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  1. hi rob..... i've heared Dent Master in UK is good... go look them up
  2. lol.... where did you get my pic from???? lmao
  3. we've had age, how about a pic of the peeps here? got to be good to put faces to personas? how about it? all in favour say i :)
  4. well, i'm 30, going on 60, more grey than brown now.... sigh! single, free, well, i do come rather cheap, and about to have fun in my lovely blue IS200 sport, arriving soon :o)
  5. ok here we go..... ready???? :yes: a man in the jungle sees an elephant lying on its side.... a bit troubled by this (if someting killed it, it might be still out there ) he goes over to investigate..... on inspection he sees nothing really wrong... not old, no bite marks, no poisoin arrows... noting... then he sees this 3 foot pigmy standing to the side with a huge grin on his face looking rather chuffed with himself.... Man " did you kill this elephant???" Pigmy, flexing his muscles "yeah!" Man "what???? you, a 3 foot pigmy, killed this, 3 tonne, young bull elephant in it's prime???" Pigmy, acting rather cool "i said yeah!" Man "chuffin' 'ell, you mean to say you killed this Elephant???" Pigmy "I SAID YES!!!!!" Man " how the hell did you kill it???" Pigmy, lexing his muscles yet again " with my club" man " you mean to say, you killed this 3 tonne, bull Elephant, in it's prime, with a club????" Pigmy " YES!!!!!!!!!!!" Man " bloody hell, must have been a big club!!!" Pigmy " yeah, about 847 of us" :smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin:
  6. belated happy anniversary.... did you know it's german custom for the owner and head honchos to buy the drinks when this sort of thing happens :bounce: really 'onest guv
  7. has to be 2 2 2 2 2 2 1st one looks, well.... girlie.... 2nd one.... the dogs dangly bits 3rd one.... erm... next 4th one.... well... dare i use the word common? 5th one.... :?: did i say the 2nd one looks best?
  8. how about this for a nice little tip...... goto a company who specialises in car advertisements... you know the sort..... like taxi firms have all over their car.... they should be able to get an almost exact colour copy of your cars, if not, you could use clear film.... they do it so well you wouldnt see it.... and i'm sure it wouldn't be too hard on the bank balance.... tip 1 of jeffs 1001 handy tips for lexus owners... available in most good bookshops for 9.99
  9. well, i work in germany.... i was travelling around Europe.... ok.. bumming around... last stop Germany... got an honest job in a store to save more money to keep on travelling.... got swallowed up by a time warp, and here i am, 12 years later, still here.... i KNEW i should have taken that last left.... or was it a right.... erm.... oh yes, where was i??? my job... that's it.. well, i am in sales, and loving every minute of it... and yes, of course the customer is always right
  10. sorry steve, but mats a good buddy, and have you ever heared him sing????????? LOL :wow::wow::o:wow::D:yes::tumble:
  11. well, if you ask me BMW, are always going to be "common" , now Lexus..... hmmmm, i dont think they will ever be "common"..... they are a statement.... much more than any 3 or 5 series will ever be..... :P
  12. hmmmm worst cars...... this will be fun..... 1st Ford Capri 1.6 Laser...... hills?? forget it 2nd XR3 that was fun, apart from going through 3 carbs.... orange too :) 3rd BMW 325i that was fun!!! i miss that car in the snow.... slide that back end out baby!!! woooo hoooo 4th Escort 1.8.. i know i know, what did i do that for??? looked ok, BEFORE the ex crashed it twice... into the very SAME wall!!!! after that i've had like 20 cars, company ones..... the Lexus was real nice, i must admit though, the celica (black) was real nice... untill i wrote it off at 130MPH !!!! one good thing.. it was safe... lol... well, the boss wasn't too happy LOL so, therefore the Capri was the worst.... or was it the XR3... hmmmmm [Edited on 17-2-2002 by moschops_72]
  13. matt for some reason thinks i should clean his???? what planet is he on??? LOL
  14. how about a shortcut back to the main room from the chatroom logout page? i can't seem to find a way back, no logo to click on, all i can do is to click back on my browser :) or am i just as stupid as i look??? no comments please matt... lol [Edited on 17-2-2002 by moschops_72]
  15. hmmmm ok matt.... well done.... have a chrome sticker for your good work :)