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  1. Just a thought, but if you do disable the speed pulse, will the Satnav not be affected too? Or are there 2 sources for the speed pulse? If you do disable the speed pulse then yes, you will loose GPS accuracy, particualrly in tunnels or in the city. Some of the other hacks do have this side effect. As this hack does not modify the speed input to the head unit, it does not have this side effect. Rember, to enable the phone and menu system you have to use the soft override via the volume screen. Kinros
  2. Hi Rap03 I just checked. The ASL still works with this mod. (first bleep at 60km and 2nd bleep at 100km) Kinros
  3. New link to the file here: Kinros
  4. Hi Rap03, Good question, I'll check when Im next in the car. Kinros
  5. Hi Squarehead, Voiding of waranty is possible. I checked with my dealer and they said they would honor warranty if the mod was done by a company they deal with. I called the company and they said it was $500 and they stick something into the wires they cut - maybe its the switch they stick in who knows - they also said they have not been able to get access to a IS250 from the dealer and it could be many months away. The cuts made can be reconnected without visibile detection - it's not detectable unless someone goes through the trouble of unwrapping the wireing loom and insulation surounding the wires. If something goes wrong with the head unit, they will run a diagnositc (this does not show up the mod) and fix / replace as appropriate, this can be done by unclipping about 6 plugs without unwrapping the insulation. Is the mod worth it? well that's a personal question and the answer will vary from one person to another. For me I love the fact that the passanger or I can now: - use the full mobile phone touch screen and not just the speed dial screen - get access to the MP3 folders list to select folders and tracks - navigate the full menus of the Mark Levinson - change settings on any menu - passanger can watch dvds while moving - with the override enabled, the passanger can change and add new satnav destinations while moving At the end of the day don't do anything your not comfortable doing :) Cheers Kinros
  6. Thanks Jamboo Ill do a dig round for the thread Cheers Kinros
  7. I have been reading that it is possible to use voice commands to control the SatNav and Phone. I have an Australian model IS250 sports with the Enhancement pack and these features seem to be disabled. The only voice command I can get working is the voice recognition dialing where you say the voice tag you have pre-recorded. when I hit the voice button on the SatNav screen, I get a message saying it is not enabled on this screen. Does anyone know how / If this feature can be turned on? Cheers kinros
  8. Mobile Phone Volume

    Try this: - Press and HOLD DOWN the INFO button - At the same time, turn your Park Lights on then off three times - Release the INFO button - A Menu Screen will appear - Choose the Bluetooth option Kinros
  9. Lexus In Australia

    Hi Edsters, I just I just did the mod to play DVDs while moving and it works well. I just posted a guide with some snaps so feel free to take a look. Kinros
  10. Hi guys, I just performed the DVD hack as per the original instructions published by muzzman1 on clublexus and it works a treat. I thought I would put together a step by step walk through to help anyone else who is thinking about attempting this mod. The steps in this guide were not worked out by myself; and everything included in this guide worked as described for me and a number of other people. Follow this guide at your own risk, inaccurate execution may cause undesired symptoms. The walkthough can be found here: Kinros
  11. Lexus In Australia

    W00t !!! Just picked up my IS250 Sports with Enhancement pack from Brighton Lexus. Silver with Black interior and man can I say I am totally wrapped with this car :) The only thing is the hassle of not being able to use all of the features of the DVD player and satnav/phone while the car is moving above 8ks. Does anyone know if the system can be "tweaked" to provide a "richer" set of functionality? Cheers Ken