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  1. Hi guys, I know adding a supercharger will be a bigger bang for buck but I'm not interested in an SC, so what realistically will bolt on's add bhp/torque wise? has anyone done the mods below. I get the impressive its pretty well tuned to begin with and I believe they are 153bhp/144 lb-ft standard. 1. Exhaust+decat 2. Aftermarket intake 3. Manifold 4. Throttle body bore - is it same size through to the intake manifold or staged?. I can do this on a CNC machine. 5. Greddy Emanage ultimate. Does anyone know if there is any scope with ignition timing in partial throttle to increase MPG? I will likely buy second hand bits and tune the greddy emanage myself (done 2 now on an s2000 and another car), as IIRC i seen the engine code in the map settings. Thanks
  2. Excellent i like it, nicely done without looking too over the top. What sort of power is it putting out and figures?
  3. Hi there. To cut a long story short my dads Is200 developed a scarping noise, he thought it was the brake pads. I took the rear brakes apart and noticed on one side the rear handbrake shoes were worn (not too bad) but a bracket has failed/bent and was scraping inside, I have took a picture (item circled in red) but just wondering exactly what this bit is?, and where i can a buy it? Thanks in advance. IMAGE HERE:
  4. Hi guys. My father IS200 headunit has stopped working, he reports its not ejecting CD and skips on them too. His IS200 is a sport version and is a X reg, he imported it when the is200 first come out from holland. I have found a guide to remove the unit now :) Now he complains about the satnav being crap and out of date, if i replace the unit can i keep the screen and replace the headunit and CD drive, i believe later models are DVD. If they will fit would it be a good upgrade and worth while??? Thanks
  5. Hi mate, thanks for that tip. Do i just remove the passenger wheel thats all?, or do i still need to remove the plastic tray? I have a set of mole clamps/grips here but the handle is only about 8'' long, would they be any good? Thanks
  6. Hi could someone help. My father owns an IS200, now he wants the oil and filter changed, but IIRC theres some plastic tray also do i need special tools to take filter off etc?. Advice would be great, how to go about it. Seems a hell of lot easier of my s2000. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Guys, my fathers Is200 sport MY00 needs the rear registration plate lights replaced. Can anyone guide me how to do it?, or point me in the right direction, DIY if possible? Thanks in advance Aj
  8. I i would like to buy second hand sat nav disc for a MY00. It needs to be the 2006-7 CDROM version. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Regards
  9. Excellent thanks. Can anyone tell me the disc code and version of the 06/07 disc? regards
  10. Thanks, thats what i have already tried but it doesnt give any info as i explained above.
  11. Hi, My father owns a MY00 IS200 sport, he had sat nav built in and has the following sat nav cd: Ver 3.4 Release '00-05' made by: Aisin 08664-50824 Great britain. We would like to obtain a newer version, i believe his sat nav is CD only, i have found the lexus website for checking update but its only gives me a order code which is no good. Could anyone tell me, if indeed there is an update CD, and will it update maps and the firmware?? regards Adam
  12. cheers guys for all the information you've provided me,im going to defenitly look into it. Does nayone know how much i expect to pay,if i want to fit it myself?