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    Green for me Tel
  2. Tel

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    With Nav try using your phone as an hotspot & the down load the Journey as your Wi Fi is connected too. Tel
  3. Cannot wait to see it in the flesh & drive it but have to say I have studied a Black NX & it does seem better proportioned in my eyes! I want a 4x4 that will fit my garage & the NX is tight whereas the UX is even shorter but disappoints with those arches! Tel
  4. My experience is that on the first low temperature day my Lexus can display the Warning sign but goes off & never returns when said tyres get warmed up. On the Yaris, same as above, but System has to be Initialised. Easy to set from sitting on the drivers seat with the engine running once you know where the switch lies i.e. in the horizontal plane above the accelerator pedal. Tel
  5. Reading the above my overall impression is that the UX is more CT than NX & not refined when stretched @ higher speeds. The US have issued prices & sadly the 250h 4x4 F-Sport will be c.40k with the Premium Pack. The Plastic Arches are less pronounced on the Black colour variants. Tel
  6. My Nav has thrice suddenly changed to the road parallel to the road I am driving along & obviously erases the programmed journey. My Dealer has checked for Bugs & no faults were found: stating keep them informed if it occurs again! It has & it goes in next week for another check. There is no Software Update available so I have said it needs my Software erasing as it has a glitch & then run a new replacement from a trusted source. They infer this is not possible. Any ideas/comments please would be most welcome. Tel
  7. In my experience a Smart Repair is very dependant on the skill & experience of the Technician who attempts the fault. Last month my man knew he lacked skills to remove 3 very minor dents & recommended resolution would require Bodyshop skills.New Bumper fitted ----perfect. Earlier this year it took 2 attempts to repair my wife's diamond cut wheel. Took Lexus 4 attempts to resolve a leather cushion issue which was evident @ Hand Over On Chips & Scratches the Best can hide the fault well but over the years I have resorted to panel respray when the car is new. The Skills are out there You just have to find them! Tel
  8. Yes & it is in the Handbook & on You Tube Tel
  9. The screens are distinct Check again which yours matches ! Tel
  10. Mine ,see Shocked Post, is insured by Lexus & have selected a Porsche Bodyshop to repair as they were formally the Lexus approved bodyshop too. Lexus initially rejected their Quote because of higher labour costs but allowed me access to the Engineer who eventually agreed to meet my wishes. My excess is £200 which I will pay & then claim back off my Lexus Smart Cover by Inchcape once their Smartman submits his report. Like Rayaans declined Courtesy Car . 7 to 10 day repair that looked initially a very minor blemish ! Tel
  11. Still say the CHR is the car to beat style wise but the 4x4 engine is the 3 cylinder motor. The UX will have a 2.5 L which appeals but the arches are a real turn-off as they are too big & lack integration. A Black body colour might be the only solution. Tel
  12. Tel


    When you look close, the tip of the brake cooling duct has lifted slightly, the radiator trim has a clean split, the numberplate mounting plinth has a small vertical crease & there are 3 x 5 inch 1mm deep creases on the bumper itself & ,of course, the 5 grey chips along the trim edge. I expected the Smart repair to flash-in the chips & dents, super- glue the tip of the duct & fit a new number plate to hide the crease. He walked up to the car saying it looked mint & announced he did not have the skills to effect the repair & left saying I will tell them the Customer refused to have filler used on his expensive car & the bumper needs taking off & heat applied to its rear. ChipsAway sorted my mates bumper scrape when he nudged his brick wall & I still feel I now have doubt what happens when Dealers resolve issues as Les perfectly illustrates. You will recall my car was delivered with a Leather crease that I insisted was not acceptable & 4 weeks later a whole new leather seat was fitted with two smaller creases that Derby were not happy with & neither was I. 5 days later a Smart Upholstery Technician arrived & worked his magic that is still perfect today. Rayaans doubted the Fix would work but this guy was an expert.Pity yesterdays was not! My Premium will now rise next year despite NCB protection & the fix will now take 3 days instead of 3 hrs. Car will again look mint as it does today from a metre away. Tel
  13. When I purchased the car part of the Deal included Cover for Cosmetic/Wheel & Tyre repair. When I cleaned my car after my Continental Trip to Italy noticed some very minor damage to the front bumper that Lexus Derby agreed would be covered by their Smart repair System. After waiting 24 days for the Smart Technician to arrive on this perfect day he concluded he could not repair my expensive, pristine car & he would report this to his Team. I took the car to my Bodyshop & am awaiting approval from my Insurers which includes new bumper, new black chrome radiator grill surround & numberplate plus painting etc. Makes me think how second-hand cars which need fettling before sale are sorted. ip
  14. Told by Dealer my NAV issue has no fix as there are no software updates & they have referred the matter to Lexus GB. Asked why they did not simply wipe mine clean & re-install from a trusted source the correct firmware they preferred their approach ! Rang GB Customer Services Nav Team & briefed them about my issue on my CT Sport according to their records ! After resolving that error was asked to describe the issue. The Teamster then told me she would consult the Nav Team on my behalf. Watch this space. Tel