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  1. If you have a phone that has hsdpa then you can get a t-mobile PAYGsim. You can purchase a 5 day pass which is 2.50 and allows you unlimited access. On my N95 i can get a connection of 480kbps.
  2. Hi there Johnboy, been busy but sold the IS200 year and a half ago. Apparently it was written off about a 2months after selling. I've driven one but that was probably about 8 years ago. Might have to go and arrange a test drive somewhere.
  3. I used this guide to make box for my CLK.
  4. The CLK is quite highly specced, extras that I have are heated leather seats, headlight washers, xenons and the parking sensors. It also has the onboard computer to tell me when I need oil and how much to top up by and things like lamp failure warnings. So far the only things I can think of is that my car does not have electric seats and electric steering column. Wish I could but it would be out of my budget It's the 3.2 V6, both cars are nice. Just weighing up the differences between the cars. Not too fussy with either a saloon or coupe. Thanks Paul, but I'm looking for straight swap unless some buys my car. Any more opinions.
  5. Hi there all, its been a long time since i've been on the forum. I used to have a Lexus IS200 but sold it and decided to have a bit of fun and bought a MR2 roadster. Missing all the Extras that the Lexus had I chopped it in pretty quick(3 Weeks) and bought myself a 1999 320 CLK elegance. I've always liked the GS300 and at the moment am tempted to exchange my CLK for the GS300. I guess I'm just after a little push in the direction of the Lexus but with all the luxuries and extras the CLK has I'm finding it hard to. The CLK I have has extras like parking sensors, heated seats and Xenon lights. Also, from looking at the specs it seems even with a bigger engine the CLK has better fuel comsumption. I'd be looking at a straight swap so at a guess the GS would be around the 5000 mark. Whats your opinions? Keep the CLK or get the GS. Thanks, Alex
  6. I had the same problem when I had my IS200. Maybe check your connections. Have you soldered the wires in. Sounds like its not getting enough power to the screen. Might be a dodgy earth.
  7. These are mainly R'n'B and Hip Hop vidoes but they have some pop and dance songs too.
  8. I ditched the 6x9's in my car and got some decent front components. The holes that 6x9's left made a big difference in bass.
  9. Wheels were 18x8.5 lowered by 35mm. The lights were 2nd hand from Fargo. These were the old 2nd gen halos but I modified them to take Led's instead. I've changed them since to white.
  10. My wheels are the 18" chrome vaults which are triple plated. I liked them but after having all that trouble especially with the amount of time I spent cleaning them I definatly wouldn't go back to chromes. I ended up changing the rims to TSW catalunya's.
  11. I've had chromes on my car. I wouldn't get chromes again though. I had them on my car for 4 years, not once did I ever curb them or scuff them. Always kept them clean ( I think I cleaned them twice a week and polished once a month) I found that the chromes started to corrode from the inside of the wheel inside the tyre. It started to flake and then my tyres started loosing pressure. Ended up forking out for tyres all the time where the pressure had been too low and the tyre ended up getting damaged. Here is a pic of what they look liked on my car.
  12. Heroes is a great show, just havent anyone that has watched it to talk about it.
  13.;id=89&c=14 These links should help you, also depending on what model you have there are different adaptor leads you need to convert your plug to standard iso.
  14. Just found the old post of an altezza qualitat with lambo doors. this isn't a photoshop either.