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  1. Use foam & cardboard to 'jam' your suspect areas even if they fail the stationary reveal test. Take it into Lexus & ask them to diagnose this sudden clack that has appeared overnight. Tel
  2. On the 2019 NX 4x4 there are many situations when the 4 wheel drive is engaged over & above slippery conditions. When I did my research there was loads of American/Canadian reports that praised the NX in Winter Conditions so it is better than a Chelsea tractor IMHO. Tel
  3. On-going revisions from the Factory are always a factor to take into account so go for the latest you can afford & then check the Full Spec.of your selected model. Tel
  4. Had both cars. Both did c.80k in 20 months & were similar specs. Neither missed a beat & were utterly reliable. Tel
  5. Siri is activated by Voice alone surely. I just say "Hey Siri Go Home" Tel
  6. Sadly Chris the Tesla Build Quality Issues would not appeal to me after 22 years driving Lexus. I also believe the Lexus NX is a great looking self-charging SUV that requires no lengthy fuel stops & the aforementioned rebuild Issues. Each to there own I guess, given the rapid development of E-Cars. A 4x4E Toyota is scheduled for next year Tel
  7. Nigel, You connect your phone before you start your car & therefore there are no Safety Issues & Apple Car Play is perfect for your car as it includes Siri who alerts you to all fixed Speed Cameras & much more. What are the issues with your Lexus Nav as there are some clever, highly Knowledgeable guys on this Web-Site.? Tel
  8. UXe Demo car was a Takumi-Spec Lexus Europe vehicle in Blue with 2 giant fuel flaps either side. Drives normally with F-Sport suspension on 18" wheels. Lexus Finance is 0.1 % p.a. more costly than my NX Deal & in % terms the UXe's GFV over a 3 years, on a much lower 5000 m.p.a, is worse than my top of the range NX. Disappointed as this is the first Lexus since my 2011 Mk.2 ISF that has received positive Press Reviews yet actual running cost is much higher than I expected. I understand the UXe is not available for Sale in Europe & is !00% leased Tel
  9. Depreciation & attractive Finance will be key to Private Punters as Insurance is not cheap & neither is the Lexus Wall Charger. Tel
  10. Pano"s blind combined with the glass spec itself erases the Merc issues as my research, prior to purchase, focused heavily on the revised AVS & the roof. AVS passed the Manhattan Test & same too by Vegas owners who love their Pano Option. Prior to Covid we drove to Italy & Amsterdam & I needed to be confident both Options would perform. Tel
  11. If covered the HUD would not function. Tel
  12. Lexus UK car I assume & definitely not for sale. It will be a financially interesting experience re GFV as, IF, it interests me I would only be interested in the 60K Model. I believe my NX is better looking, better equipped with its AVS , Pano Roof & Siri but ,of course, the E costs significantly less to operate day to day. Tel
  13. Just been informed it is a pre-production model with Left-Hand drive. Tel
  14. Test Driving the E on Sunday Cannot wait to find out all about owning such a vehicle. I trust its Build is Excellent . Tel
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