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  1. That's the car park oppostie the train station right? looks like fun! was this taken last week? coz the rain in HK was screwed up late last week! seeing altezza's and IS200 in HK brings back good memories, buy expensive stuff from Tomato Shop in Mongkok (Toms & TRD). ahh the money wasted...but well spent :P
  2. for some reason i forget this thread :P Im working in HK and China now. Miss the good old IS200 days.
  3. The rear is Sard bumper as well. Thanks for the praises :) Roughly 20,000 AUD spent on the car, most of it went to clearing the car for defects and passing EPA emission test :D
  4. Once I read a post of somebody in AUS who bent his rods and such with his turbo charged IS200. But he was lucky that his daddy owned a Lexus-Shop.... :) Is it possible that this was that guy?? Yes for lower boost you can keep the fuel pump. TRD328, how did you solve fuel problem, to give the required fuel. Put you larger injects in or exchanged the pump and fpr?? Or did it anyway run on the stock fuel-system? ← I put a bosch 300hp+ fuel pump in my baby :D everything solved.
  5. im not actually the first. In australia there was this guy in sydney.. somehow related to Toyota or Lexus that did a turbo IS200. It was a white one with 6spd. size of fuel pump... if ur gonna keep the boost low, i'd say leave out the fuel pump.. I hated the fuel pump.. noisy piece of *****. Spent so much trying to quieten down the bugger.
  6. ahhhhh the old blowing up the tranny memories :D that's the good old days I wonder who's got my turbo now... the guy that bought mine is putting in a 2jzgte and sold the turbo off to a guy i dont know.
  7. OH my BABY!!!!!!! come back to daddy! how's eveyone been doing? SuperchargedIS200. seen pics of your white monster... bloody awesome mate!
  8. damn it mate, i see ur on a roll with the car! Maybe i should come up to Queensland and get a ride in ur lil monster. A few years back an IS200 in Perth or was it adelaide had a 1jzgte put in as well.. cant remember the name of the company that did it, but the IS200 was in HOT4s when it just had a turbo setup on stock engine. Good luck with your project as my friend is thinking of doing a similar one either with 1jzgte or 2jzgte. I believe the 1gzgte would be an easier install.
  9. I had the same problem when i turboed my IS... it's running fine, but when u stop at the traffic lights and go again it cuts off. I put this down to 2 reasons.. the fuel pump and the way my aftermarket ECU works. At below 5% throttle, the standard ECU is in charge, after that the aftermarket ECU takes care of the fuel. Before i changed to aftermarket intank fuel pump the car kept on stalling. Maybe it was becoz the way the fuel lines were relayed and the pressure wasnt strong enough. The problem went away after i spent some money on an intank fuel pump.
  10. Has anyone changed the wheels on the rx330 to a big set? Im looking for pics to see what can be done to the rx330.
  11. i was talking to a friend the other day and he said you can dismantle this thing in the car for the sat nav. Then take it to an audio shop and they'll be able to make the original sat nav read english.
  12. found one today and mines coming in on sept 16th! once i sell of my IS200! black on black .. couldn't wait for the sat nav.. my original order is due late october. arghh
  13. i use to feel that way with the turbo.. but once i get my RX330 im gonna start running over ferrari bonnets monster truck style :)
  14. The IS200 auto is ***** weak and there is any much that can be done to strengthen it. My auto going clunk is a good way of describing my ordeal :P
  15. Turbo for sure!! You get more power for the same amount of money. But who am i to say anything.. i'm now a N/A IS200 :( ***... i miss the feel of the turbo....