers. Tel
  5. Positioning Issue as above guys have said. Tel
  6. I am SO chuffed my NX has AVS with its 5 Driving Modes as the Auto Set-up smooths out completely the F-Sport bump/thump. Swift S-bend S-Sport driving is good for a mid-size SUV & much more stable than my families Range Rovers along the same highway. S-Sport acceleration from standstill is impressive, surprising the surrounding vehicles @ multi lane intersections. Global road tests have achieved sub-8-seconds 0-60 times but the NX is not intended to be a Sports Car with its high centre of gravity. As Ed states it delivers a smooth stress free ride in a good looking 4x4 that many admire. Tel
  7. I was told by my Wife's Toyota Dealer that Lexus were offering free updates before Xmas. Clearly some Dealers do & many don't yet it is available on the Lexus Tech website whilst My Lexus have updates available @ cost. Having paid c.45k for my Chelsea Tractor 6 weeks ago my Nav is up to date currently & I am determined to secure free updates till 2022. Over 20 years with Lexus; their Customer Service has been excellent But never straightforward as,like any Organisation,the Customer is so dependent on the Contact & what he or she understands. Escalation works wonders :eventually. Tel
  8. Phil, Just to be clear an update is free from the Tech Website but not from the majority of Dealers who I assume have said update downloaded onto a USB for any Nav issues.? Tel
  9. Lexus UK Twitter have told me there are no 3 Year Nav Updates but up-dates are available in My Lexus Portal. Do I interpret this to mean that the Portal Up Date is free but Dealers will not necessarily do the download for you as such a cost is negligible to a Dealer. Tel
  10. New Car Update, 200 mile return trip achieved 40.4 mpg in 90% D & 10% Sport S Modes. Performance in Sport S Mode is excellent with AVS enabling spirited driving through S-bends. Sport S + would be better but that is for another day. The change in Modes transforms the car's behaviour with no increase in noise but some potholes can cause S-Mode to thump whereas D is noticeably softer. Nav excelled save for reading a 40 side road sign that was perpendicular to the main carriage way. A Hard Copy of the Nav Manual has arrived today.Consists of 300 pages! Tel
  11. Global Forums are reporting c.10% better than say NX in normal driving. Tel
  12. It would be interesting to read how Run Flats would perform with AVS. On the NX, the latest AVS is a revelation even with this Forums dis-liked Yokohama tyres AVS is Stealth Tax Territory but it transforms the F-Sport Suspension characteristics now the AVS itself has been uprated. Worth every penny. Tel
  13. Research Club Lexus & You Tube for comprehensive specification changes. The Model Spec does vary between Countries But the Factory changes to build spec does not. As Lexus is focussed on the American Market their reviews are very accurate & up to date. The 2011 ISF in the US was the Mk.2 yet here the change was almost ignored. The 2017 IS is quite different to the 2013 Model yet by-passed here. The 2018 NX was referred to as the Mk.2 in the US. The 2019 model has revised bushings, spring rates & MCU mapping. So a 2016 NX will have many improvements over the launch model . Tel
  14. Up -date, 1.Struggled to Register on My Lexus but this developed my Key-Board skills & the Nav now works perfectly including Auto downloads to My Favourites in an instant. 2.Noticeable change to steering , acceleration & suspension when in Sport Mode. The car really shifts with a 10% increase in fuel consumption. Have not tested S+ yet. 3.The Gardex System,, which was included in the Deal, appears to have coated the car in Silicone. My Maguires-based suds almost disappeared on each application & wheel cleaning is the easiest ever. Chuffed. Tel
  15. I seriously recommend AVS as the ride is sublime & a real positive to me even with the so-called poor tyres the Factory tends to fit. Tel