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  1. It'll be attached directly on to the brackets that hold in the aircon and factory HU I'd assume. I've changed the HU in a few IS's and I'm pretty sure thats how it'll be, the screw holes on the sides of standard and aftermarket HU's seem to be pretty uniform.
  2. Sadly I am parting ways with my IS300, I have loved it for a few years now. I really don't want to sell it but I can't really afford to run the beast anymore. I am now the (not so) proud owner of an Audi diseasle! While I kinda hate my new car, it is a good enough car and it costs practically nothing to run!
  3. Here you go, the DBA 4000 series, they are worth the money. Btw this isnt where I got mine from but I really cant remember where I got them, it was about 6yrs ago!
  4. I had DBA titanium grooved ones all round on my IS200, can't remember the exact product name but they were awesome. Pretty damn expensive though, I think it cost me about £600 for the 4 of them. You're paying for the quality with most of them. I got the DBA's as I was fed up with Lexus ones warping after 6k miles (i drove it like I'd stole it) and the DBA's say they'll never warp, and true to their word, they never did :-)
  5. I've worked mine out a couple of times and I'm averaging 26mpg in my IS300. So its not exactly horror story worthy, still ain't fantastic but the car is worth it. I'd say those official figures are pretty accurate tbh. I had a 200 before and did get 28 on average.
  6. +1 for the Uniroyal rainsport obviously they are awesome in the wet, but they are also awesome in dry weather. I had them on my last car and I'll be putting them on my current car once my Bridgestones are dead. Gotta say though I really don't rate the Bridgestones and the sooner they are dead the better. Very expensive and not very good is what I think of them, I've had much cheaper tyres which had much better grip in all weather and less road noise too, not a fan at all.
  7. Just fitted my new head unit, and I just wanted to say Holy Pain in the balls getting the plug out the back of the amp!! Glad I'll never have to do that again! The rest of the job took about 10 mins but getting the plug out the amp took about an hour of farting about. :(
  8. Sorry it took me so long, I'm never on the computer usually just on my phone. Anyway, here's some pics if you're still interested Here they are after a right good rub down, they weren't in very good condition to start with. Here they are after painting, still wet and shiny B) And here they are on the car. I went with gloss black because I had painted the roof and bonnet black so it matched, but you can go matt and any colour too.
  9. Prices vary with powder coating, anything from 25 quid per wheel to 80 per wheel depending on who you know and where you go. The finish is better looking with paint, much smoother and more glossy, but not as durable as powder coating. It is cheaper to paint them too but it is a pain to do yourself. I'll post some pics of my Scooby wheels that I painted.
  10. +1 for the KYB's they are better and cheaper than the standard ones.
  11. Powder coating will give the most durable finish. But I painted the wheels on my Scooby and they were fine, just normal black paint. Put on 3 coats of paint and then 2 coats of laquer. You have to rub them down quite a bit though, start with about 400 grit wet paper then use some scotch bright to smoothen the finish, then spray away.
  12. Oh well, just had my first taste of driving the 300 in real snow (we haven't had much here, west coast Scotland) and I can confirm that my car won't be seeing any use until spring if it stays like this. Couldn't even get up a 30 degree slope to get into my street! So my car is parked 3 blocks away from home and I won't be attempting to move it :-( If the weather stays like this I'm screwed I can't afford to shell out for winter tyres so I'll be selling the car if this is how our winters are.gonna be from now on, and buying a Navara or something.
  13. Pretty much what Jay said, it would be crazy to just do the rear wheels, very dangerous I would think. If you were only going to do 2 then the fronts would be the top priority. All braking and steering is done at the front, get all 4 or none I would say.
  14. I had my first taste of driving the 300 in snow today, and I very much agree with what Russell said there, the 300 is a lot better than my old 200, LSD ftw. Still, that doesn't help it stop any better though!
  15. Even going the turbo route you'd still probably end up cheaper just buying an Altezza, not having a dig at you or anything but people really don't seem to realise the amount of work involved in these things, you don't just buy a turbo kit and bolt it all on and hey presto. Nothing is that simple, I guarantee you'll spend well over 5k before you get of running right with a turbo, and even then it won't be nearly as fast as a Scooby or Evo which for your 5k and the sale of your Lex you could buy a pretty decent one of those. Imho of you want to go fast either buy a fast car to start with or get your arms extended cause you're gonna have to reach deeep into your pockets.
  16. I'm a bit gutted cause I only skipped my old is200 16's when I moved house during the summer, wish I'd kept them now. I've seen them selling on eBay for like £60 for a full set though so I might have a look on there and see what I can find.
  17. My favorite has always been the Elixir kit, its only available from Japan but I'm sure you can find someone to import it for you, it is lovely though, Google it and see, or you could just look at my avatar :-)
  18. What Ormi said. The amount of money you'll spend won't be worth it at all, when you could just sell the IS and buy am Altezza, and it'll all be perfect and work out cheaper.
  19. I absolutely love those wheels and your car sits on them perfectly, very nice :-)
  20. I'm not looking forward to driving my 300 in the snow, rear wheel drive, auto and 18 inch wheels are not a good combo in snow. I remember driving my 200 in the snow and it was a nightmare. Last year I had an impreza and it was great in the snow, I was cruising about like normal where other people couldn't move :-) I'm thinking about getting some 16s and snow tyres on the 300 if we get weather like last year.
  21. If it as an amp then you'll need the bypass, I think they all do except the s model. I've posted a link in your other post.
  22. Here's the leads you need, you'll also need a facia adapter (also available from.that site). That's if I am understanding you correctly and you are fitting an aftermarket head unit.
  23. You can get all the leads you need from autoleads, you'll get their kit from any decent car audio dealer, eBay or halfords.
  24. I don't see that happening! I pre ordered it 2 years ago! They can't delay it now. I'm a bit gutted it has no IS300 apart from the sportcross, other than that, it will be amazing! Anyone who doesn't have a clue what were talking about, have a watch at this
  25. Anyone else a game geek like me and looking forward to GT5, it is after all the only place most of will be able to take our cars round the Ring and the only place most of us will get to drive an LFA. It comes out on Wed 24/11. I for one can't wait! :-)
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