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  1. Yes please where is the auto button you refer to My garage is So tight . Thanks Tel
  2. How do I adjust the 360 degree View Screen please so it eases my entry into the garage-----the reverse camera is currently the main view. Tel
  3. Chelsea Tractor commissioned. Bluetooth Connectivity rapid. The AVS ride is Superb despite being equipped with Yokohamas tyres ! The HUD is excellent giving me the best of 3 directions, speed etc. Voice command instant & Access/ Egress perfect. Tel
  4. Too low , no AVS & expensive in full spec. Still say the best looking small SUV is the CHR. No 4x4 however as demand was poor. Tel
  5. My car has arrived @ the Dealership today & handover is on Friday----simply cannot wait. The Ship sailed from Bristol to Belgium & is currently on its way to Malmo. Tel
  6. My Chelsea Tractor arrived In Bristol yesterday tea-time as promised. Ordered on the 12th. of December ,rolled off the Production Line on the 28th. of January & was shipped on the 12th. of February on The Canadian Highway. The Ship called @ Athens & Valencia. en- route & I assume will sail to Northern Europe next.. What have I learnt having being persuaded to have a "New " 2019 Model in the absence of a Detailed Spec. UK 2019 Stock Cars are late 2018 vehicles. Only the Lexus Twitter Team were able to give me my 2019 Specification. My decision to take the hit of the Stealth Tax was solely-based on the numerous US in -depth reviews & my 3 Tests in a 2016 & two 2018 Models covering c. 100 miles. UK & US Forum Data were crucial too. Access/Egress & Adaptable Variable Suspension were musts on what I consider is one of the Best Looking 4x4s on the Planet. Trust I have got it right. Tel
  7. Absolutely The Pack consists of Pan Roof,Adaptive Variable Suspension,HUD,Intelligent Parking Assist Sensors, 14 Speaker ML sound system,5 Driving Modes,Naguri Inlays,360 degrees Monitor, BSM & RCTA. The ES is a nice car & relatively cost effective But the Front wheel drive is not for me after years of Rear wheel drive. I am expecting to drive in Normal Mode initially & hope to achieve c.40 mpg.Afterall it has got 2 Electric Motors & one 2.5 L engine & Indian, & 2 from 6 US reviews have clocked sub 8 seconds 0 to 62 which is good for a Chelsea Tractor. Tel
  8. HUD is Standard ----See Takumi Pack Spec which is good for the 3.5k Price. Tel
  9. Had a 2016 Courtesy NX today {Non Sport] Ease of access/Egress was perfect. The ride on Bridgestones impressed & Sport Mode too.D-Mode is refined. Was pleasantly surprised how there was little wind noise & good stability @ high speed in today's Stormy Weather. The 1.5 inch width increase just squeezes into my Garage. The Nav was challenging & poor in my opinion given there is a Major revision in 2018 & a minor one in the 2019 car that I trust will resolve this issue. Cannot wait. Tel
  10. Car is heading to Gibraltar & arrives in the UK on the afternoon of the 10th. of this month. Handover could be imminent I think not ! Tel
  11. My Super NX will be delivered this month & extensive research has convinced me the only features my " Top of the Range" car will lack are Memory Seats for the Front & Heated Seats in the Rear. When it arrives @ the Dealership, I will check it has AVS, Pan Roof & ML & zero Memory Seats (my current IS was not specced but has the feature for the drivers seat). Will be gutted if my Research has failed me & will cancel if the costly features are missing. Quite Frustrating given how long the NX has been in Production Tel
  12. New Car is now heading to Piraeus in Greece & is due in the UK on the 12th. of March with a number of UX I wager. TEL
  13. I only consider Cost of Change verses Residual Value. Group Stock attracts the most lucrative deals,Factory Orders less so. Tel
  14. The 2019 NX Model has Parking Sensors with screen delay. Tel
  15. Paul, Tried to do similar but I am An F-Sport nut & there was no AVS equipped NX in the UK so bit the bullet & ordered new. Ordered Mid - December & is currently 7 days East of the Suez Canal. What impressed me I was told in December that my NX would roll off the Production Line on the afternoon of the 28th. of January & it did. Tel