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  1. Today when i got into my car the wee metal bits on my jeans caught the leather seat and a nice big scratch appeared on my leather seats! Does anyone have any tips on how to get these scratches away or fixed? All help appreciated as usual!
  2. Its sold.....got rid of the LEXUS. Got fed up of the noises, rattles, squeaks, lack of space. Bought myself a top of range Honda CRV - all the same toys as my lexus ie camera vocie comands etc. And im loving it! So bye bye lexus and i look forward to the next survey I get through as I will quite happily point out that i felt as if my car was put together in an hour!!!
  3. it drives OK. I didnt notice it until I was washing the car yesterday!
  4. Hi all, Wonder if anyone else has had this issue. At the back end of my IS250 the drivers side wheel arch is lower than the passengers side. To me it looks as though the suspension on the drivers side has been damaged some how and now sure how. Im a tad concerned about that!! Thinks its just another reason to consider getting rid! I find there is little space since having our first child and the continuing issue with rattles from seat, dash and centre console....oh and now the intermittent engine noise on a cold start my mind seems to be made up to get rid. Considering the new Honda CR-V or Rav 4....not sure what yet
  5. Well I had a Sony Ericsson.....now I have an IPHONE....and to be honest its the best. So get yourself and iphone!
  6. Just found out I had a puncture outside my work!! Raging as they are not that long replaced! Anyway RAC been out and put on spacesaver......and its minging!! So taking a half day to get that replaced!! Its on drivers rear....just wondering how safe it is seeing as its rear wheel drive!!
  7. This all lokks good guys, but what use it to anyone. Can I make any usefull changes in here? Look forward to your replies as I like playing with all tis kinda stuff!
  8. Hi all, Was wondering if any one else is having these issues with there car. I recently had fixed the side panel on the side curtain airbag (drivers side) where it was coming loose and the same thing has now happened to the passengers side airbag. :tsktsk: And today..my Sat Nav just decided to cut out! Was driving along quite the thing and then the screen went blank! When I pressed the MAP button i received the message "The external system cannot be connected". Stayed like this for a good 20 mins, tried turning car on and off but to no avail! Then I pressed DEST button and back on it came! Weird! Anyone else had similar probs? Will mention to Lexus Edinburgh when my car goes in for the airbags on the 21st.
  9. any idea where and how I can get the CD out....im not sure where it is!!
  10. Anyone know what the latest version is of the Sat Nav......im looking to get an updated version and wondering if it was available and if so what price?? Look forward to all replies!
  11. Hi all, We are just about to buy our next car seat as our son is now 6 months and nearly ready for the next car seat up from newborn. Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on what car seat to get as I know the seats in the back of the IS250 Sport are fairly "shaped" shall we say!! Also, is isofix they way to go?? Has anyone bout the seat that Lexus offer Help is much appreciated
  12. Just got ma car back from its service. Everything all OK with the service, however spoke to service manager and its to go back in for a few things under warranty. 1. Hand brake not holding on hills correctly 2. Corrision on ALL 4 of my alloys and all 4 are getting replaced - BONUS! 3. Drivers SRS airbag, part required as comes loose. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems. Ive heard about the corrosion, cant believe that all 4 are getting done tho. Crazy. Oh well get an RX350 for a couple of days!!
  13. keep the badges man. Good to show off what your driving to people who dont know!
  14. Well my cars in for a few bits and pieces at end of august and im getting RX350. Cant complain. Thats twice I will have had it now