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  1. Dido - for the M6 rush hour (parked) Matrix OST - for the M6 rush hour (when you need to get past everyone) Jamiroquai - For the summer weekends Delerium - Semantic Spaces (late nights) Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (when you've just finished work but you're miles from home) Boogie Nights OST (sometimes you just got to boogie) Whats the life expectancy of the changers? Mine broke first day I used it. No problems since (January). Still get that feeling it may jam when I really need the tunes.
  2. cunning, very cunning.;) I don't think I'm a good designer anyway. I'll end up with something that looks like a shark-boat-spaceship.
  3. An itemised gallery would help too. There's some cracking ones in there.
  4. Need some help everyone! Just wondering which body kits are available. Want to get one but there aren't any reviews or organised opinions on the different ones out there. I know there's TRD and the Lexus ones, but what else is there?? Is it cheap to design your own and get one made? I know everyone will think there's is the best but some of them (generally from the States) are a bit over the top. Any help appreciated...
  5. red6

    Your voice!

    I agree with andyhart21. If you're away for a while, you just have to hope that not much has gone on. Unless you can timestamp a cookie so it knows when you last checked, but I guess this could get awkward. It'd also be good to see who's logged on from all screens, not just the front of the forums.
  6. Done 24k since I bought mine in December. Only trouble I've had is seeing IS200s with body kits and another service due. Roll on 50k service report. :sniff:
  7. Got it. Paint an orange / tennis ball silver. Stick a fat marker pen in it and a little red flashing light on the end. Shove the orange in the gap and hey presto, you've got the light speed lever from the millenium falcon. You might want to add HIDs to the rear when you use it, and don't forget to say "punch it Chewy."
  8. Okay, so I watched that Ant and Dec program. But did you know the prize car the contestant would have won? Basically, for those who didn't/couldn't/wouldn't watch the show, the overall winner of the game show won every product advertised during a program already aired. Could be a house/car/dog food/etc. The program he would win the prizes from was Lad's Army but they didn't tell him what they were and he didn't see the show. I watched this earlier in the week and there was an ad for a 206CC and an SC430! (Remembered this from a conversation with the missus about stereotypes and advertsing slots, blah blah blah) Chap got half the prizes and didn't gamble to win the lot. We were told both cars retailed at over 25K. He could have been so happy.
  9. I like the MP3 player. Must be a bit tricky to see the screen though. Now if the video could be rigged to the sat nav display, then I'm sold. Cleaner than cake too.
  10. Has anyone done anything useful with the gap at the bottom of the centre console, behind the ashtray. I think the new IS200s might have cup holders, but all I can think of doing is mash a dundee cake in the gap to fill up the space. Any ideas?
  11. No problems with new external modems. Anything internal, you're in for rough times.
  12. My brakes didn't seem to last........Lexus dealer wins
  13. After the first forum page, everything is perfect. Didn't mean to make a fuss. Opera is just one of those browsers thats hard to move away from once you've tried it.
  14. Doesn't look right in Opera 6.01 (registered) on XP with Java runtime 1.3. The Club notice doesn't scroll at all, but I prefer the three menus at the top.
  15. You might want to check this thread on people's insurance quotes. Hope this helps.