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  1. The latest BMW M3 does not have a spare - only an electric pump and some foam.
  2. There is only one thing that i don't like about the IS200 and that is the lack of memory on the electric seats!!
  3. The best stuff i have ever used is the Autogylm Gold, followed on from the standard Autoglym Red. I use the Autoglym gold on the wheels and painted calipers also. The recent Autoexpress review really rated the Autoglym gold, although they felt it was let down by the 'high' price £8.99.
  4. Hi Mate You will only get refurbished alloys, its 'THE POLICY'. I even took it up with Lexus HQ and they would not budge. I am sure the legal position should be new alloys, but i am not sure. I was going to stick out for new alloys recently, but when i saw the latest bunch of refurbished alloys, i accpeted these. The latest bunch of refurbished alloys look exactly the same as the original wheels other than the fact that they have a clear lacquer over the painted bits on the inner edges and the bare metal mill finish on the edge of the rim and front of the spokes. As these look identical to the original alloys, and appear to be far far easier to clean, i opted for these.
  5. Steve, your calipers look great. How do you get your photos to display on a thread?
  6. I have driven both and must admit that the manual does feel quicker, but that is probably because you are actually 'driving' it!!! I would not change back to manual now though - too used to the cruise control!
  7. Have a look at the Autoexpress website. They had a review of wheel cleaning products recently, with Wonderwheels coming out tops.
  8. Keep the calipers black!! lokks far classier, especially with chrome stickers. If someone can tell me how to upload a picture, i'll show you my black calipers.
  9. I passed my advanced driving test last year. There are two ways to join, the first is direct membership of your local group, the second is called the 'skills for life' package. This costs £75.00 and includes your test fee. They also send you a good book entailed 'pass your adnaced driving test'. The subscription for this second option is paid directly to the head office in chiswick. Good luck if you take the IAM route- it was well worth it for me.
  10. My IS 200 was new in March 2002 and the wheels are corroding. Lexus have confirmed that they will only offer refurbished alloys. I am not satisfied with this response as the refurbished alloys do not have the bright 'milled' finish on the rim or front edge of spokes. If Lexus can sell new IS 200's with the 'two tone' wheels then i do not see why i should accpet refurbished alloys that are painted all over. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Having mostly driven manual cars, i decided to go for a new Automatic IS 200 SE, and i can honestly say i would never go back to a manual. The sheer effortless drive, the lack of any noticeable gear changes, and the general smoothness have convinced me that auto is the way to go. The auto is slower off the light, but when using the 'ECT power' button on the auto gearbox, i don't think there is any noticeable difference in acceleration once you are moving. As mentioned above, drive both and see which suits you. Good luck
  12. I got mine new in March 2002. IS 200 SE Automatic, in Granite Sky, with 4 Lexus mats for £21,000 - But it was hard going!! Good luck